The Rosewater Holiday Pop-Up Shop – Just In Time For the Holidays On Martha’s Vineyard

One of the joys of the holiday season on Martha’s Vineyard is walking down the main streets of our towns, well three out of six. With holiday lights sparkling and many buildings adorned in festive attire, it’s almost reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Rosewater Christmas Pop-Up Shop EdgartownWhen I saw the sign for the Rosewater Holiday Pop-Up Shop, I was immediately interested. Rosewater itself is stocked with carefully curated items, new, vintage, and handmade.

Rosewater Christmas Pop-Up Shop Martha's Vineyard

The store just opened on Black Friday,  just in time for the kick off to the Christmas season. Luckily, I was able to take a sneak peek before the doors open. I met with Rosewater’s Julie Celeste at the new shop, where she was busy unpacking amazing holiday finds.

Vintage Christmas Finds Rosewater Christmas Pop-Up Shop Martha's Vineyard

The pop-up shop is all about holiday fun. The store will feature a wide assortment of vintage Christmas decorations and such. Julia’s father, Christopher, spent time in his home state of Ohio, salvaging one-of-a-kind vintage holiday finds from barns all over the state.

Vintage finds

From glasses, to signs, to light up snowman and Mr. & Mrs. Claus, you will be delighted by the things he has found, and perhaps think fondly of holidays past.

Ornaments At Rosewater Christmas Pop-Up Shop Edgartown

Of course there will be a number of carefully selected new holiday inspired items for you to choose from, like adorable finger puppet ornaments that kids are going to adore, and fun felt letter ornaments – think about the fun you can have with these, on a tree, on doors, etc. Might need a couple to add to the Cramer’s christmas.

Finger puppets

Rosewater Market & Takeaway is known for its great card selection, and at the pop-up you’ll not be disappointed. One of Julia’s favorite things to buy for the stores are cards. You’ll also find beautiful vintage blankets, but unlike the ones at the market, here you find warm and cozy Pendelton and Woolrich blankets.


The Rosewater Holiday Pop-Up will also feature a number of local Island artists. I love that you can shop local, local — the shop is a great way to get something from Martha’s Vineyard, made on Martha’s Vineyard.

Alphabet soup

A couple local treats you’ll find, include Tara Reynolds, the author of Alphabet Soup, and the creator of some amazing collage prints (she also works at Rosewater) will have her work available. You’ll also find Noepe Designs, Chappaquidick Woodwork, Jessica Kovack’s pottery and more.

Kati j

Julia also will be carrying Kati J wearable art. I was not familiar with her work, but fell in love with her alpaca blended ponchos and wraps. The colors and styles are so beautiful. To be able to create something so simple and elegant and wearable, a talent. I would’t be surprised if you see Julia and even myself sporting a Kati J soon.

Coming Soon…Rosewater Wine & Spirits

During Christmas in Edgartown, the pop-up shop will be offering shopping deals, and a tease of what’s to come to that location. It will no longer be The Port Supply Company.

In April, it will open as Rosewater Wine & Spirits, a sort of boutique package storm, managed by Zach Tarka (Julia’s boyfriend). As in the sister store, items selected to stock the shelves will be carefully selected and most likely an impressive selection will be housed here.

Zach Tarka & Julia Celeste At Rosewater Christmas Pop-Up Shop Edgartown

Rosewater Holiday Pop-Up will be open November 25ht thru December 22nd, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Happy holiday shopping!

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