If You Can Dream It You Can Do It – Celebrating The 37th Annual Possible Dreams Auction On Martha’s Vineyard

Year after year, the Possible Dreams Auction raises money and awareness for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. If you don’t know, this organization helps over 6,000 people on the Island, from Veteran services to mental health services to child programs, to help with addiction and more. It truly is the “Island’s Helping Hand.”

Possible Dreams Auction Tent At Winnetu Resort In Katama Martha's Vineyard

I myself am involved and utilize Community Services’ Family Center. It’s a great asset to families with young children. It’s the reason that I love volunteering at this iconic Island event.

Jimmy & GuinevereThis is my second year as the “side kick” to talented funny man, Jimmy Tingle. And believe me, it’s not only an honor, but also super fun.

37th Annual Possible Dreams

Set on the grounds of the scenic Winnetu Resort in Katama, this year’s event drew quite the crowd, Islanders and Summer folks mingling, celebrating this great organization, and ready to score some amazing dreams.

Possible Dreams Auction For Martha's Vineyard Community Services

There were lots of new additions and changes this year, including dedicating the event to the Island’s beloved author/artist Norman Bridwell and his famous red dog character, Clifford. Norman’s family was at the event, and you were greeted by Clifford as you entered the tent. It was very sweet.

Martha's Vineyard Singer Joanne Cassidy At Possible Dreams AuctionOne of my personal favorite additions was that the Joanne Cassidy Band, who provided the music and humor from when the gates opened until the auction began. Joanne is by far one of my favorite Island artists and she gets you ready to have some fun.

Super silent auction item At Possible Dreams Fundraiser Martha's VineyardAn assortment of Silent Dreams (46) and Super Silent Dreams (11) items filled the first tent. Tempting you even before the live Dreams.

What are Super Silent Dream items? Items that are so fabulous, like a private event with Dreams host the amazing comedian Jimmy Tingle or a sculpture from Barney Zeitz. Dreams that can be yours on this night.

Excited to be at Possible DreamsI myself joined in on bidding of course, but I lost track since I was a little preoccupied when the auction closed.


Ah showtime. There’s a lot that goes into this event. Even us talent has a lot of work to do. Luckily, Jimmy is so funny and reads the crowd well, he makes my job easy.

For me, I’m the local component. I talk about what Community Services does for the Island and lend Jimmy a hand with a little local insider knowledge — who’s who, what’s what, and provide a little humor too.

There were 21 live Dreams this year.  A much better number. I think last year there were 35. Some favorites were back and there were some really great new ones. The Possible Dreams Committee really worked some magic.

jimmyLet’s talk crowd favorites first. Golfers rejoice. Our Island to the Emerald Island, raised the most money. It was a getaway for eight for a week to a beautiful home in Castleview Park in the Village Kinvara.

To add to the fun, the winner got a private traditional Irish breakfast for eight at Art Cliff Diner. That alone is a serious treat. There was an all out bidding war. Once it got to $12,000, the owners of the home in Ireland, David and Julie Keefe, said they would double it, offer another week! So, it raised $24,000. It was amazing and how awesome for a donor to do that in live time.

Martha's Vineyard Singer Songwriter Sally Taylor At Possible Dreams

The beautiful and talented Sally Taylor won over the crowd as well. Before her dream, Reaching Consenses: where the winning bid would have an enlightening Consenses morning workshop, expanding the boundaries of your perception, she sang us a song.

Then when Jimmy was working on her dream, she added her own flair, and it went for $12,000. However, the story doesn’t end there. A woman in the crowd said that she would give $6,000 to hear Sally do another song. Just like that, another $6,000 raised!

Norman Bridwell's drawing

The dreams sold so well. Each one offering such a unique experience or adventure. It was fun to watch and help a bit too. From behind the scenes Late Night with Seth Meyers to a rare Clifford Drawing by Norman Bridwell to taking over Atria’s kitchen as a chef with Christian Thornton and so much more.

There was something amazing for everyone. Things that offer serious bragging rights and knock out selfies.

Let’s talk about some of the my highlights too. An Island photographer, Michael Blanchard, who is now also an author, “Fighting for my Life: Finding Hope and Serenity on Martha’s Vineyard, presented a $5,000 check to Community Services, but before that, he reminded us why Community services is so necessary.

michaelMichael is a recovering alcoholic. He got on stage and shared a heart felt story with us and talked about the difficulties of struggling with this disease. The whole audience was moved, many of us had tears. He was so real and so willing to share his struggle.

As a way to support Community Services and its program that help with addiction, Michael pledged to give $5.00 of every book he sold to Community Services. He has sold 1,000 copies already and thus was able to make a $5,000 donation. He showed us all how important it is to give to those who help others. So many people do need help.

Jackie & Larkin - owners of the RitzA dream that I thought was very cool also raised some big money. You and 49 of your friends could have a private party at the Ritz in Oak Bluffs. Music provided by Johnny Hoy, food provided by the Ritz (love their shrimp quesadilla), along with whiskey and craft beer from Erin Santos. Talk about a party to remember? However, the price point went well above what I could afford sadly.

At the very end each year, Island artist Kenneth Vincent creates an amazing Possible Dreams plein air painting. This year’s painting was very popular and we were all a little cheeky by the end, and were having a bit of fun with it.

Painter Kenneth Vincent Possible Dreams Auction Martha's Vineyard

Jackie and Doug Korell, the owners of the Katama General Store and Lobster Tales catering, offered to match the price of the Possible Dreams painting if Kenneth would do a painting of their store. Jimmy had a go at this.

It was so funny. “A store? Ken doesn’t paint stores, he’s an artist, this is talent.” A little more banter went back and forth.

11147152_972657986109722_3724404377364407560_nI looked and saw who it was. The Katama General Store is not just a store, it’s so beautiful, and such a part of experiencing Katama. I told Jimmy that this place had soul. It was beautiful. We’re not talking Bed Bath & Beyond here.

Lucky for Community Services, Kenneth said yes, gladly. Lucky for Jackie and Doug too, who are big fans and have a couple pieces of Kenneth Vincent’s art in their home.

It was great to end on a humorous note, along with knowing that a lot of money was raised for Community Services that night.

Mary KorbaHumor, dreams, heart felt stories, music and more. A truly magical event for an amazing organization. Later this week we’ll know just how much the Possible Dreams Auction raised – I’ll keep you posted.


lizaA big thanks to all those who made these dreams possible. The volunteers, employees, committee member, especially the Chair, Liza May, and of course, all the donors — both dreams and cash. With your help, people can have the help they need and the hope they deserve.

Possible Dreams

A big thanks to Lindsay Morris Provost Photography! She was the event photographer, and she was able to capture so much of the joy and excitement of the event. A number of her photos are featured in this On Point.

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