Island Grown Schools Spring Supper & the Sweet Life Restaurant – A Delicious Duo – Martha’s Vineyard

Island Grown Schools Spring Garden Supper Martha's VineyardIsland Grown Schools has teamed up with the Sweet Life in Oak Bluffs and the Beach Plum Inn for Spring Suppers, a way to raise money and awareness for the program.

The Spring Supper is not only a fundraiser for Island Grown Schools, but it’s also a way for supporters to enjoy local food in the most creative, scrumptious way possible. You will be inspired by the food you experience.

Island Grown SchoolsThe Sweet Life Cafe, even sweeter for 2013

If you’re not familiar with Island Grown Schools, it’s part of Island Grown Initiative, and it’s the Martha’s Vineyard farm to school program. Island Grown Schools is Empowering a new generation of students on Martha’s Vineyard to make healthy eating choices, learn to grow food and connect to local farms.

Island Grown SchoolsIsland Grown Schools gets kids excited about growing their own food, knowing where and how their food comes to the table. It is a remarkable program and resource for Island kids. It is an educational tool that is making a difference in how our kids approach food.

My little ones are only three and four and they’ve already been impacted positively by Island Grown Schools. My daughter is growing and truly enjoying consuming pea shoots, and that’s not because of me but because of Island Grown Schools.

Spring Suppers

Knowing that you can enjoy a meal with the ingredients sourced locally by Chef Kevin Crowell from Sweet Life (and Detente restaurant too) and support Island Grown Schools makes the Spring Suppers a truly feel good event. Kevin has a knack for unusual pairings. I am always surprised and pleased with his combinations.

Chef Kevin CrowellThe Spring Supper consists of 4-courses, for $40. Wine was available as well for an additional charge. The dinner proceeds all go to Island Grown Schools.

Noli TaylorTo make the event more fun and personal, the waiters were Island Grown Schools’ employees and volunteers. How fun to see Noli Taylor, the program leader, smiling behind the bar pouring wine, and Emily Armstrong, the preschool coordinator, providing menus instead of planting lettuce.

It was such a treat and they looked like they were having fun, all dressed up and having a different roll.

Emily Armstrong We went to the 5:30 p.m. seating and the restaurant was packed, with lots of familiar faces, and of course, we sat outside.

Kevin and his wife Suzanna have invested in a new custom tent, so dining outdoors at Sweet Life is even more wonderful. I love this space, and I always feel like the evening is special when I’m here.

Sweet LifeOk let’s talk food and why you should mark your calendar for the next Spring Supper, though I wish you could have gone to this one too, Kevin did not disappoint!

For the first course, the veggies and the proteins were from the Island. MVM Shiitakes in a Brik Pastry with North Tabor greens, Allen Farm lamb, Island beach plum vinaigrette, and chive blossoms from the MVRHS garden. The colors and flavor combinations were so fun and tasted of Spring, earthy and fresh.

BrikIt was my first time having a Brik, which is a Tunisian dish consisting of thin pastry around a filling, that is fried. It was remarkable. I’d eat Brik daily if I could, and fresh Shiitake mushrooms are just amazing.

BluefishNow on to the second course which had smoked and roasted Bluefish from Gus Leaf, Grey Barn buttermilk dressing, Morning Glory Farm radishes and Bok Choy, and Mohawk Bolin fried skate wing cheeks.

Another combination of ingredients to marvel over. So many different flavors coming together to make a truly spectacular plate. I’ve never had this fish taste so good!

Course 3 at Spring SupperHowever it was the third course that wins the prize. Braised Short Rib (from the FARM Institute) Ragu, Morning Glory Farm stinging nettle cavatelli, mustard greens and fried sage from the MVRHS garden and the most amazing ingredient of the night, whipped Grey Barn Prufrock cheese.

Yes my friends, whipped Prufrock. It was almost more than I could handle. My thoughts keep drifting back to the earthy, creamy texture. I wish I could have it everyday.

DessertThe meal was completed with house made caramel frozen yogurt, using Mermaid Farm yogurt and MV Sea Salt, topped with Morning Glory Farm egg pistachio meringue. After that, I was done, finished, wonderfully full.

Finished!With the Spring Supper, Kevin outdid himself, showcasing local ingredients with a gourmet touch. He and his wife Suzanna not only created amazing food, but helped raise $3,753. This money will help purchase seeds and continue to educate over 2,500 Island kids.

The Next Great Dining Event 

If I were you, I’d definitely attend the Spring Supper at the Beach Plum Restaurant with Chefs Nathan Gould and Josh Aronie. What our Island chefs can do with ingredients from our own backyards is truly incredible.

The dinner at the Beach Plum will feature locally sourced ingredients as well. I imagine a lot of fish since it’s Menemsha. It’s happening Wednesday, June 24th.

You can call (508-645-9454). This dinner will be a bit different. The restaurant will be providing the servers and a portion of the sales will be going to Island Grown Schools.

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