Isola Restaurant Edgartown – Fall In Love With Italian-Inspired Food On Martha’s Vineayard

Isola Restaurant New Italian Dining Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

Now that September is here and the nights are cooler, I can start thinking about comfort food and eating inside. Isola restaurant in Edgartown is a perfect choice.

Dining room at Isola Restaurant Edgarotnw Italian

Don’t get me wrong, I love Italian food all year long, but braised beef raviolis and red wine sound so muchbetter now.

the lounge area at Isola

Isola is a welcoming space, with a large bar, a lounge area and a good amount of tables. The decor is a lot different, and almost makes you forget that it was a different restaurant before.

Alone at Isola

I came by myself, hoping to just sneek a peak of the restaurant, since I had already been to the pizzeria and the take-out Isola. However, I was lured inside by delicious smells and a happening bar scene. Skylar at Isola

One of the restaurant managers, Skylar, who I am lucky enough to call a friend as well, ordered my drink. I like a little surprise now and then. It was amazing — St. Germaine, gin, blueberries, mint and Prosecco, so flavorful and easy to enjoy. I had to have two!

She chose very wisely indeed. Not planning to stay, I started talking to the bartender, Lauren, and before you knew it, I had worked up an appetite. I guess I had to try something. The bar at Isola

I had the Burrata (new to me) which was beyond delicious. I have never heard of Buratta, which is made with mozzarella and cream — as if fresh mozzarella wasn’t tempting enough — throw in some cream and it’s cheese from heaven.

The Buratta also had speck, an Italian prosciutto, grilled apricots, baby arugula, and a housemade balsamic glaze. A signature dish for sure, this will be a must anytime I go to Isola. Burrata at Isola

I also tried the shrimp appetizer which was scampi style shrimp with a white bean puree, crispy chick peas, and island greens. Another delightful creation.

Chicken Dinner At Isola Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

I am  sucker for anything with chick peas and this combo really was tasty.

Though I am yet to venture onto the dinner menu. I was very impressed with the food I tried, the service received, and the whole experience. Now, I have to try more things from Isola’s menu.


I mentioned the Braised Beef Raviolis before because they sound amazing. Braised beef, roasted mushrooms, housemade ricotta raviolis, braising juis, and gremolata (parsley, lemon, garlic). Sounds delish right?

Or maybe the Drunken Pappardelle which has Isola’s signature meatballs (a recipe from owner Peter Sullo’s nana), roasted mushrooms, with a traditional bolognese sauce. A classic dish that sounds so good.

There are so many good options on the menu, and the pasta is even housemade. I need to go back soon, with an empty stomach and a dinner date. Though I have to say, I really had a good time just relaxing and having a bite at the bar. It was an unexpected outcome that was very fun.

Isola – More than a Restaurant


Since the stars seemed to be aligned for my Isola experience, I was also lucky enough to be able to chat with the owner, Peter Sullo.Isola owner, Peter Sullo

I love finding out why people do what they do. Peter is so proud of Isola. He bought it as a way to get his family working together. His children work there, and a number of other relatives. Perhaps that’s why it has such a great vibe. As a father, he wants Isola to be a place you want to bring your family and a perfect place to go without.

The prices are pretty reasonable, the menu is full of good options, and the food is good. Growing up, Peter’s father owned a club, and every Wednesday was spaghetti night, an inexpensive night to fill up on good, classic Italian food in the neighborhood.

This is something Peter wants to do this Fall for Islanders. He wants to have spaghetti night like his dad did with folks lined up outside the door. It is one of his fondest memories of his dad’s place. Now he can do it, and create the memories with his children (three out of four work at Isola).

Hearing these kinds of stories makes me want to visit Isola again and again. I love that this is more than a business for him. It’s a way to work and enjoy his own family.

More to come at Isola

Outside dining coming soon

In addition to the inside dining space, there will be outdoor dining available on the deck next year. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the Burrata under the Vineyard sky, molto buona! I hope that you enjoy your experience at Isola.

Isola will be open for dinner from 5:30 p.m. Now through December. It will most likely be closed January and February.

If you’d like to find out about the pizzeria and take-out, you can check out Isola Restaurant, Pizzeria & Takeout – From Gourmet Italian Food To Pizza To Super Food In Edgartown Thanks for reading the On Point Blog. You can learn more about Isola on Facebook. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

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