How Do You Fair? The Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair

Martha's Vineyard Ag Fair Entrance

It’s finally here, the Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair, and it does not disappoint! I headed to the fair on Friday morning with my family. We were all excited and couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

The sky was overcast and the temperature was a bit on the cool side — perfect fair weather! I had only a smoothie for breakfast in anticipation of the fair food, and I had an extra cup of coffee, so I could keep up with my two year old and four year old.

My Love Of Lemurs

DJ the racing lemur At Martha's Vineyard Ag Fair

So, I was sad to hear that the Robinson’s Racing Pigs were not going to be at this year’s fair, but curious to see the Racing Lemurs who would take their place, in the novelty animal racing category.

Lane & DJ the lemur At the Ag Fair Martha's Vineyard

Oh My Gosh! I love the lemurs! First, we got to see them relaxing in their “habitat” where they were eating veggies and being silly. One look and I was hooked.

The faces, the tails. The lemurs are adorable. All I wanted to do was hold one. We got to spend a good 10 minutes with them and the trainers by ourselves.

I asked what lemurs will race for — and it’s bananas. A little healthier then the Oreos the piggies race for.

Racing Lemurs

The lemurs may not exactly race. They have their own agenda. They might meander or run like a bat outta hell.

The matriarch of the lemurs at the fair is Starfruit. She is the fastest, and is the dominant one of the group. The females are the leaders in the lemur world.

Our racers for the 12:30 p.m. show were Starfruit and DJ. The races last about 30 seconds and are too cute and funny too.

The first race was a tie and the second race had Starfruit as the clear winner. she is fast!

securedownload-3There is great crowd interaction and the lemurs like to walk along the fence after the races. They are so fun to watch. However, I just wanted to hold them.

The lemurs are a super fun, ridiculously cute addition to the fair, and I can’t wait to see them again on Sunday.

Fair-ly Fabulous Food

As I write this, I have to admit that I am so full from all of the food I had at the fair, and I am relatively blissful from it.

First, you have to scope out all the different booths. What to get, Touchtown Tempura, Friend Dough, Deon’s, Local Smoke, all of these decisions can be overwhelming, but I figured it out.

WestTisburyBurgerOf course I had to get a loaded West Tisbury Firefighter’s burger, loaded! Seriously, why are those burgers so good? I couldn’t get it out of the West Tisbury fire chief, and I can’t figure it out. But the long line is not a reason, not to get one.


Loco Taco was there again. This is Chef Josh Aronie’s booth. There are chicken or steak tacos – two to an order or you can get one of each.

I got one of each and they were amazingly good of course. The fresh slaw, the seasoned meat — fresh and healthy. Which means I can keep going.

Loco Taco From Martha's Vineyard Chef Josh AronieThere were fries smothered with some type of processed cheese and then to top it off, fried dough. Not those funnel cakes that are still new to me, as a native New Yorker, but good old fashioned gooey powder sugary fried dough.

CheeseFriesThe fried dough is always my favorite, and I can’t wait to have it again on Sunday. I know when I go back I need to stop by Local Smoke, get some tempura, a lemonade or two, and something else.

fried doughIn case you think I ate all this by myself, I must disclose that I shared with my mom and kiddos. It was a lot of food. I forgot to mention that we even got ears of corn. It was awesome.

Local Smoke

Reveling in the Rides

Rides at the FairFair rides are so much fun. I have always loved rides, but now I appreciate them even more.

My little ones are at the age that they get to ride now. Their faces make it so special. It’s all so new to them, and their sense of wonder and adventure is contagious — definitely my favorite part of the fair. Sorry food and lemurs.

Rides at the fairWhat a great time at the fair, and I haven’t even seen the animals, the skillet toss, the ribbon winners, or ride the Gravitron. So much to see and do!

The Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair may not be the biggest fair out there, but it has the most heart and soul. It’s such a family event, and a tradition for so many. Though I am sad to say goodbye to August, this makes it a little bit easier.

See you at the fair! Also, I’d love to hear what are your favorite things about the are!

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