Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta Offers A Limited Time Frugal Foodie Deal In Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

I have not been to Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta in a few years. I think the guilt about eating carbs has kept me away much to my husband’s dismay.

However, when he heard that Jimmy Seas was offering BUY ONE ENTREE GET THE SECOND ONE FOR $15 thru April 21st, he talked me into going. Not that I needed much convincing. The smell of garlic that wafts out of that restaurant is always hard to resist.

Jimmy Seas Pan Past Oak Bluffs Italian Restaurant Frugal Foodie Dining Deal Martha's Vineyard

One of the things that I love about Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta is that it feels as though it did the very first time when you walked through the door. There are little things here and there, and of course new wines, etc., and an increase in price on some menu items.

But the things that make this place Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta have stayed the same. The music is fun and uplifting, think Frank Sinatra, etc. The salad and bread come out quickly, and there is a whimsy that’s all Jimmy Seas.

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta Italian Dining Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Cocktail Menu cucumber and lime martini

There was a new cocktail, the Spring Fling ($14), a beautiful cucumber and lime martini that sounded intriguing. Truly it was so light and refreshing. Just what you want on a Spring evening, and a great way to start a meal.

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta: No Small Italian Meal

We always start with the same thing. It’s a given. The Roasted Garlic App is the only one for me. This sweet roasted garlic in olive oil and herbs is one of my all-time favorite things. It is a treat to eat, and eat it all we do, well mostly me. If we are eating garlic, it makes it OK right?

The Roasted Garlic Appetizer At Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta Italian Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

On to dinner…..we had some of the house salad which is included with dinner, and then it was time to get our PASTA on! There is something about that piping hot pan being placed in front of you that is both exciting and frightening.

Pan Pasta At Jimmy Seas Italian Restaurants Oak Bluffs

Exciting because it’s pasta and cheese and all that goodness, frightening because it’s a huge portion which isn’t such a bad thing because leftovers are perfect for dinner the next night.

I have always gotten the Butternut Squash Ravioli with a Sage Cream Sauce — so good! However, I was in the mood to try something new! So, I opted for the Fettuccini Julie, which has chicken, prosciutto, and mushroom in an Alfredo sauce. It was very rich and very good, and my son, who’s 7, thought it was out of this world. I did end up taking more than half of it home. Glad I tried something new, but my heart belongs to those raviolis.

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta Fettuccini Juliet  Dining Out Martha's Vineyard

For my husband, Matt, he ordered the Bolognese. This is his go to here and any Italian food restaurant we go to. He loved his. There was a lot of flavor in this dish, and all the veggies and herbs were a nice addition. Needless to say, he was excited to have leftovers, since bolognese is not typically in the Cramer meal rotation.

Bolognese Pasta Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta Italian Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

My son had the kid’s cheese raviolis. They were a hit, and he now says that Jimmy Seas is on our family’s “kid friendly” list! Boy was it was his lucky day! A good dinner, a brass ring from the Flying Horses, and Back Door Doughnuts for dessert.

Like when I went in 2014 to write about Jimmy Seas, Scottie Blu is in the kitchen cooking up the dishes that keep people coming back. The food was good and the service was really on point!

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