Juice By The Sea On Martha’s Vineyard – New Juices At Not Your Sugar Mamas In Vineyard Haven

Juice By The Sea On Martha’s Vineyard – You may have noticed some slight changes at Not Your Sugar Mamas, the hub on Martha’s Vineyard for healthy, vegan, plant-based drinks, treats, and food. The most evident is the new juice line called Juice By the Sea.

Juice By The Sea On Martha's Vineyard Plant-Based Juices From Not Your Sugar Mamas Vegan Food Vineyard Haven

Juice By the Sea on Martha’s Vineyard are the juices created by juice maven and now business director of Not Your Sugar Mamas, Andrea Peraino, who had been the manager and head juicer for the past year and a half.

NYSM owner Ky Keenan has branched out to Brooklyn, New York, where she is working on a new project, Frankie’s Flatbreads. Frankie’s will be a food truck that brings her plant based flat breads and other bites to the streets. We are so excited for this new venture.

Juice By The Sea On Martha’s Vineyard

The juice is loose – Andrea has a lot of experience with juicing. Her family owns a juice bar in Cohasset, called the Daily Press. Also, she has used juicing to heal her auto-immune health issues. She has an intimate knowledge of juicing and it’s a way of life for her.

Juice By The Sea On Martha's Vineyard - Bunny Hop Juice At Not Your Sugar Mamas

Having been the head juicer for Not Your Sugar Mamas, she knows what their customers like. She creates the most amazing juices that are full of health benefits and are delicious to drink. To really experience just how good they are, you can do NYSM juice cleanse, which is now available anytime. Just give a call.

Juice By The Sea On Martha’s Vineyard Tonics & Adaptogens

Juice By the Sea is taking things to the next level, introducing new tonics and adaptogen lattes.

Tonics are self-explanatory. The ingredients and what they can do for your body are on the label. I tried the Pomegranate, Beet Beauty Tonic. The color is so rich and vibrant, and it was really delicious. If the tonic can help my skin, and is that good to drink, I would have one every day.

Juice By The Sea Adaptogen Lattes

Now adaptogen lattes are a whole new world. The future of juicing includes tonics and adaptogens. I had to do a little research into this. I found a great explanation on Elanaloo.com – “Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that have a normalizing effect upon bodily processes and work with the body in a non-specific way to help it, well… adapt! They are safe and they have a balancing effect on what’s called the hypothalamic-pituitary-endocrine axis. AKA the delicate dance between our brains and endocrine systems. Adaptogens come from plants, but that doesn’t mean all plants are adaptogens”.

On my next visit, I think an adaptogen latte is on my list of must to try. This day, I was really interested in trying the tonics. Actually, there are so many new things to try. Andrea’s long time boyfriend, Brooke Douglas, is the new head juicer and this powerhouse juice team has a lot of magic up their sleeves!

Not Your Sugar Mamas Restaurant

If you are a Not Your Sugar Mamas food and restaurant fan, you need not worry. There will be the usual scrumptious treats, like the healthy, super food truffles with a little sparkle. Andrea and head chef, Eve, know what customers like.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants Martha's Vineyard Not Your Sugar Mamas Features Juice By The Sea

There will be awesome, plant-based daily specials, tacos, an expanded soup selection, and take away food. The menu will be evolving throughout each season. Not Your Sugar Mamas and Juice By the Sea try to feature as many local ingredients as possible.

Martha's Vineyard Health Food Vegan Plant-Based Dining - Not Your Sugar Mammas Pop Up Dinners Vineyard Haven

Something else to look forward in addition to trying these new things, chef Tanya Chipperfield will be launching a NYSM pop-up dinner series beginning February 9th!

Not Your Sugar Mamas and Juice By the Sea — a wonderful, healthy combination on Martha’s Vineyard.

Not Your Sugar Mamas Restaurant Features Juices By The Seas Martha's Vineyard

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