Martha’s Closet – Where Fashion Meets Fun, Fashion, And Upcycling On Martha’s Vineyard

It feels as though I have known Martha’s Closet owner, Margaret Mirko, since my I begin my Island life, and that could be because she has been involved with clothing consignment on the Vineyard for 14 years.

Before getting involved in clothing consignment, Margaret has had other businesses, including a raw bar company. However, it seems as though she has quite the eye for what she does with Martha’s Closet.

Martha’s Closet can be found at Tisbury Market Place. Once you walk through the doors, you’re in for an experience. Well, it’s actually what you make of it. It can be truly interactive or you can do your own thing.

How It Works

You never know what you might find here. It’s sort of the TJ Maxx of the Island. Sometimes you find a piece or two that makes your heart flutter with happiness. Other times, you walk out empty handed. It’s the luck of the draw. Somedays you find gorgeous cashmere sweaters or Lulu Lemon pants in your size, and somedays nothing fits.

Hundreds of savvy Islanders and Summer people take part in consignment here. Think about all those clothes that just sit in your closet. How wonderful would it be to turn them into a little extra cash or if you’re like me, just keep a credit and shop.

The consignment works like this. You bring in clean, desirable clothing and you get a 40%/60% split on the profit from your item, items being sold. You’re getting 60% of money that was previously something that was just taking up space in your life.

It’s a great way to clean house and upcycle. In a world were so much of fashion is throw away, with Martha’s Closet, you’re giving new life to something that you may not love but might become someone else’s favorite piece in their wardrobe.

Because there is so much that comes in to be consigned, Margaret keeps on trends. She knows what’s happening in Paris, New York City, and in West Tisbury. Over there years. she has developed an eye to meet the needs of her customers.

She is a fan of cool vintage pieces, classics, pieces that are functional and pieces that fit with Vineyard Style, and Vineyard Style is quiet extensive. From Edgartown to Aquinnah, there are pieces that work

Of course this can be a challenge for some who consign. If their pieces are not taken, people can take it personally. Though we might not want to admit it, we are attached to our things. However, Margaret knows what sells at Martha’s Closet, and what her people want.

Join in the Fun

Margaret and Paulina are usually behind the counter or on the floor helping customers or catching up with customers turned friends. It can be quite the social affair. You are not sure about a sweater? Ask them or someone else shopping there and you’re sure to get an honest answer.

One of the things Margaret loves about her job is finding the perfect outfit for an occasion. A wedding, Taste of the Vineyard, a job interview, she has had them all. Seeing a person feel good and feel ready is really gratifying and a lot of fun has been had in the process.

Recently, she had someone come in who was heading to New York City for a four day trip, and had nothing in her wardrobe for this adventure. Now, we all know how that feels, the anxiety associated with being in this situation.

The customer asked her to de-West-Tisbury-ize her. Margaret helped her put together a four day compact wardrobe. This wardrobe left her ready for her NYC trip, alleviated any anxiety, and Margaret probably made a friend for life or at least a loyal customer.

This is just a day at the office! What a great way to spend your work day, helping people! Not everyone is looking for a wardrobe, but a new to you piece can make a difference!

Martha’s Closet does so well on the Island. Not only because it’s fun and many of us like the challenge of the find and of course recycling, but also because it is a wallet friendly shop. Also, it can be a fun and gratifying experience.

Margaret and her team appreciate all kinds of clothing and style. This helps create a really diverse collection of gently used clothing – from J.Crew to Bryn Walker to Betsey Johnson to North Face, you’ll be surprised.

If you’d like to consign at Martha’s Closet, you can stop by Tuesday – Friday (Saturdays are by appointment only). However, I recommend calling first to make sure that they can take your items. Sometimes they’re bursting at the seams with clothes.

Pro Tip: Make sure your items are in season, are clean, and are in good shape. Good luck, and be prepared to find something there that makes its way home with you.

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2 thoughts on “Martha’s Closet – Where Fashion Meets Fun, Fashion, And Upcycling On Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Hi Margaret,
    I hope this email finds you and your family well.
    I am heading over to the island very soon and I was wondering if you are looking for summer clothing, sandals and jewelry?
    (I have consigned with you in the past.)
    Please let me know so that I can prepare for a visit.

    Thank you,
    Julie Flaherty

    P.S. How did my things do from last year? Do I have any $ to spend at your shop? Thanks again

    1. Hi –
      You may want to connect with her via facebook or call the shop. The link to the Facebook account is in the blog. I do know that she has been closed but is opening June 18th.
      Good luck.


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