La Choza Muy Bueno! Vineyard Haven’s New Take-Out Mexican Opens

La Choza Burritos Marthas Vineyard Restaurant Vineyard Haven Mexican Take Out

An Uncommon Sight

Line In Vineyard Haven For La Choza Burritos Restaurant Opening Day Marthas Vineyard Dining OutAs I drove up State Road in Vineyard Haven, I saw something I never expected to see at the end of February, a line of people outside waiting to get Mexican take-out.  Apparently I was not the only one super excited about the prospect of La Choza and its burritos, or perhaps it was just the thought of something new.  Though it was quite chilly out, people were in good spirits and happy.  I ran into friends, saw people from the newspapers, and even a well known Island chef, all waiting to try those delicious looking burritos.

The inside of La Choza is whimsically decorated.  The space is very small, yet it works.  There is indeed a counter by the window, that had free chips and salsa for you, while waiting to place your order, and when its not slammed, you can probably enjoy your burrito there.  There is a corner dedicated to La Choza’s full line of gourmet hot sauces, and of course, there is a counter to place your order.  Everything you need, in a nice cozy space.

La Choza Burritos Mexican Restaurant Vineyard Haven Take Out Dining

Easy As 1-2-3

Ordering at La Choza is a 3-step process.  Step 1 – choose to have your burrito as a traditional burrito with a flour tortilla or an untraditional burrito in a bowl (biodegradable of course).  Step 2 – choose your filling, rice and beans ($4.00), portabella, beef, chicken, or chorizo (all $6.00).  Step 3 – choose your toppings, lettuce is free and the rest range from $.25 to $.75, including black olives, sour cream, guac, diced onions, and more .  What looked fantastic was La Choza’s special roasted corn & chipotlte salsa which is $.75.   I always want to try any house specialty!  So, you’re able to design your own burrito, which is then made right in front of you.  Gotta love that for fresh!

La Choza is a welcomed (and needed) addition to not only Vineyard Haven but to the Island.  The only bummer is that since it is made fresh for you right then and there, you have to allot some time to get your food.  Sadly, I had to run when my husband came home for lunch from work to watch our napping little one, and I ran out of time to wait in line.  However, it was fun to go on opening day, and catch a peak in person.  I really wanted one of the the burritos in a bowl that I saw others enjoying.

I should also mention that La Choza is open most days 11am-9pm.  I know what we’re having for dinner sometime this week!  Visit their website for more about La Choza.  A big congratulations to Seth Gambino and his team.  We wish you nothing but the best.

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4 thoughts on “La Choza Muy Bueno! Vineyard Haven’s New Take-Out Mexican Opens”

  1. We had the time and could wait in line, it was SO worth it! I can’t wait to get back there soon for another burrito. And I really can’t wait to go back in warmer weather to enjoy our burrito picnic up at owen park.

    1. I am so jealous! I too see burritos at the park, wearing flip flops and enjoying the evening sun!! Thanks for reading Sydney!

  2. Wish I could actually enjoy one of these burritos, but my experience there was so horrible I’ll never step foot in there again. All I wanted was a chicken burrito with no beans and some delicious toppings, simple right? Before I even mention the chicken I say “NO BEANS PLEASE!” (and yes, I was yelling due to the awkward ordering system in place) Then I ask for chicken. No chicken for 20 minutes, ok, no biggie, I’ll go with beef (I’m easy to please). Scream out all the toppings I want, twice, due to aforementioned awkward ordering system. Now I get a couple sodas, a $3 container of chips (hey, I wasn’t complaining at the time, everyone likes chips with their burrito). Spending a total of around $20. I get back to my family who are sitting at a table down the street, get my napkin, fork and knife ready, open the tin foil and BAM, I’m bombarded with black beans! Disgusting! I get myself together, try not to puke and walk back down to La Choza with my untouched black bean soiled burrito. I politely inform the owner (who’s the ond making the burritos) that I asked for no beans. He proceeds to inform me that I ordered beef, which I’m quite aware of as there was no chicken available at the time. Thanks for the info. I say, yes I know, but I asked for no beans. He then proceeds to ask me in a loud aggressive voice what he’s supposed to do with the incorrect burrito sitting on his counter. Not to mention the fact that this is happening in front of a store FULL of customers. Am I wrong that it’s really none if my concern what happens to that yucky old bean burrito? I just wanted a damn burrito with no effing beans! I didn’t get my money back, or a new burrito. And I didn’t eat my $3 dry chips. It was a tragic day for me, as I had been dreaming/drooling about this burrito for several weeks prior to this day. I’m still sad about it.

    1. Niki – what a terrible experience!! I am so sorry. I know it stunk but that guy was having a bad day, and unfortunately you got the brunt of it. Give it another couple of weeks and try again. I want you to enjoy some fab burritios! Not fair for you to be treated poorly and have beans, but the next time it will be made with love (I hope). I worked in the burrito world for a number of years and have had a few bad days where customers knew it. Hope Harper is doing well!

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