New Life Comes to Edgartown’s Empty Store Fronts – More Vineyard business Changes

With the days staying lighter longer, and the crocuses and daffodils in bloom at the Edgartown Library, you can feel Edgartown starting to wake from it’s mini-hibernation.  Sprucing up for the Summer has begun in a number of stores. Alchemy has opened back up. And sunny days are a reason once again, to walk to town for lunch.

Sonsie is not coming to the old David Ryan’s location – please read about 11 North

Luck Love Life

Sonsie Boston

Sadly, we will not be graced with the talents of Bill Poirer for a Vineyard Restaurant.  We wish him another successful year.  Perhaps he’ll stop by the new 11North.  Luck Love Life is the motto for renowned Boston restaurant, Sonsie.  Why would this matter to us on the Vineyard besides the fact that we enjoy all three?  Well, I have heard that the Chef/Partner, Bill Poirier is going to be opening a restaurant in Edgartown where David Ryan’s used to be.  If you’ve ever been to Sonsie, located on Newbury Street, you know that it is quite the scene, especially in warmer weather when the French doors are open and you become a part of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chef Poirier has a menu that has something for everyone at his current restaurant.  It is full of treats, such as Carpaccio, raw sliced sirloin with fried artichoke, pecorino cheese, arugula, and truffle aioli, and Scallops pan-roasted with artisan chorizo, green chili honey and toasted corn bread.  Both sound delicious and these are just from the first course menu!

Will the outside change?

With Sonsie, a Boston restaurant that has been successful for eighteen years, it seems as though Chef Poirier has a knack for success in what can be a tough industry.  That being said, I hope that he does indeed open a sister restaurant in Edgartown, and soon, for I am suddenly in the mood for those sweet and spicy scallops.

Out of the Woods

Can't wait for this transformation

In the Woods has occupied that amazing corner space, 55 Main Street for years, and now it has finally shut its doors (it was supposed to do so a couple of times but this time is for real).  Everyone you talk to has an idea for that unique, fantastic space.  I had hoped for a cafe.  I envisioned sitting by those big windows, basking in the sun, drinking a delicious cup of espresso, enjoying a little people watching.

That apparently will not be the case, according to Patrick and Ted Courtney, who are planning to open a “casual” restaurant with an emphasis on locally caught seafood and aquaculture. And yes, a restaurant permit has been filed.  Knowing that those are the plans, I am excited to see how they use the open space and those beautiful brick walls.  At least I can look forward to having dinner (maybe lunch?) and still enjoy a little people watching on Main Street.

I should also mention, that the Courtney brothers are still planning on opening some sort of dining establishment in the space next to the old Wheel Happy space on South Water Street.

There’s No Place Like Home

Soon to be a new home for your home needs

In 2011 Bramhall & Dunn, a Vineyard Haven retail icon, opened a second store in Edgartown, 9 Winter Street, right by Nevin Square.  Bringing their unique clothing and home goods with them, Bramhall & Dunn enjoyed just one season here.  Both the Edgartown and the Vineyard Haven location have closed.

The space in Edgartown has two floors, an open feel, and a great location, so it is no surprise that the space will not be vacant this season, and already it has a new store opening for the 2012 season.  A home furnishing store is setting up shop in that location.  There are currently renovations happening in that space.  I stopped in to see if one of the construction workers would give me a hint on the name, but no such luck.  Guess we’ll have to wait a while longer.

Community Supported Book Store

Wonder what the new name will be?
Wonder what the new name will be?

When I heard that Edgartown Books was closing, I was truly sad.  I have some fond memories at that book store.  Back in my Plum TV days, I remember filming the morning show there, interviewing renowned authors, and buying my books for Christmas there when they had the 20% off sale.  The store itself has a 30 year legacy, offering a place to Island authors to sell their books and meet their fans.  The Le Bretons have owned the book store for the last ten years, and sadly it was time for a change for them.

Knowing that the bookstore is an important part of Edgartown, there are a number of people working together to figure out how to keep it open.  I am confident that someone will save the town’s bookstore in the near future.  It has had too much of an impact on so many Islanders and visitors to let it fade away.  Amazon and Kindle can’t hold a candle to that store, when you are in need of the perfect Summer read for the beach, that day.  Also, a little sand or a South Beach wave won’t destroy a book.

A Vision of Beauty


A small sample of Heidi's work

Nevin Square is home to some of the Island’s best shopping, with Vineyard Vines, Alex and Ani, Outrageous, and more.  Alex and Ani is about to have a new neighbor, My True Blue Vision, a gallery featuring the work of contemporary artist, Heidi White.  An avid photographer for 25 years, Heidi’s work captures the extraordinary in the ordinary, transforming an image into a vibrant, stimulating piece of art reflecting your lifestyle.  Her website offers you a sample of what you can expect to see.  The colors are so striking and rich.  I can only image how much more stunning her work will be in person.  Hope you have some wall space in your home!

Pamper Yourself Even More

Sea Spa Salon is expanding

Sea Spa Salon is expanding so get ready for more ways to indulge yourself.  Salissa and her team will be expanding into the space that once housed the Edgartown Residence Club real estate.  Sea Spa Salon will still be in the space in the Vineyard Square Hotel, but will occupy both spaces for the 2012 season.  Also, exciting are the daily specials the salon is offering such as 20% off nail services on Thursdays or $99 for teeth whitening (wish I was able to do that right now).  It’s definitely worth visiting their website to check out all the fabulous deals.

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