Ladyfest 2018 – A Celebration of the Ladies of Music on Martha’s Vineyard – Oak Bluffs

Ladyfest is back, bigger and better in its second year! What is Ladyfest you might be wondering? Well, I recently sat down with founders, Kelly Feirtag (manager of The Ritz) and Rose Guerin (Rosie’s Ritzy Review & The Ritz) to learn what this event is all about since I missed last year’s.

Martha's Vineyard Lady Fest Music Festival Oak Bluffs

Ladyfest came about when these two were working on some of the redecorating at The Ritz one day. They realized that all of the black & white pictures of Island musicians were of men, albeit very talented men, but not one women was represented. Knowing the wealth of female musical talent on the Island, they thought it would be fun to celebrate the ladies of music here – Ladyfest was born.

Ladyfest Music Festival Martha's Vineyard

Also note that Rose’s picture is about to be added to the wall at The Ritz!

Ladyfest 2018 is quite the event, starting at 7:00 p.m on Saturday, October 20th. There are three stage, one in The Ritz, one outside by the Island theater, and one by post office square in Oak Bluffs. To give the event a true festival feel, Circuit Avenue is closed for the festival (starting at 6:30 p.m.).

This event truly showcases the breadth and wealth of our female musical artists, and to think that next year I bet there will be even more that participate – calling all you up-Island lassies!

For a suggested donation of $10.00, proceeds going to a very worthy cause – CONNECT to End Violence, you’ll get a Ladyfest bracelet that give you all access to the music. It also gives you 10% off food at the restaurants that are helping make this event possible, like Slice of Life, Sharky’s Cardboard Box, MV Chowder CO, Offshore Ale and more for the weekend.

Ladyfest features Island artists from different genres of music including rock, soul, and pop. Musical acts include Nina Violet, who is just back from tour, Rose Guerin, Auntie Em & the Bedspins, Jemima James, Siren Mayhew, Sabrina & the Groovers, Missis Biskis, The Space Invaders, the Outskirts, Lucy Mayhew and more. What a line up – no wonder they need three stages! There will also be special guests like Kate Taylor and possibly even Barbara Dacey. And with MVY mc’ing the event it is sure to be unforgettable.

Come dance the night away and celebrate this collaboration of female artists whi are donating their time to this event and helping raise money and awareness for CONNECT. Last year, The Ritz was able to raise over $2,000 for CONNECT with a goal to raise $10,000 this year.

This is an all ages event, yes you can bring the kiddos, but know that they will not be able to enter all the places open for the event. Some places are 21 and over.

People have been joking, asking if men can go. And the answer is YES, of course. Actually many of the bands are half male. This is an event to really highlight the incredible musical female talent we have on this small Island. At a time where political tensions are running a little high – a night of music and celebration sounds pretty awesome.

This is an event that was created to inspire people to get to know a number of the Island’s artists in a community friendly way. Also it’s a way to get people to come to town offseason, and it’s affordable.

You can get your $10.00 bracelet at the two entrances of the festival – one by the start of Circuit and the one by Post Office Square. And, if you’d like, they are looking for volunteers to help!

You can learn more about Ladyfest on on The Ritz’s website. Don’t forget to “Like” Point B Realty on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

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