Burger Night At Atria Restaurant On Martha’s Vineyard Is Back – Frugal Foodie Sunday Alert

This may be more PSA than blog but knowing now that Atria’s Brick Cellar restaurant is open through Thanksgiving this year, I feel it’s my duty to let everyone know that means Burger Night at Atria Restaurant is back on Sunday nights, and so is the special Frugal Foodie pricing.

Burger Night Atria Restaurant Martha's Vineyard: Frugal Foodie Sunday Dining Alert

Why is the so important? Well, let’s just say that this night is one way to be indulgent and have a great time. While so much of the Island goes dark, this beacon of deliciousness on Main Street in Edgartown draws us like moths to a flame, like the flame of the lovely outside space.

Atria Restaurant Edgartown Burger Night Martha's Vineyard

Truth be told, Atria burgers are my favorite. There, I have admitted it publicly. There are a couple others that I like, but I can’t help but get excited when I know I am heading to the Brick Cellar.

Frugal Foodie: Half Price Burgers

The fact that there are so many to choose from, with creative topping combinations, cooked to perfection, the possibility of adding truffle fries, all brought to you in such a cozy space, makes it quite the scene every week. Oh yes, and the fact that the burgers are half off, makes this fabulous night even better! Burger Nights at Atria have always been a Frugal Foodie favorite.

Frugal Foodie Burger Night At Atria Restaurant: Truffle Fries Brick Cellar Restaurant Burger Night Edgartown Dining

For me, I rotate between The Frenchy and The Fast Eddie. This time, I went for The Fast Eddie, which is topped with avocado, American cheese, egg, some incredible applewood smoked bacon, cooked medium rare, plus a heaping side of truffle fries. Oh my! Aren’t you hungry now. Seriously, this burger is stacked with so much yumminess. I think about it often.

Burger Night Menu Update

Speaking of stacked, The McRip Off is quite the addition to the burger menu. This burger is indeed inspired by the famous Big Mac, but its gourmet big burger brother. Made with two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and a sesame bun, just like the McDonald’s version, but this one is twice as good! Two out of the four people in my group ordered this bad boy, and they were not disappointed.

Other Options And Drinks

In addition to beef burgers, there are others too, including a vegetarian option, and if burgers are not your thing, not to worry. The menu from the upstairs dining room is available, but as you can imagine, most people there on a Sunday night, are there for the burgers.

Burger Night Atria Restaurant Brick Cellar Bar Beer Wine & Cocktail List

Atria also has a great wine list, house cocktails, and beer options. Sometimes a burger and a beer just hit the spot, and in the Fall, when you’re craving comfort food, this is the place to go.

I wish Atria was staying open even later this year. With Henry’s at the Harbor View closed while the hotel undergoes renovations, I could see spending a lot more time in the Brick Cellar. However, I am glad that we have this option through November 25th. Thank you for adding this to the Island’s Fall dining scene and having a frugal foodie option too!

Atria is open Wednesday through Sunday, and reservations are strongly recommended.

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