l’etoile Offers It’s Own Restaurant Week Menu On Martha’s Vineyard

With the colder days, fewer and fewer people seem to be on Island. However, early on a Friday night in Edgartown, you’ll find Main Street packed with cars.

People are enjoying a reason to get out of the house, and dinner is definitely a good excuse. Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner, especially this time of year?

l'étoile in Edgartown mid-November Dining On Martha's Vineyard

So when I heard that l’etoile was offering its own “Restaurant Week” menu in November, I had to check it out.

Also, l’etoile is a perfect place for date night — may I add — which one can always use. I wish other restaurants would simply decide to feature their own Restaurant Week menu at random. It’s fun.

Caroline Miller, The hostess with the mostest at l'etoile Edgartown Restaurant

When my husband and I arrived, it was around 7:00 p.m. We were greeted by the delightful Caroline Miller. Not surprised, we found the bar packed.

I like the dining room as well, but prefer things a bit more casual these days. Luckily with a little stalking, we were able to find two seats at the bar and our culinary adventure began.

The bar scene At Edgartown Restaurant l'etoile Martha's Vineyard

Rich, the bartender, was quick to get us drinks, the Freakshow Cab for me and a Maker’s and Coke for the mister.

We perused the menu, tempted by a couple of things, but I had come for the Restaurant Week menu specifically, which is a prix fixe of $45 per person, for a three course meal.

A wonderful sight at the l'toile bar Edgartown dining

My husband did not share my dining thoughts. He went straight for the Surf and Turf. I stayed the course and picked my three items from the designated menu.

What’s For Dinner

Warm Spinach Salad On Restaurant Week Menu At l'etoile Restaurant Edgartown Fall Dining Special

For my appetizer, I had the Warm Baby Spinach Salad with sunflower seeds and applewood smoked bacon vinaigrette. Such a simple presentation, and a relatively healthy option for me to choose.

I was hooked after the first bite. This was the most joy I have ever experienced with spinach. It was so yummy. Even my husband liked it, and he is not one for spinach.

Surf & Turf l'etoile style Martha's Vineyard Restaurants In EdgartownNow onto the main course. My husband’s Surf and Turf thrilled him. He had not had a good steak or lobster for that matter, for quite a while, and reveled in each bite.

Smoked trout for dinner l'etoile restaurant week menu Fall dining special Martha's Vineyard

I had chosen the Seared Smoky Mountain Golden Trout Fillet with bacon whipped potatoes and arugula and crawfish coulis. It was nice to have a fish with a little more umph in flavor.

I enjoy a gamier fish on occasion and this one was prepared perfectly, and of course, I loved the potatoes, anything with bacon please.

Dessert At l'etoile Restaurant Week Fall Dining Special Edgartown

For my dessert option, I chose a Warm Apple Fruit Cobbler topped with house-made vanilla ice cream. The pastry chef, Leslie Hewson never disappoints.

The apples and pears with the house-made ice cream and whipped cream, and the light, flaky crust was a delightful way to end the meal.

With all of my courses, I felt I chose the right dishes. There was no second guessing, but it did make me think that I need to go back again soon, for the Braised Boneless Short Ribs, one of my favs from chef/owner Michael Brisson.

Between Courses

Enjoying the bar scene at l'etoile during restaurant week Edgartown Restaurants

I should mention that the bar scene at l’etoile is always fun. People like talking with each other.

This particular night it just so happened we knew everyone there which added to the fun of the evening. We all caught up a bit and enjoyed the wonderful drinks and wine that Rich was serving up.

There’s just an ease about the space, the drinks flow as does the fun.

In the Kitchen

Chef Michael Brisson Cooking At l'etoile Martha's Vineyard Dining Out

Whenever I stop by l’etoile, I like to say hi to the chef. I’ve known Michael Brisson for a while, and it’s always nice to see his smiling face. He always has a witty comment for me, and makes me laugh.

Of course it’s nice to run into Leslie and Hope, who also work there, and with whom, I’ve worked with in the past.

It’s a small kitchen but magic comes out of it.

A Bit More About l’etoile 

The Main Dining Room At l'etoile Restaurant Edgartown

The Restaurant Week menu continues until November 23rd, Thursdays – Saturdays, and then it’s time for Thanksgiving, for which, l’etoile offers a full gourmet meal (and I imagine it is beyond delicious).

Then the restaurant closes November 30th until the late Spring.

Also, rumor has it that l’etoile is going to go through a renovation this Winter. So, things might be a little different there in 2015. Sorry, all I can give you is that little tease, for now.

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