Point B Realty Spotlighted As Leading Video Marketing Firm In Real Estate

Leading Social Media Marketing Consultant Katie Lance Highlights Point B Realty As Leading Video Producers In Webinar

Social media expert Katie Lance spotlighted Point B Realty as one of the top real estate firms using video marketing to enhance their overall marketing and branding strategy.

“Point B is doing some amazing videos,” Lance told a large, international audience as part of a luxury real estate webinar sponsored by Leverage Global Partners, titled Video Marketing: The Who, What, Where and How in real estate.


In particular, Lance highlighted some of Point B’s unique video home tours. “They’re really evoking an emotion of what does it feel like to live in these homes, to work with them,” said Lance, who showcased the Point B You Tube channel and some of its videos in her presentation.

Point B Realty You Tube Channel - Martha's Vineyard Video Home Tours

Point B is a great example of a real estate firm “leveraging its video, social media, and blog, and getting business from it,” said Lance. She added Point B is also doing a great job of integrating real estate video with its company Facebook page.

Video Marketing In Real Estate Katie Lance Webinar Presentation

Among the many video marketing points Lance touched on, real estate listings with video receive 400% more response than those without video, and that people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text.

Katie takes a look at Point B’s video marketing at about 15 minutes into the webinar.

Point B Realty is the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners on Martha’s Vineyard.

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