Making New Waves in Menemsha – Lambert’s Cove Glass, Menemsha Fish House, & Beetlebung Coffeehouse

As the Summer continues, it amazes me that there are still more new places to discover on Martha’s Vineyard.  I am a down-Island girl, but every now and then I like to head up-Island and experience other things this mgical Island has to offer.  So, it was off to Menemsha where I always feel like I’m on vacation to see what’s new…

West Tisbury Meets Menemsha

Lambert’s Cove Glass’ store is now open in Menemsha.  Next to The Copperworks, you’ll find Lambert’s Cove Glass.  On top of their sign is a beautiful blue swordfish, and when you see it you know you’re in for a treat.  Lambert’s Cove Glass features hand blown glass, homemade furniture and more.  The glass they feature are one-of-a-kind pieces.  Each are made with love and no two are alike.  Here, you can see that glass is an art, filled with the personality of that who made it.  The items are handmade in their studio on Blackwater Farm in West Tisbury.

For me, the lobster Buoy vases are the coolest things I’ve seen in a while in the world of glass.  I had raved about these in a previous post, Lambert’s Cove Glass, A Hidden Gem in West Tisbury  and I am still obsessed.  Someday I’ll have one, but seriously what would make a better souvenir from the Island, especially from Menemsha.  OK there are t-shirts and pillows, and so much more, but I really like these.  There are other types of vases, beautiful sail boats, shells, and more.

If you’re venturing to Lambert’s Cove Glass in Menemsha, I would give a call first to make sure they’re open 508.645.2080.

Where MV Restaurants Get Locally Caught Fish

A couple of people had told me to go check out Menemsha Fish House because they were doing some pretty cool things, and that they are.  As I walked over to the building, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Luckily, Alec Gale was there.  He and two other partners Tim Broderick and Jared Auerbach, are the men behind the fresh fish tales.

Menemsha Fish House buys the fish caught by the fishermen & women caught on MV.  Literally the boat docks in front of the building, the fish are brought off and weighed, then put in a large cooler, and the fishermen get paid.  Next, Menemsha Fish House distributes the really fresh fish at wholesale to local restaurants.  From what Alec says, the fish caught here used to be sent off Island.  Which I didn’t know.  I assumed many restaurants here got their fish from here.  Net Result does some wholesale business but not as much as they do.  Alec is also hoping that more restaurants work with him.

There were the most amazing fluke being brought in off the boat when I was there.  Kind of a flat, ugly fish, but it’s a nice mild white fish Alec informed me.  Seems as though this type and other local fishes would really sell well to MV restaurants.  Since Menemsha Fish House is still pretty new, I imagine that soon there is going to be a wait list for their fish.

Menemsha Fish House really makes sense – let’s keep as much of our fish here as possible.  It can be easy to eat local and green.  Let New Bedford distibute someone else’s tasty fish.  Keep up the good work that helps support our local fishermen, and helps us to eat local.  Just remeber that these guys sell wholesale to restaurants, if you want to pick up some fresh fish while you’re in Menemsha you can stop by Larsen’s Fish Market or the Menemsha Fish Market.

The New Beetlebung Coffeehouse

Gone are the Atlantic sandwiches in Vineyard Have much to my dismay, but if you’re up Island, you can stop by Beetlebung in Menemsha.  The building used to house Menemsha Cafe (Josh & Angela are now at Saltwater Cafe), and has been completely redone inside.  I looks nice inside.  I like the bar seating by the window and I like the counter seating too.

Since I was writing about the new location, I had to get a bite to eat, for research of course.  I got the Eggwich, poached egg, ham, and cheddar on an English muffin, but added spinach for $.50.  It was really good, and I don’t even like poached eggs.  It was nice to grab breakfast and sit and people watch.  Menemsha was pretty busy the morning I was there.

I really like that they have added slushies to the menu, not sure when they did but they’re cool and refreshing.  They have a couple varieties, but I opted for the traditional lemonade.  It definitely helped combat the heat of the day.  I’ll be driving up-Island for another one soon.

On a day you’re looking for something fun to do, head on up to Menemsha, walk around and see what’s new and of course what’s old but fabulous.  There’s a lot more than just beautiful sunsets.  Before I end this post, I have to mention two of my favorite up-Island indulgences.  First, the vanilla soft ice cream at The Galley is my favorite on the Island.  It is smooth and creamy and dreamy!  Throw on some sprinkles (jimmies) and I’m a goner.  Also, I love the fried mac & cheese bites at The Bite and of course their famous fried clams, always worth the wait in line.

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  1. My favorite place on the whole Island…when I was a kid an artist had me stand in her paitning on the dock in my little red Brownie Bathing Suit…say the year was 1952…I often wonder where that painting ended up?

    1. It is a special place indeed. That is a wonderful story about being in a painting. I bet it’s here on MV in a home – being admired everyday! They probably wonder who you are!

      Thank you for reading On Point!

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