Mardi Gras On Main – The Preservation Trust’s Generations Picnic On Martha’s Vineyard

Generations Picnic Martha's Vineyard

The Summer is full of events that support our wonderful Island non-profits. Most of the events are geared toward a certain age group, but not the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust Generations Picnic. This event is literally for the generations, from baby to great grandparents. This is a family fun event.

Generations Picnic Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trus

On a gorgeous Friday night in July, you’ll find the inside of the fence at the Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown, lined with strollers and the roar of laughter from children. A far cry from the epic A Taste of the Vineyard the Preservation Trust is famous for.

However, this is the “Taste” for the kiddos on Island. That’s how Trust Director of Property Management, Meg O’Connor Rottman and Danielle Bailey, refer to it. Don’t worry, there’s fun for the adults too.

Meg O'Connor Rottman and Danielle Bailey Generations Trust Event OrganizersCelebrating its eighth year, and event co-chairs Brooke Brown and Melissa Hedley continue to grow the event. The Generations Picnic is a clever and fun way to introduce the next generation of Island families to the work of the Preservation Trust. A way to get them excited about an organization that does so much to preserve pieces of Island history, become an active community supporter.

Generations Picnic

The Preservation Trust has 19 properties in its care, including the Whaling Church, the Flying Horses, and Alley’s General Store. The Trust saves, restores, and maintains these historic properties that otherwise might have been lost.

Flying HorsesCarnival In Edgartown

Each year, the picnic has a theme, which this girl always appreciates. For 2015, it was Mardi Gras. Oh yeah, a particular favorite for me.

Upon walking in, you were greeted by smiling volunteers with Mardi Gras beads and masks. The sound of a New Orleans jazz band could be heard in the distance. It was a party.

Getting Ready for Mardi Gras Generations Picnic Martha's Vineyard

There was so much to do with the kiddos. A juggler, Benjamin, once part of  the Moscow circus, a bouncy house, balloon animals and hats, face painting, rock wall climbing (Island Cove Adventures), fishing in the fountain, kids could even get a mini manicure, and more.

It was fantastic. There were even containers filled with waters and apple juice that they could help themselves to.

Generations Picnic

There were people of all ages at the picnic, from a couple weeks to several decades. There were generations of families who support the Trust there, having fun together, and with other families.

Mardi Gras Jazz Band At Generations Picnic Edgartown

As we rotated between fishing and the bouncy house and eating popcorn (lots of kid friendly food), my little ones, Charly and Anderson, were asking me about this place, the Daniel Fisher and its grounds.

It was a good way to tell them what the Trust does and they were really interested in the fact that they make the Flying Horses possible. So, the purpose of this event was well received with the Cramer kids.

The Cramer Kids At Generations Picnic Martha's Vineyard

Let’s not forget to mention that this is a fun event for adults too. A reason to put on a Summer dress, maybe make the hubby wear seersucker or madras, and have dinner and cocktails on the lawn of the Daniel Fisher House, which makes the night pretty special.

You could also get your Tarot cards read by Lady Felista, which I considered, but fishing in the fountain was a little to amusing to leave, maybe next time.

Generations Picnic

Jaime Hamlin Catering provided the food which of course was Mardi Gras inspired. I was so excited to be snacking on amazing muffaletta sandwiches which I fell in love with when I went to New Orleans years ago. Yum, olives and salami and soppresata – I could have eaten the whole tray.

The Bayou Breeze Signature Cocktail Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust Generations Picnic Edgartown

Food was aplenty and so were the beverages. The signature cocktail, the Bayou Breeze with organic cucumber vodka, limeade, and watermelon, was tasty and refreshing.


I was sad that I had dinner plans with friends later that evening. I did not want to leave all the fun and food. It’s tough to find an event that a 39-year-old, a three-year-old, and a five-year-old don’t want to leave. Next year I’m committing to the full event, which is from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Hula Hoop Contest Generations Picnic Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust Event Edgartown

As we were leaving, there was a kid’s hula hoop contest happening. It was so sweet. Seeing the kids have so much fun with something people have been doing for years, not an iPhone in site. Classic Americana. Classic Summer on the Vineyard.

Rock Climbing wall

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Janet from the Trust Generations Picnic Edgartown




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