Stop & Smell The Roses Or Rather The Amazing Food & More At Rosewater Market & Take Away In Edagrtown

Rosewater Market & Take Away Food Edgartown

It was just like any other Tuesday in July until I made my way to Edgartown. Parking was a breeze, and I made my way to Rosewater Market & Take Away. This was its opening day and I had to see the finished product.


As I walked down South Summer Street, I passed several familiar faces, all carrying coffee and other goodies from Rosewater. My excitement grew. I love when new places open, especially a place like this, where you know the owners, and are so excited for this endeavor.

Rosewater Market & Take Away New Food To Go On Martha's Vineyard

I knew it would be beautiful. Julia Celeste, Tina Miller, and Rachel Fox have great taste, but it was even more fabulous than I expected.

Looking Inside Edgartown's New Foodie Market Rosewater Martha's Vineyard

Light, open, full of delights for the eye everywhere you looked. Shelves stocked with staples, shelves stocked with fun specialty items. Grab milk, grab basil, grab a push-up pop – even get LeRoux olive oils. The list of fun, tasty and clever products is endless.

H2o Station at RosewaterOne of the things that I am truly grateful for is the H2O station. If you’ve seen me around, chances are you’ve seen me with my giant water cup. I’ve been trying to kick my bottled water habit for over a year, and I’m doing OK.

Here at Rosewater, I can fill it on my own. Even choose regular or bubbly. A haven for sure.


So many people were coming in and out, taking it all in. The ooh’s and aah’s were a plenty. People were savoring every bit.

The clever signs all over the store, either had clever sayings or helpful descriptions. The space truly is a heaven in downtown Edgartown. You’ll see what I mean when you walk in.

Martha's Vineyard New Foodie Market Rosewater Market & Take Away Edgartown

Food Fit For Island Foodies

After I calmed down a bit about the space, it was time to focus on the food. This is where my job gets really hard. What to eat? What to drink?

Knowing that Tina (chef) and Rachel (baker) are in that beautiful brand new kitchen, anything and everything was going to be made with intention, a little love, and would be delicious.

The Breakfast Menu At Rosewater Market Edgartown

When trying a place for the first time during breakfast, I usually like to try their breakfast sandwich. If I can be impressed with something usually basic, then I know the rest is going to be fantastic.

Julia and Anna At Rosewater Market & Take Away Martha's Vineyard Dining

So, I went with the Egg Sandwich. There were some options to make it your own. I got mine with linguica, tomato, egg, goat cheese, greens, avocado, and of course, I had to have it on the house made biscuit! Julia and her sister Anna were helpful in my decision.

Breakfast Egg Sandwich At Rosewater Market New Dinging & Take Out Food Edgartown

It was impressive indeed. Not greasy, big but not so big that you’ll feel bad after you eat every last bit. The ingredients were so fresh and light and perfectly cooked. The biscuit was light and flavorful – I loved it all.

Well done Rosewater — an elevated egg sandwich.

lunch at RosewaterI came for breakfast but now know I must come back for lunch later this week because I have to try the Fried Chicken sandwich with Quick Pickles, greens, aioli, on fresh ciabatta. Julia said it’s one of her favorites.

Rosewater Asparagus Salad Edgartown

I will also need to try some of the salads – Asparagus and Shitake salad, made by Tina? Yes please. And the fact that they’re growing some of their ingredients in their market garden, makes them even better.

Also, I have to mention that it’s great to see Tina cooking in the fabulous new kitchen. This is her home-away-from-home.

white salad At Rosewater Market Edgartown Dining Martha's Vineyard

In case you were wondering – the White Salad is one of Tina’s favorite

Chef Tina Miller  behind the counter At Rosewater Kitchen EdgartownFor coffee, they’re serving Chilmark Coffee and from Ohio, where Julia grew up, Stauf’s Coffee. I got a cup of the Stauf’s dark roast. Of course it was good, dark, strong but not bitter.

For iced coffee, Rosewater is serving cold brew. Todd from Chilmark Coffee helped them with making this happen. It truly is the best way to drink iced coffee.

From the Bakery

Like muffins? How about a Lemon, Ricotta and Fennel or Blueberry Struesel? Rachel is baking up some clever and flavorful combinations in addition to the breads and biscuits.


And how about cheesecake brownies or Salted Peanut Butter Cookies? There are so many tempting things to have or take with you.


This new addition to Edgartown is a game changer. The good, fresh food, the space, the vibe and the fact it’s year round in town, this is going to be big with locals and visitors.

It was quite the scene on opening day. So many people came to check it out and show support. I know I’ll be back later this week for lunch. Breakfast was so good. My interest is piqued.

Foodie Choices At Rosewater New Edgartown Dining Spot

Author’s note: their manta Eat Well Be Kind is a good reminder. Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Ashley who does the amazing signs. Changes the feel of the whole place. Be sure to check each one out.

Backyard Garden At Rosewater Market Edgartown

Rosewater Market & Take Away is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the kitchen is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (there’s plenty of salads and stuff to grab after 3 p.m.).


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