MV Boys & Girls Club: The Kids Who Benefit From The Teddy Bear Suite

Martha's Vineyard Boys & Girls Club After School ProgramThe Joy of Laughter

When you walk up to the the front door of the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club during the After School Program hours, you can hear the laughter of children coming from inside.  Walk through the door, and you are immediately greeted by a smiling, friendly child.  If you continue on, you’ll find several kids throughout the building laughing and having fun with their friends.  You can’t help but smile and take a moment to enjoy their joy – so simple, and carefree. It is nice to know that they have this opportunity at the Boys & Girls Club.

An Opportunity for Kids

MV Boys & Girls Club Power Hour At After School ProgramHowever, there is of course some work mixed in with all the play.  A welcomed part of the After School Program is the Power Hour.  A great opportuntiy for kids to have some one-on-one attention with their homework since its overseen by a former teacher, who also provides tutoring help if needed.

After School Program MV Boys & Girls ClubYesterday, I stopped by the “Club,” as the kids refer to it, to experience the Power Hour and meet some of those who make use of this program, since all the money raised by The Teddy Bear Suite is being donated to this program.  It was brightly lit, and kids were hard at work.  It was nice to see them getting the help they needed.

One young man, Rowan, took a break  to talk to me about a Lego model he had made that was inspired by a homework assignment.  How clever I thought.  I was glad to see that he was learning with books, and also having the opportunity to use his imagination allowing for a much more meaningful learning experience.

After seeing the Power Hour at work, I could not help but be excited about the opportuntiy to be involved with The Teddy Bear Suite.   The Teddy Bear Suite is truly a magical addition to Christmas in Edgartown.  It’s certain to bring a smile to all who enter, and we hope to raise a significant amount of money for Boys & Girls Club’s Power Hour.

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