Martha’s Vineyard Dining Out: A Messy But Refined Fall BBQ Experience At The Beach Plum Restaurant

I am big into themed things – food, parties, events, I love something cohesive. So, when I ran into chef Josh Aronie, from the Homeport and The Beach Plum restaurants, and he mentioned BBQ nights at The Beach Plum, I was intrigued of course.

Beach Plum Restaurant BBQ Night Martha's Vineyard Dining Out Fall Specials

Local Smoke has lent its smoker to chef Nathan Gould of The Beach Plum. This is such a treat for this chef who likes to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to food preparation.

Beach Plum Restaurant Chef Nathan Gould Serving Barbecue Special On Martha's Vineyard

Not only can he spend hours or days smoking meats, he is getting some of the freshest around, from  The Grey Barn. On Monday, Nate got the pigs and chicken for Tuesday’s BBQ. It’s that fresh and therefore even more amazing than you could image.

BBQ With Panache 

For the BBQ nights, which are on Tuesdays through October 6th, things are pretty straight forward. It’s $40 per person, and it’s set up like a buffet. You get your BBQ from Nate himself, who mans the smoker, and then you choose your sides.

Martha's Vineyard Dining Out: BBQ At Beach Plum Restaurant Served Buffet style Chilmark Restaurant

Beautiful house made pesto noodles, corn succotash, little baby potato salad, freshly baked corn bread, a salad made with Beetlebung greens were the sides when I went.

Corn Succotash At Beach Plum Restaurant Menemsha Martha's Vineyard

Though the sides were stunning and super fresh, it’s the BBQ that steals the show. The pulled pork was to die for, slather it with as much house made BBQ sauce as you wanted and just enjoy. I went back for seconds.

The five spice chicken was also really tasty and my husband loved the ribs.

BBQ Dinner At Beach Plum Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Not only was the food beautiful and so fresh, but the setting was perfect. There are a long family style dining tables out on the stone patio. The tables had big lanterns on them, so the candlelight, along with the amazing light from the sun setting was stunning. You felt as though you might be in a magazine shoot.

We all sat as a big group, coming and going to get more BBQ. The tables featured wine and beer of all varieties since The Beach Plum is BYOB. Many of us were making a wonderful mess as only you can with real BBQ. There was finger lickin, BBQ on people’s faces, and there was a lot of laughter and conversation.

You felt like you were a part of something special, it was so intimate.

Peach & Blueberry cobbler Dessert Beach Plum Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Fall Dining BBQIn addition to the BBQ, there was fresh peach and blueberry cobbler for dessert, and each person could get a complimentary bourbon cocktail. When I was there, it was a basil, peach and ginger Ole Fashion or you could just do a bourbon.

At the Beach Plum

Why BBQ?

I was curious as to how a BBQ night came about. It’s not sexy or a type of ethnic food not offered elsewhere. For Nate, it was something he wanted to do for a while now.

Everett Whiting from Local Smoke was willing to let him borrow the smoker, and he had access to fresh meats from The Grey Barn.

Chef Nathan Gould

There is an alchemy to good BBQ. The spices, the sweetness, the right accompanying dishes. It’s not that easy. Plus, smoking meat takes hours, and a little patience.

Fall Dining On Martha's Vineyard BBQ Menu At Beach Plum RestaurantThe end result is BBQ unlike any other you’ll find on MV. Also, it’s perfect for up-Island. There are still a lot of people here but  not as much to do for them. This night becomes a bit of a tradition for many people.

There is a community feel to the evening, even if you don’t know everyone, you still make a friend or two. Don’t worry, those of us from down-Island will enjoy it just as much.

sunset at Beach Plum Restaurant Menemsha Harbor Martha's Vineyard

Don’t forget to bring a sweater, it can get a little chilly this time of the year, but it’s the perfect way to spend a Fall evening.

The Beach Plum Inn Chilmark Martha's Vineyard

You can also go to The Beach Plum for Ramen & Pho Pop-Up on Monday nights from now until October 5th, another fun Fall and Spring tradition at the restaurant.

Find out all about this unique Island dining experience in: Ramen & Pho Pop-Up: Up-Island Style At The Beach Plum Restaurant On Martha’s Vineyard.

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