A-Luring Art: Lure-Fish From Martha’s Vineyard

Lure-Fish Artwork From Martha's Vineyard

If you’ve been on Winter Street in Edgartown recently, you might have seen a cool store, Lure-Fish, next to Vintage MV Wine & Spirits. In the window, there are these really cool fish pictures. When you get up-close, you see that it’s a ton of lures that were used to create the image.

Lure-Fish Pop Up Art Store Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Artists

Head inside this little pop-up shop, and you’re greeted by the artist himself, Abe Pieciak. When I was there, there was an older fisherman chatting with him about fishing. It was a nice interaction – different generations with a common bond, fishing.

When you talk with Abe, you’ll find he’s funny, a bit quirky, and definitely a great mix of artist and fisherman. When you see a Lure-Fish piece, you know it’s Abe’s. So, I was curios how he was inspired to create these nautical, interesting, and even a bit whimsical collection.

From Stove To Easel

Before Abe was an artist, he was a chef in Boston. Then, he made his way to Martha’s Vineyard. Why come here? Well, Abe just got out of a serious relationship and needed to get away. What better place? With just a duffle bag in hand and a job waiting for him, he came to the Island.

Lure-FishWorking at various restaurants including the Ocean Club (where Chowder Co. is now) and Lambert’s Cove Inn, he became part of the Island community. He also developed a passion for fishing, fly fishing that is.

Also, he’s always had an interest in art but wasn’t focused. Then as a fly fisherman, he found that he really loved the beauty of the lures. He uses ones that are hand-made by Justin at Coop’s. The lures are so beautiful and colorful, each unique. Why not put them together and create something? How about a fish? And it worked, quite well.

Abe was able to combine his love of art and fishing into one medium. Lure-Fish.


On the back wall of the Lure-Fish pop-up, you’ll find Abe’s first four fish pictures. He keeps them for inspiration and for sentimental reasons. They represent a new chapter in his life.

Martha's vineyard Artist Abe Pieciak At Lure-Fish Pop Up Store Edgartown

Inspiration is everywhere for Abe. One of his latest pictures, which features a squid made up of squid jigs, is a definite favorite of mine. It’s nice to see since I sometimes think the beauty of the squid is lost, since its main purpose for many is bait.

Squid Print At Lure-Fish Martha's Vineyard

I also like the sea gull picture, which is made up of all the trash the bird might have eaten during its lifetime. It’s am interesting way to represent how we’re polluting our waters and wildlife (not that I really like seagulls).

Sea Gull Painting By Artist Abe Pieciak Lure-Fish Martha's Vineyard

Many of his pictures are fish that he catches like alibi, bass, bonito, or boats that catch his eye. He’s got a great Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby pic.

Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Fishing Derby 2015 Lure-Fish Print

And if you’re lucky, perhaps he’ll create a custom one for you, like the mahi-mahi he’s working on for John from Vintage MV. Note the wine bottles, since Vintage sells amazing wine, and John is truly a wine connoisseur.

Vintage MV Mahi Mahi Print From Lure-Fish Martha's VineyardHis prints tend to be limited editions, so if you want one, better get it when you see it.

Fish-Inspired T-shirts At Lure-Fish Martha's VineyardYou can get large or small Lure-Fish prints, and the t-shirts, stickers, and note cards fly off the shelve. People love his work.

Cards & Stickers At Lure-Fish Martha's VineyardAs Abe evolves as an artist, he’s beginning to work on collage art. Check out the big fish in his shop made from trash he collected while fishing on State Beach. One man’s trash can certainly be another man’s treasure, and Abe demonstrates that.

Also, when he was visiting his mom in Maine, he collected a number of things he found in the woods, and made his mom a beautiful piece, just like that. I bet she loves it.

Collage art at Lure Fish Martha's Vineyard

It’s amazing that Abe can take something so ordinary and turn it into art. Perfect for a house on the Island or anywhere.

Abe fishingLucky for us, we can get it on Island at the Lure-Fish pop-up shop in Edgartown (Nevin Square). Abe plans to be open until the end of October, but the tides may change, you never know.

Up close at Lure-Fish

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