Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Tickets For Your Car Now Go On Sale February 14th At 8 AM

It’s been a chaotic challenge at the Steamship Authority this year, as it tries to roll out vehicle ferry ticket reservations for the 2024 summer season on Martha’s Vineyard. After missing the scheduled opening day on January 30th, the SSA today announced that Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Tickets For Your Car Now Go On Sale February 14th At 8 AM. New opening day, new time.

“Following more than two weeks of extensive troubleshooting by our IT team and external vendors, we feel confident our systems are prepared to provide a smooth experience for our customers during the reservation opening days,” said General Manager Robert B. Davis. “I know this delay has been an inconvenience for our customers, and I thank them for their patience during this process.”

The SSA says the technical problems were traced to performance issues of a cloud-based web server, as well as unexpected communication failures of on-premises web servers. Following configuration changes to these servers and other server modifications, the SSA says the system performance was shown to be stable following several days of testing.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry Tickets For Your Car Go On Sale In Less Than 2 Weeks on January 30 2024

The car ferry reservations for all popular summer weeks usually sell out within the first few days — and certainly the peak August weeks often in a day or two. If you don’t already have a vacation rental in place, we strongly recommend booking before then, so you will know what dates you need tickets and you will be ready for the online reservation dance.

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Tickets For Your Car Go On Sale In Less Than 2 Weeks – What You Should Know

Let’s hope all the IT work results in a smooth opening day. If you’re new to this, things you can do ahead of time:

  • – Book your vacation rental with us, so you can pick your dates and times
  • – Pick your preferred times and have backups ready if your times aren’t available
  • – Set up an online account and get a profile number on the Steamship website ahead of time — it will help you get through the reservation process much more efficiently and faster. Click here to set up
  • – Set your clock, and be ready at 8 AM on Wednesday, February 14th. You may experience some frustrating moments, but it pays to start early
  • – If you already have an account and profile number, you can click here on Wednesday
  • – You only need advance reservations for your car. You can walk up for passenger-only tickets

Book A Vacation Rental Before The Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Tickets Go On Sale – We Have Some Great Options

Martha's Vineyard Vacation Rentals With Transferable Ferry Tickets

If you’re still looking for that perfect Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation rental, we have some great options — including some offering transferable ferry tickets as well (which takes all the ferry hassle out of the mix). Here’s our curated collection of great summer 2024 vacation rentals:

Our local Rental Team of expert agents is on hand and happy to help you explore options for summer 2024 (or any other time during the year). You can Email the team or call us 508.939.9422.

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