Indoor Entertainment on Martha’s Vineyard

As winter casts its chill over Martha’s Vineyard, the island offers a quieter and more tranquil retreat. Despite the slower tempo, the winter on Martha’s Vineyard can be fun and social if you know where to look! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the community spirit that comes alive – Indoor Entertainment on Martha’s Vineyard during the colder months. Discover how this small, fascinating island becomes a hub of charming indoor activities, with opportunities to connect, engage, and revel in the warmth of shared experiences. 

Local Libraries are Bustling Community Centers

Step into the heart of Martha’s Vineyard during the winter months by immersing yourself in the dynamic offerings of its cozy libraries. Each town, from Edgartown to Aquinnah, has its own public library, which are action-packed places of education and entertainment. Beyond the shelves of books, they host a diverse array of activities that redefine winter on the island. From dance classes and soul-soothing yoga sessions to culinary adventures in cooking classes, these libraries allow the community to come together and enjoy shared experiences, all for free! Explore the world of indoor entertainment that awaits within Martha’s Vineyard’s welcoming library spaces!

Indoor Entertainment on Martha's Vineyard Enjoy Local Libraries That Are Bustling Community Centers

Exploring Heritage Indoors: Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural fascination of Martha’s Vineyard while leaving the winter chill at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. This captivating indoor destination transcends the seasonal weather, providing a world-class resource for those eager to delve into the island’s heritage. The museum provides an educational yet entertaining escape from the winter cold. Uncover the island’s past, present, and future within its welcoming walls, and embrace the warmth of knowledge and culture found within. Don’t miss their weekly Friday Reset events designed to help museumgoers relax, relieve stress, and regroup. Join the museum each Friday this winter for an evening of board games, crafts, puzzles, light bites, and a special featured activity each week. Check their calendar of events for ongoing happenings and visit them this winter to learn more about this incredible island!

Indoor Entertainment on Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard Museum Vineyard Haven
Spanning two floors of the MV Museum is the first-order Fresnel Lens, which was first installed in the Gay Head Light from 1854 to 1952. Photo courtesy MV Museum

Bowl into Winter Bliss: Indoor Fun at The Barn Bowl and Bistro

Leave the winter chill behind and step into the energetic vibes of The Barn Bowl and Bistro, which offers an exciting destination on-island all year long. Whether you escape the doldrums of winter here, beat the heat in the summer, or seek a rainy day activity on Martha’s Vineyard, The Barn in Oak Bluffs is the place to be. This bowling alley goes beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere that radiates fun and warmth, complemented by a delightful fusion of delectable food and drinks. Operating for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM (with a brief kitchen closure from 4 – 5 PM), The Barn Bowl and Bistro beckons those in search of lively indoor entertainment. Secure your spot on the bowling lanes through online reservations, ensuring a vibrant and engaging activity that shakes off the winter blues.

Cinematic Delights: Winter Movie Magic on Martha’s Vineyard

Embark on a year-round cinematic journey on-island this winter! The MV Film Center in Vineyard Haven has become a cultural hub for movie enthusiasts. Open every week, this 176-stadium-seat DCI cinema and stage offers a unique blend of old classics and new releases. The Film Society theater is a cozy retreat, perfect for hearty laughs, romantic date nights, family outings, and quests for knowledge through film. Edgartown Cinemas adds to the cinematic allure, playing multiple new and popular movies each week. Nestled in the heart of the town, it provides a convenient option for those seeking the latest in film entertainment. Whether you prefer the curated selection at the Film Society or the more mainstream showings available in downtown Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard ensures a winter filled with movie magic for every taste. Grab your popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy!

In addition to films, the MV Film Center hosts a variety of special events and panel discussions. Photo courtesy MV Film Center

Glide into Winter Fitness: Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena

Embrace the winter spirit with an active twist at the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena. More than just a community rink, it’s a space where individuals of all ages and skill levels can engage in a healthy dose of fun and exercise. Whether you’re a tiny skater or an adult hockey enthusiast, the Ice Arena is a space for fostering community development while enriching the lives of children, teenagers, and adults alike. In this safe and inclusive environment, you can learn new skills and get moving all winter long. Public skating is free for YMCA members, $5 for the public, and an additional $5 for skate rentals if you need them. Lace up your skates and check the calendar here to see when the next public skate is! 

Cultural Extravaganza: Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse’s Winter Showcase

Enjoy a world of artistic wonders at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, where winter transforms into a season of cultural delights. Beyond the traditional stage performances, the Playhouse offers a lineup of events throughout the colder months. Every Monday, catch a movie night for just $5 at the door – a perfect way to unwind and enjoy cinematic gems. Delve into the enchanting realm of poetry at their poetry cafes, and explore thought-provoking art exhibits showcasing the island’s creative spirit. For the most up-to-date schedule, be sure to check their website and immerse yourself in the vibrant events that make the Playhouse a hub of winter entertainment on the island.

Tribal Exploration: Aquinnah Cultural Center’s Winter Journey

Embark on a winter journey rich with the history and culture of the Aquinnah Wampanoag at the Aquinnah Cultural Center. The entirety of Aquinnah and Noepe (the island of Martha’s Vineyard) is the traditional and unceded territory of Wampanoag people. Wampanoag people were the first inhabitants of the island, and their presence can be traced back more than 12,000 years! Their stories and legends, passed down with each generation, add rich perspective to this culturally diverse island. At the Aquinnah Cultural Center you can explore the self-defined history, culture, and contributions of the Aquinnah Wampanoag – past, present, and future. The center facilitates experiences and activities that not only reinforce cultural awareness within the tribal community but also offer the wider public an opportunity to witness and learn about the Aquinnah Wampanoag experience. Throughout the winter, the Aquinnah Cultural Center hosts a series of events, some for tribal families and others for the public. For an enriching winter experience, check their website for the latest schedule and immerse yourself in the unique stories and traditions.

Indoor Entertainment on Martha's Vineyard The Aquinnah Cultural Center Explore The History And Culture of the Wampanoag People
The Aquinnah Cultural Center Museum is located steps from the iconic Gay Head Cliffs. Photo courtesy Aquinnah Cultural Center

In the quieter moments of winter, Martha’s Vineyard still has a vibrant community and a host of indoor activities, shattering the solitude that winter can bring. Despite the cold, the island buzzes with life, and there are ample opportunities to be active, pick up a new hobby, or enjoy a night out. Island businesses and organizations are working together to make this season as enjoyable and entertaining as summer, presenting a unique and equally exhilarating experience for winters on Martha’s Vineyard. 

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