Martha’s Vineyard Frugal Foodie – Burger Night at Waterside Market Vineyard Haven

Martha’s Vineyard Frugal Foodie Is Back – Burger Night! It’s that time of year again. Much of Martha’s Vineyard goes into hibernation. However, for those of us who still crave outings, there a number of options.

Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie Burger Night At Waterside Market Vineyard Haven

Martha’s Vineyard Frugal Foodie

An added bonus to the off-season is that there are also a number of Frugal Foodie options — these options help entice us to leave the coziness of our homes and dine out. Typically, most of the seasonally priced specials you’ll find are for dining in. Not this one though.

Burger Night At Waterside Market Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie

Burger Night At Waterside Market

Burger Night at Waterside is even good on TAKEOUT! You can bring home mouthwatering, loaded-with-toppings burgers home to enjoy! It’s almost mind-blowing having this as an option!

Besides the fact that Waterside’s burgers are BUY 1, GET 1 Free, they use high quality local beef, not necessary from the Island, since sources here have ended for the Winter for this quantity, but as local as possible. This really makes a difference.

Burgers, Burgers & More Burgers

There is quite the selection of burgers for this promo, now in its third year. The Martha’s Vineyard Frugal Foodie loves the variety of options, 15 different ones to choose from, including a vegetarian option!

Parmesan Truffle Fries At Waterside Market Burger Night Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie

For us, it’s a family affair. My kids, Charlotte & AJ can each eat a Waterside Burger on their own in addition to a healthy helping of yummy fries. For fries, which come standard, you can upgrade for a $1 if you like to parmesan truffle fries or cajun fries. Of course, the kids and I had the truffle fries, while my husband had the cajun fries. As a family, we are suckers for truffle fries!

Frugal Foodie Waterside Market Vineyard Haven signature burger is topped with melted brie, balsamic onion jam, baby spinach & shredded short rib and gravy

Waterside Market Epic Burger Menu

For this burger adventure, I went for something truly indulgent, the Mr Bowen! Named for owner Stephen Bowen, this signature burger is topped with melted brie, balsamic onion jam, baby spinach & shredded short rib and gravy. I don’t think I even need to tell you how incredible this was.

Main Street Burger Waterside Market Martha's Vineyard Dining Deals

My husband got the Main Street. This is the burger of all burgers. If you are a Big Mac fan, this is its sophisticated big brother, 2, 4 ounce patties with cheddar cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, special sauce, tomato, onion and a pickle on a toasted sesame bun. Truly heaven for him.

There are others I need to try, like the Brickhouse signature burger, which is topped with house made whiskey bbq pulled pork, crispy coleslaw, fried onion strings and pickle chips. I love everything about this combo! Chef Bill Hart has came up with an epic burger menu!

Don’t forget that Waterside has beer and wine, love the wine taps, in addition to a great menu of craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients, all in addition to a wide assortment of non-boozy drinks.

Frugal Foodie Deals On Martha’s Vineyard

You can get your perfect burger match on Friday nights, 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Burger Night continues through March. This means that it can be your go to Friday Funday meal, dine in or to go. It’s easy and affordable. An added bonus is that it is even something the kids can sink their teeth in to!.

There will be other great Frugal Foodies to come! You can learn more about Waterside on Facebook. Don’t forget to “Like” Point B Realty on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram

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