Vineyard Home Design: What’s Hot With Tile On The Island

Martha's Vineyard Tile Company Home Design Style On Marthas VineyardSince 1996, people have been going to Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company for their tile needs.  Annie and Jeremy Bradshaw, the owners, are true Island icons.  Not only do they have the most extensive and unique collection of tile, including their very own line, and tile made by local artists, they have their own TV show, Tile Trends on MVTV (and yes, that is me you often see on there).  They have also recently published a gorgeous coffee table book with photographer Alison Shaw, Martha’s Vineyard Tile ~ Hidden Gems In Island Homes, available at Bunch of Grapes and

Annie Bradshaw

With Annie’s renowned design abilities with all things tile and Jeremy’s reputation as one of the best tile installers on the Island, a visit to Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company needs to be on every homeowner’s to-do list. I recently met with Annie to talk about what she is seeing as the current tile trends for the Island.  As a homeowner and an HGTV junkie, I like to know these things.

Glass Subway tile

She Has a Way With Tile

Annie has a knack for putting together a tile collection that is perfect for you and your home no matter what your décor and style, and believe me after 16 years, she has seen it all.   Since there is such a large selection of tile, all shapes, sizes colors, and many that are able to be completely customized, it can seem overwhelming, but luckily she can help you navigate through the process.  You can even take samples home to see how they work in the space and light.

What’s Hot: New Sizes, Porcelanosa

As for what’s currently trending for tile on MV, she is seeing resurgence in the use of Subway Tile.  Yes, that classic white tile that has been around forever.  However, these are not your grandma’s subway tile.  Homeowners are getting these in new, modern sizes such as 2×8.  The standard subway tile is 3×6, but this slightly larger version makes for a much more 2012 look.

Fabulous 12x24 tile

Another trend is larger tiles, we’re talking 12×24 and 24×24. These sizes are substantially different from the typical 12×12 or smaller, and tend to offer a more modern feel to the space.  I personally really like the larger tile and hope to have it in my kitchen someday.  MV Tile carries a number of options, but the hottest out there is Porcelanosa, which of course, you can find there.  The colors are soothing and modern at the same time – perfect for a tile you’ll love for years.  Be sure to check out the Parker, wood porcelain. It looks like really cool wood flooring but has the durability of tile. Just think of all the possibilites, and it looks even more amazing in person.

Mini Basketweave

Classic Colors Reign Supreme

Regarding colors for tile, Annie has seen that the blues and beiges are currently the most popular. I know what you’re thinking, how boring, but with all the different tile styles and mixing and matching, it can be anything but.  Annie is particularly fond of the new mini basket weave, another twist on a classic.  Tile manufactures have so many great options that any color can be fun and colorful or classic and simple.  It’s really up to the homeowner.

Different Customer Styles

Fun with beach colors

For Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company, there tends to be two different categories of clients — those who live here, and those who have a second home or rental house here. For us year rounders, Annie tells me we tend to gravitate towards more modern tile collections. For the second home owners, and those who rent their homes, it tends to be more beachy type tile, which makes sense, because the Vineyard is a magical beach destination, and why not embrace it. The colors associated with the beach are relaxing, and when you’re visiting here for a short time, you should enjoy, and be relaxed in your environment, bringing the beach inside.

Explore Your Tile Side

Showstopping beige backsplash

If you are yet to be excited by tile, you are doing it all wrong! No need to leaev the Island — large stores off island have a selection that pales in comparison to Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company. Though Annie works mostly with the trade, you can schedule an appointment with her. Not only will you walk out feeling like a design maven, you’ll have the best experience and more fun then you ever thought possible with tile.

Martha’s Vineyard Tile Company is located at 20 East Line Road (the Airport Business Park), Edgartown, 508-693-9307.


6 thoughts on “Vineyard Home Design: What’s Hot With Tile On The Island”

  1. Great article! Love Porcelanosa and the large format tile. We have a great showroom in San Jose. Article’s got me interested in perusing your store. Wish I could be there! Perhaps a visit to the store over the summer.

    1. Hi Janine,
      Please stop by and visit this Summer! You won’t be disappointed!!! Annie and her husband are AMAZING! We live in such a special place with so many special people. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. I have visited your studio, and have a copy of your beautiful book. You have a true appreciation for the beauty of the island, and have captured the essence in your presentation of your artistic endeavors. Best wishes in all you do.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you for reading the blog. I too love the book, and hope to see you on MV soon!

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