Season of Change for Oak Bluffs: New Hotels Restaurants Clubs

Marthas Vineyard Hotels Restaurants Oak BluffsSome years it seems as though time stands still on Martha’s Vineyard, but not this year!  After blogging about the restaurant, store, and business changes going on in Vineyard Haven, people started talking to me about what’s happening in Oak Bluffs too.  As an OB resident, I cannot tell you how happy I am to see new faces in old places (check out the photo gallery at the bottom of the post for more pictures of all the changes).

Change of Ownersip

Dockside Inn New Oak Bluffs Hotel Renovation Marthas Vineyard Hotels

Nestled behind the harbor in Oak Bluffs, you’ll find the Dockside Inn.  Not sure where it is? Soon that will not be the case.  The Dockside Inn has new owners, Caleb Caldwell (Madison Inn & The Nashua House) and John Tiernan (Vineyard Fast Ferry), who are giving the inn a facelift that is going to make it more than memorable.  Currently, the inn has a cottage decor, including a white picket fence, floral wall paper, and seagreen carpets.  However, that is all going to go, including the fence.

Oak Bluffs Hotel Dockside Inn Renovation Marthas Vineyard HotelsWith 80 days until the relaunch of the Dockside, the whole place is practically gutted at this point.  John and Caleb say they have plenty of time to complete the changes, and I have no doubt.  John is determined and Caleb is a pro at this.  They have a lot of help, including the opportunity to work with renowned Austin interior designer, Tracy Overbeck Stead.  Hmm, not a local firm you may say?

Tracy has a home on Chappy and in Oak Bluffs, and has spent summers here for years.  She is particularly fond of her OB residence, and will definitely capture the essence of the town with her designs.  I am looking forward to seeing her work first hand.  In less than three months, there will be a new hot place to stay on Martha’s Vineyard, the Dockside Inn.  If the new logo is any indication of what’s to follow, I am pretty excited to see the end result.

New Best Burger Competition?

Oak Bluffs Restaurant Best Burger Marthas Vineyard FoodThey say that some buildings or spaces have bad mojo, and there are a nunber of these on the Island.  However I have my fingers crossed for the new burger place that is replacing O-Sun and what was previously the Captain’s Table by the Surfside Inn.  This seemingly fantastic location has had a series of misses over the years.  Word on the street is that this space is being renovated and will soon be a burger place rumored to have a pirate theme.  Ed Charter, of Arrowhead Homes, is the man behind this restaurant mission.  If you walk by, you’ll see that there is a lot of work being done in this interesting space.  Perhaps this restaurant will be the one to succeed here.  Ahoy matey, bring aboard some good eats or walk the plank!

Sometimes Bigger is Better

Lookout Tavern Oak Bluffs Restaurant Marthas Vineyard Dining FoodOne of my favorite Summer restaurants, the Lookout Tavern, is experiencing a major renovation.  I felt a little emotional seeing all the work being done — the non-exisistant porch (for now), memories of past Summers enjoying Blue Moon and scrumptious sushi on that porch, running through my mind.  However, I was assured by the builder that I would be thrilled with the end results.  There will be more seating and a much larger kitchen, which I am sure the Lookout staff will be thrilled with, since it was tiny before.  This is one renovation that I cannot wait to see completed, and hope to be one of the first to step foot on the new porch, and take in one of my favorite views.  I hope the shotski will still be there!!!

Dreaming of the Perfect Place for Island Entertainment

MV Chowder Company Oak Bluffs Nightclub Dreamland Marthas Vineyard Events WeddingsJB does it again.  With two successful Sharky’s locations, his newest endevor the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company, (ChoCo) opened in 2011, will enjoy it’s first full season open.  With award-winning chowder, a fantastic menu, and a cool atmosphere, this year, we’ll be able to enjoy lunch as well as dinner 7 days a week.

However, the big news is about the large space JB has upstairs, Dreamland.  Dreamland will feature a concert hall/banquet room with a 500 person occupancy which will host national acts, comedians, concerts, plays, dance recitals, weddings, rehearsal dinners and more, all with an Ocean View.  I have visions of walking into town to see local fav comedian Lenny Clarke performing there, if he has time away from working with Chelsea Handler and their NBC show, “Are You There Chelsea?“, after dinner at ChoCo.

You’ll Be Hooked: New Seafood Restaurant

Another space that has experienced an interesting couple of years, Lola’s, located at the Island Inn on Beach Road, is getting ready for a change again.  Christian and Greer Thornton, the chef and owners of Atria, in Edgartown, have something new in the works for that space.  Memorial Day weekend, they are opening a casual fish house cleverly named, Hooked.  The restaurant will be featuring locally caught fresh fish, an oyster bar, and fish house favorites.  If you’ve ever been to Atria, you know that OB is in for a treat. Chef Thornton’s food is delicious.  In their new location, the restaurant and the club are undergoing some exciting renovations.  Yes I did say club!  There will be a DJ or live music in the club almost every night.  It looks like we’re in for a fun new place to enjoy some much needed nightlife on the Island, as well as a great new place to dine.   I know that I’m “hooked” even before it opens.

With the first day of Spring a little over a month away, Oak Bluffs is a buzz with change.  I have to mention that for this post that much of what I am writing about is from what I’ve heard from people on the street.  So, please let me know if I am misinformed about anything.  I look forward to your thoughts about the changes of Oak Bluffs, and let me know if there is more to add.

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