Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores

We’ve heard some people wonder if there are markets and grocery stores on Martha’s Vineyard and the answer is yes! Not only do we have two Stop & Shop locations (a rarity to have a chain store on the Island!) but we have several locally owned grocery stores as well as a number of convenience stores and specialty markets to help you stock your stay! 

So if you’ve settled into your new home, or home away from home on Martha’s Vineyard and you have an empty fridge and empty cabinets you’re in luck. Here we’ve rounded up the grocery stores and markets on Martha’s Vineyard. Learn where residents and visitors alike can discover an abundance of fresh produce, local specialties, and a true taste of the Island.

Martha's Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores Alley's General Store West Tisbury
Alley’s General Store is the Island’s oldest retail business. Photo courtesy Vineyard Preservation Trust.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Alley’s General Store West Tisbury

Established in 1858, Alley’s General Store is a cherished institution that has stood the test of time. This Island icon in West Tisbury is the oldest retail business on Martha’s Vineyard that serves as a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike even today. Stepping into this historic store feels like taking a step back in time, as it still retains its original charm and character. Alley’s reputation over the years has been “dealers in almost everything,” offering a large variety of produce, snacks, candies, household goods, souvenirs, and more. It’s an experience in itself to explore the narrow aisles and discover the hidden gems that line the shelves of this beloved establishment.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Black Sheep Mercantile Edgartown

Find unique provisions at Black Sheep Mercantile, a gourmet marketplace located right next to the airport! They have a curated selection of seasonal offerings, including a variety of fun snacks, frozen food, baked goods, and pantry essentials. They also offer a fantastic selection of prepared foods like salads, sandwiches, and delicious entrees that are always ready to go.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Chilmark General Store Chilmark

If you’re an eco-conscious shopper, you may be looking for products that are sustainably sourced. If that’s the case, then the Chilmark General Store should be at the top of your list for provisions! This community market is a great first-stop for everyday basics, local produce, and a large list of organic foods. Don’t miss out on enjoying a slice of their hand-tossed pizza on the front deck – you might even spot a celebrity! 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Cronig’s Market, Vineyard Haven and West Tisbury

A staple on the Island since 1917, Cronig’s Market is a family-owned grocery store with two locations, one in Vineyard Haven and the other in West Tisbury. Known for its commitment to supporting local farmers and producers, Cronig’s offers an impressive selection of organic and locally sourced products. From farm-fresh vegetables and fruits to artisanal cheeses, freshly baked bread, and a wide range of specialty items, Cronig’s Market is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking high-quality ingredients.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Cumberland Farms Vineyard Haven

Few places on the Island are open until midnight, and Cumberland Farms just so happens to be one of them! Stock up on all your favorite late-night snacks, ice-cold drinks, frozen pizza, and other convenient items. Plus their $1 coffee is one of the best deals on the Island!

Martha's Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores -  Edgartown Meat & Fish Edgartown
Edgartown Meat & Fish is a go-to spot for fresh meat plus the Island’s only Starbucks! Photo courtesy Edgartown Meat & Fish.

Martha’s Vineyard Market: Edgartown Meat & Fish

Located just outside of downtown, Edgartown Meat & Fish is a unique grocer that is considered a jack of all trades. This market offers fresh seafood by the pound, prime meat, prepared foods, fresh sushi, a selection of groceries, and even serves Starbucks coffee drinks (and is the only place on Island to do so). 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Gay Head Store Aquinnah

There aren’t very many places to get groceries once you’re up-Island, and that’s what makes the Gay Head Store a true diamond in the rough! The Gay Head Store is located near the iconic Gay Head Lighthouse, making it a perfect pit stop on the way to explore some of the Island’s most picturesque sights. Avoid the long trip to Edgartown or Oak Bluffs, and stock up on locally grown produce, baked goods, premade sandwiches, and other household necessities. 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Grey Barn Farm Chilmark

Located in the picturesque town of Chilmark, The Grey Barn is known for its commitment to sustainable farming practices and the production of high-quality dairy products. Inside the farmstand, you’ll find an assortment of farm-fresh products, such as eggs, vegetables, yogurts, fresh milk, and meats, which are sourced either from their own farm or from local producers who share their commitment to sustainability and quality. Grey Barn has become a beloved destination for both locals and visitors seeking high-quality dairy products and a connection to the land. 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Healthy Additions Vineyard Haven

All of your needs can be met in one simple trip to Vineyard Haven when visiting Healthy Additions! Located just behind Cronig’s Market, this health store provides a wide variety of natural supplements, health food, organic snacks, hair care, pet supplies, and bulk herbs, spices, and teas. If you or someone in your party suffers from any dietary restrictions, this is a great place to stop to meet their needs. While you’re there, don’t forget to head upstairs to check out their wellness and homegoods section! 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Katama General Store Edgartown

Preparing for a beach day? The Katama General Store has just about everything the average beach bum would need! They offer everything from beach chairs, towels, sunscreen, umbrellas, sunglasses, beach toys, and so much more! The Katama General Store is stock-full of products to make sure your family has the best beach day on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Martha's Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores - Morning Glory Farm Edgartown
Morning Glory Farm’s Breads and baked goods have a cult following. Photo courtesy Morning Glory Farm.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Morning Glory Farm Edgartown

Situated outside of downtown Edgartown, Morning Glory Farm is not just a farm but also a bustling farmstand. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the farm while perusing a stunning assortment of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that were freshly harvested on their 70 acres of farmland. The farmstand also features an on-site bakery where you can indulge in delectable pies, quiches, and breads, all made using the farm’s own produce. Morning Glory Farm is an exceptional destination to savor the flavors of Martha’s Vineyard’s agricultural bounty.

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – North Tisbury Farm West Tisbury

Never underestimate a quaint roadside farmstand. Located on State Road in West Tisbury, this small market promotes food that is responsibly produced, grown, and raised. North Tisbury Farm & Market features a beautifully curated selection of fresh goods, ranging from local produce and meats, delicious frozen treats, specialty artisan items, and even fresh cut flowers, herbs, and other produce straight from their very own farm! 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Reliable Market Oak Bluffs

Planning on hosting a classic barbecue? This is the first place to look! This small market really packs a lot into a quaint space. Reliable is your one-stop-shop in Oak Bluffs for all things grocery-related! Their selection of fresh-cut meats, produce, and other household essentials are not only affordable, but are high quality as well. This family-owned and operated store has been serving the Island since 1947 and they are some of the friendliest and hard working folks around!

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Stop & Shop, Edgartown & Vineyard Haven

The lack of chain businesses and the rise of small, locally owned businesses definitely adds to the quaint charm on the Island, but there is one chain that acts as a lifeline to Islanders and visitors alike, and that is Stop & Shop. You may have noticed it when arriving on the ferry in Vineyard Haven, and there is another location outside of downtown Edgartown, too. These two grocery stores mimic those on the mainland, and they both carry a large variety of products. In the summertime, they open up their “Summer Store” at both locations, which has everything you need for a trip to the beach, or for a day of fun in the backyard!

Martha's Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores - The Larder Vineyard Haven
The Larder offers scratch-made prepared foods and provisions, as well as fresh-cut flowers on their front stoop. Photo courtesy The Larder.

Martha’s Vineyard Market: The Larder Vineyard Haven

Looking to shop small? The Larder in Vineyard Haven is a classic community butcher shop, deli, and local grocer that prioritizes a farm-to-table philosophy. They offer a variety of artisanal products and fresh provisions, some which come directly from their farms in West Tisbury. Oh, and they’re big on meat and cheese. If you’re looking to create a charcuterie board that will wow your guests, we recommend making a stop here first. 

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Tony’s Market, Oak Bluffs

This year-round Island staple in Oak Bluffs may look small on the outside, but inside Tony’s Market offers a wide variety of groceries and has one thing many Island grocery stores don’t: alcohol. While shopping for dinner ingredients and beach snacks, you can also grab your favorite wine or ice-cold beer!

Martha’s Vineyard Markets and Grocery Stores – Vineyard Grocer

 For over 30 years, Vineyard Grocer has provided affordable and diverse groceries in the town of Vineyard Haven. If you’re on the hunt for vegan or gluten-free food options, this should be your first stop! They also offer a large selection of natural supplements and an even larger international section. Beyond groceries, you can pre-order delicious custom cakes and other baked goods fit for any occasion from their sister bakery, Delicious MV.  

Martha’s Vineyard’s grocery stores and markets are much more than mere places to stock up on essentials. They are vibrant hubs where locals and visitors come together to celebrate the Island’s rich culinary heritage and embrace its sense of community. Need more inspiration for stocking up on good food? Check out our post all about our local farms and tips for provisioning your vacation rental with some of our favorite locally made goodies.

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