Stocking Your Vacation Rental Kitchen with Local Martha’s Vineyard Goodies

Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard, where the captivating beauty of the Island is matched only by the richness of its local flavors. When it comes to creating the perfectly stocked kitchen for your vacation rental, look no further than our local farmers and food purveyors. As a trusted real estate company on this enchanting island, we understand the importance of offering our guests an authentic experience, right from the moment they step foot into their home-away-from-home. In this post, we’re excited to share our insider recommendations and local insights on where to find the best local products to create a truly immersive culinary experience in your Martha’s Vineyard rental kitchen. From artisanal treats to fresh farm-to-table produce, Martha’s Vineyard is a haven for enticing local food and pantry items that will help you curate an unforgettable taste of the Island.

Where To Shop For Local Goodies – West Tisbury Farmers Market

The West Tisbury Farmers Market is one of our favorite ways to stock up on local goodies! Held at the charming MV Agricultural Hall, this bustling market takes place every Wednesday (June 14th – August 30th) and Saturday (June 10th – October 28th) from 9 am to 12 pm. With ample on-site parking, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the diverse offerings from Island vendors. From delectable Salt Rock chocolates to MV Sea Salt, along with Island-fresh produce, and local honey and kombucha, the market truly has something for every taste. Make sure to sample the delicious food from various vendors, try some of the Island’s oysters, and even pick up a vibrant bouquet from the flower farms to brighten your rental space. We recommend you get there when they open because many vendors are sold out by the end of the market.

MV Sea Salt can be found at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market along with dozens of other local food items.

Where To Shop For Local Goodies – North Tabor Farm, Whippoorwill Farm & Morning Glory Farm

When shopping local, also make sure to explore the abundance of exceptional farm stands dotted across Martha’s Vineyard. Immerse yourself in the authentic farming experience by driving right onto the farms and discovering a treasure trove of locally grown produce. North Tabor Farm, nestled off North Road in Chilmark, offers a charming farm stand where you can peruse their fresh veggies and meat while soaking in the delightful sounds of pigs and chickens nearby. Meanwhile, Whippoorwill Farm boasts an adorable stand along Old County Road in West Tisbury, brimming with an array of local honey, dairy products, and eggs. Here, you can also purchase their farm-fresh produce, fragrant herbs, stunning flowers, and mouthwatering house-made sausages. These farm stands operate on the honor system and the availability of products varies with the season.

Where To Shop For Local Goodies – Morning Glory Farm

High on our list of favorite places to shop locally is Morning Glory Farm. We would hardly count Morning Glory as just a farm stand, as their beautiful grocery store is a destination in its own right, conveniently located right on the farm itself. Their grocery store is a haven for local baked goods, fresh produce, delectable desserts, aromatic coffee, and so much more. It’s a culinary paradise that showcases the best of Martha’s Vineyard, offering an impressive array of farm-fresh and locally sourced products. Recently they’ve also added the MoGlo Food Truck which is open daily in-season and offers a rotating selection of themed pop-ups every other Sunday! 

Grey Barn Farm cows. Photo copyright Molly Glasgow.

Where To Shop For Local Goodies – Grey Barn Farm

Prepare to be enchanted by the picturesque beauty of Grey Barn Farmstand, nestled in one of Martha’s Vineyard’s most idyllic locations. What began as a humble fridge and cashbox have blossomed into a magnificent farm stand that seems straight out of a magazine. The Grey Barn Farm Stand is a true testament to the Island’s commitment to quality and sustainability. With its charming exterior and thoughtfully curated selection, the farm stand welcomes visitors with a delightful array of local and fresh produce, local artisanal cheeses, and other locally sourced goodies. From vibrant seasonal vegetables to handcrafted dairy products, Grey Barn Farm Stand offers a truly authentic Martha’s Vineyard farm-to-table experience. 

Local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard Rental Kitchen

Now that we’ve discussed the best places to shop for local products, here are our top 10 recommendations for local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard rental kitchen:

  • Morning Glory baked goods- While we’ve already raved about the extraordinary farm stand at Morning Glory Farm, there’s one aspect we simply can’t overlook—their exquisite selection of baked goods. Within the confines of their farm kitchen, a delightful assortment of pies, breads, cookies, muffins, scones, and other delectable treats are crafted. These mouthwatering creations deserve a prominent place in every home, as their homemade goodness exudes warmth and comfort. And let’s not forget to mention their incredible honey-roasted peanut butter—a hidden gem that deserves widespread recognition. 
  • Salt Rock ChocolatesThis amazing chocolate company based out of Chilmark took over the MV chocolate world when it opened just a few years ago. Chocolates are a classic welcome gift, and providing local chocolates adds a special touch. They offer a few different-sized boxes of their mixed chocolates that can be purchased at the West Tisbury Farmers Market and occasional pop-ups around the Island. Make sure you get there early; their line is long and their chocolate goes fast!
Chilmark Coffee is widely available on Martha’s Vineyard, look out for their coffee truck at our local markets and festivals too!

Local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard Rental Kitchen

  • Chilmark CoffeeWe can’t think of many items that are more important in your rental kitchen than coffee! Chilmark Coffee is an Island-based roaster of exceptional specialty coffees, and they are the perfect choice for a delicious morning brew. Level up your guest’s coffee game with flavors like Squibnocket Rocket, and give them something to be excited about every morning. This coffee can be found at stores all around the Island, including Cronigs and Tony’s Market. 
  • MV The DressingMade locally by MV Salads, this salad dressing is gluten-free, vegan, made from their family recipe, and incredibly tasty. You can purchase the dressing on their website, on Amazon, and on their storefront in Oak Bluffs. Every kitchen needs a salad dressing, and this is the perfect one to include in your rental to give visitors a unique and local option to enjoy. 
  • MV Sea SaltThis raw natural salt is processed and made right from the waters of Martha’s Vineyard. MV Sea Salt has the perfect texture and taste, with beautiful packaging and many different flavors to choose from. You can buy it right from their website, and find them at the farmers market and other stores around the Island. 
Pie Chicks pies come in many varieties and are a local favorite. Who doesn’t love pie?

Local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard Rental Kitchen

  • Pie ChicksTheir handcrafted artisanal pies are made right here on Martha’s Vineyard, using responsibly sourced ingredients and a lot of love. These delectable creations are the epitome of warm and comforting desserts that are sure to make a lasting impression. Whether they’re hosting a dinner party or planning a beach picnic, these pies are the perfect addition to your guest’s stay. You can easily find these delightful pies at various locations, including the farmers market, the Pie Chicks Bakery in Vineyard Haven, and local stores like Edgartown Meat and Fish and the Chilmark General Store. Don’t forget to pre-order if you’re visiting around the holidays!
  • Mimi’s Hitting The SauceSet your guests up to indulge in the irresistible flavors of Martha’s Vineyard with Mimi’s Hittin the Sauce, a local sauce maker extraordinaire. Created in West Tisbury, every jar of Mimi’s sauce is a labor of love, as each ingredient is grown by a local couple or sourced from nearby farms. The result is a collection of mouthwatering sauces that capture the essence of the Island’s vibrant produce. Their pepper jelly is delicious on a sandwich, and their hot sauce is the perfect staple to go with everything. You can find these delectable sauces conveniently stocked at Cronigs and Leroux, ensuring that your vacation rental kitchen is well-stocked with the flavors of Martha’s Vineyard.
  • MV Cheesery Grazing BoxesMV Cheesery creates incredible charcuterie boxes in various sizes, and these make for the perfect welcome tray for your rental! The boxes are filled with the perfect pairings of local cheeses, meats, fruits, and more, and are equally beautiful and delicious. You can pick up their premade cheese boxes at Cat Boat Coffee, their sister brand with a newly opened storefront in Vineyard Haven (read all about that venture on the Point B blog). 

Local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard Rental Kitchen

  • Local Craft Beer from Offshore AleOffshore Ale brews and cans their beer on-site at their brewpub in Oak Bluffs, and a nice cold beer is a welcome treat when relaxing in your dream summer vacation home! With over a dozen different beers, from their East Chop Lighthouse Golden Ale to their Lazy Frog IPA, there is something for all tastes. You can buy their growlers at their restaurant in Oak Bluffs, and their cans can be purchased at many Island liquor stores, including Al’s Package Store and MV Wine and Spirits. 
  • Grey Barn Cheeses – Grey Barn’s award-winning cheese should be in everyone’s refrigerator, including your rental home. Created on their farm in Chilmark, using organic milk from their own cows, Grey Barn Farm produces six distinct kinds of cheese, each with its own unique flavor profile. From the luscious washed-rind cheeses like Prufrock and Bon Anniversaire to the bold blues of Bluebird and Bluebird Reserve, as well as a delightful bloomy-rind cheese and an alpine-style hard cheese, their selection caters to every palate. These certified organic cheeses are the perfect addition to your rental home kitchen, bringing a taste of artisanal excellence and the essence of the Island’s dairy farming heritage to your guests. Their cheese can be purchased at their farmstand and at the West Tisbury farmers market.

Local products to include in your Martha’s Vineyard Rental Kitchen

Stocking your vacation rental kitchen with local goodies is a surefire way to create an unforgettable experience for your guests on Martha’s Vineyard. By curating a selection of these local treasures, you will not only provide a true taste of the Island but also leave a lasting impression on your guests, making their stay all the more memorable.

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