Martha’s Vineyard Pop Up Dinner Series Makers Table: Farm Field Sea Culinary Dining Adventures Featuring The Best Of The Vineyard

This year, Farm. Field. Sea., which has brought such incredible events to Martha’s Vineyard as Gather, introduces Makers Table Pop Up Dinners.

A weekly roving culinary feast, MAKERS TABLE invites guests to experience the vibrant food and culture of Martha’s Vineyard starring local chefs, farmers, shellfish cultivators, fishers, educators, authors, musicians, and visual artists as our guides. Each menu and live entertainment is inspired by the different locations for an unforgettable Island adventure.

Martha's Vineyard Pop Up Dinners Makers Table Foodie Experiences From Farm Field SeaEvery week during the Summer months, you can have the chance to experience a truly unique dining experience, that truly captures something special about the Island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard Pop Up Dinners Secret Locations Farm Field Sea Food Music Art

I was lucky enough to go for a tour of one of the locations for these magical feasts, with Makers table founders Nevette Previd, and chef Spring Sheldon. I can’t tell you who else was with us or exactly where it was, because each location is not disclosed until the time of the dinner (#secretsupper)

What I can tell you is, that this space was in Aquinnah. The view was so breathtaking, and we were also joined by a well known Up-Island chef who is contributing food and honey to this Makers Table. It’s going to be amazing. Local honey, local seafood, and one of the best vistas on the whole Island.

As we walked through and around this historic building, I was amazed at the amount of details that Nevette, Chef Spring, and our special someone went over. Creating a Makers Table event requires so much planning and attention to detail. So many moving pieces, not just place and food.

The thoughtfulness that is required to make cocktail hours special, the dining space special, lighting, flowers, all with a consistent theme specific to enhance that particular Makers Table event — making each pop-up dinner truly unique and unforgettable. Wow.

Also, each menu will reflect the theme of the event. Each event will have a known, sought after Islander who is an expert in their field, whether it’s farming or aquaculture or fishing. Guests will be treated to an interactive, carefully curated culinary adventure that will leave not only your belly full, but your heart and mind too.

How wonderful to have the opportunity to enrich your knowledge about this special Island while enjoying incredible food, among new friends, in a truly special location. Maker’s Table is a gift for foodies and lovers of this wonderful place.

When I left Spring and Nevette, I had learned so much about the location we had visited, and there was still so much to learn at the Makers Table held there. Hearing about the menu for that night, the specialty cocktails, other surprises and the stunning view all come together to create what is sure to one of the most memorable night of the Summer for guests.

There are options to make your Makers Table experience even more amazing. You can buy tickets to the Chef’s Table at Makers Table. This table is for 8 people who will get to experience the night on a whole new level. The action of the kitchen, how the feast comes together. You will also get special tastings and beverages and time with the chef.

Chef's Table At Farm Field Sea Pop Up dinner Series Makers Table Martha's VineyardIf you love food and wine, then perhaps the Vintner’s Social (Frog’s Leap Winery) is something you might like to try with your Makers Table experience. The Vintner’s Social is a pre-event for wine enthusiasts, (a max of 10 people) and those who want to learn more about exquisite organic and family farmed wines. Each event will be led by their sommelier and/or guest winemaker, guiding you through special vintages from their personal cellar.

Martha's Vineyard Pop Up Dinners Makers Table From Farm Field Sea

Farm. Field. Sea.’s Maker Table pop-up culinary adventures are a must for foodies and those eager to experience Martha’s Vineyard and its bounty in a unique, thoughtful, memorable way. For more information and for tickets to your Makers Table, click here.

We’re proud to say that Point B is one of the three sponsors of this truly unique, only-on-Martha’s Vineyard series of Farm Field Sea events. We hope to see you there.

Thank you Elizabeth Cecil for some of the lovely photos.

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