Winter Days On Martha’s Vineyard

For the second time in January, Martha’s Vineyard is getting some serious snow, and that means the Island is covered in a blanket of the beautiful white stuff.

It also means that most of the Island has slowed down to the pace of a snail, and is virtually shut down. Schools, businesses, restaurants, and more shut their doors, and it becomes a winter wonderland for us to enjoy.

There’s something wonderful about these days on Martha’s Vineyard. We’re small enough to have the chance to enjoy theses days.

I didn’t enjoy these days as much when I lived in Philadelphia. Surprise play dates happen, neighbors spend time together, unplanned baking happens, it’s almost like a bonus day.

Before it begins to melt and get dirty, go outside and take the beauty in. This blizzard has left us with the lightest, fluffiest snow. I learned on NBC today that this storm’s snow has a low water content, hence the lightness of it.

Also, it’s so cold and windy that certain places have barely any snow at all, like by the water. However, by the end of the week, it will melt a bit, be heavier and be perfect for snowman building and sledding – whoohoo!

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy every bit of this snow storm. After all, this is New England and what fun would winter be if we didn’t have snow! For me — first it’s sugar cookie baking with the kiddos, and then it’s time play in the snow. I love snow days!

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  1. Cabin Fever?

    The MV Film Center is open tonight for a free screening of SAY AMEN, SOMEBODY, in collaboration with the Vineyard Haven Pubic Library. For more details about this movie and all of our events this weekend, please check out our web site.

    If you venture, please drive carefully and take your time.

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