Mocha Motts Coffee Shop In Oak Bluffs Gets Ready For A Makeover

If you’ve ever visited Martha’s Vineyard, chances are you’ve been to Mocha Motts in Oak Bluffs to get coffee or a bite to eat. Celebrating its 20th year, Mocha Motts is closing its door March 26th at the end of the day for two, maybe three weeks of renovations.

I stopped by to see if I could find out some of the details, and was lucky enough to run into one of the owners, Meredith Gallo, who by the way, is very excited about the changes to come.

A New Flow

There are going to be some pretty significant changes to the space with the hope to help it flow a bit more. First, both doors will be used. One will be an “In” door and the other will be the “Out” door. This could be fun in the Summer months.

Where the large bench currently is, the set-up station will go (the milk, sugar, honey, lids, etc). This gets people out of the corner and means people can use it from both sides and it will be bigger.

I really like this idea. I always seem to get stuck over by the lids, and frequently spill my coffee when trying to dance around other customers.

The cash register is going to move to the left of the counter. This way, you can pay, move down the counter a bit, pick up your coffee and then move over to get your fixings and be on your way. Or stay of course.

There may be a little more seating added, but chances are it will stay the same.

There will be new counters, since the current ones are the same from when Mott opened the shop in 1994. The coffee station will be moved and among other things to help flow.

The floors behind the counter will be new — a fun red sparkle vinyl, very Mott’s indeed.  

The wood floors may be redone but they just get slippery and the finish wears off.  So, that’s still up in the air.  There will be new paint on the walls, but I couldn’t get confirmation on the color, so I’ll have to let you know.  

It’s exciting that Mocha Motts is mixing it up a bit for its 20th year. Meredith and Tim Dobel have owned it for 13 years — amazing.  

The big question is where are people in OB going to go for coffee? Where will people sit and gather with a piping hot cup during these grey months? This is going to be tough for a lot of people.

Let’s hope it can be done in as short of a time span as possible. Meredith said that they have as much as possible lined up to make a smooth process, but who knows.  

Soon as it reopens, I’ll give you the scoop. On a side note, since it is the 20th year, I was curious about what this year’s coveted Motts’ T-shirt was going to be.  All I could find out is that there might be some sparkle involved. Interesting!

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