Rockfish 2.0 – Spring Brings A New Chef And A New Menu To This Popular Edgartown Restaurant

Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Rockfish Gets New Chef New Menu In Edgartown

All eyes were on Rockfish when it opened late November last Fall. It was the place to meet friends for a drink or dinner. The upstairs bar proved to be quite the hotspot.

Many continued to try and enjoy Rockfish, people were loving it. However, there was one thing people were on the fence about, the menu. The small plates and pizza menu was received with mixed feelings. However, combine the menu, the drinks, the atmosphere and the great staff, and Rockfish was still a hit.

Great atmosphere At Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown Dining

The Coogan family, the owners, had thoughts about recreating the menu. An opportunity arose to have a great Island chef come into the kitchen, chef  Craig Decker who was the chef at Alchemy for years. If you’ve ever been to Alchemy, you know his food is very good.

In addition to welcoming a new chef, Rockfish also has a new restaurant manager, the talented Anthony Carestia. He will be a great addition to the team. He’s professional, and has a lot of experience in the restaurant world.

Will & Nell Coogan Owners Of Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown

To help transition the new team, the restaurant closed for short while, re-opening on Friday, March 27th, and you can bet I was there. Anytime I have a reason to head to Rockfish, I’m going to take it.

New Chef, New Menu

When we walked in, things looked the same, which was good. We were greeted by Nell Coogan, one of the owners, who is always a welcomed sight.

She and her brothers, Will and Geoghan, were all smiles, and could not be more excited about the re-opening. It was nice to see the family enjoying themselves and happy. It made being there that much nicer.

Chef Craig Decker in his new kitchen At Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown

A quick pop-in to say hi to the new chef who was very busy, looking right at home, and then we then headed upstairs to our favorite banquette area. It was a family affair, so we weren’t able to sit at the bar or by the front windows, which I really enjoy when it’s adults only.

However, I have to admit I like bringing the kids there. A pizza and the kids are happy. Throw in the new paper placemats that they (and us big kids) can draw on, and it’s perfect

Upstairs Bar Rockfish Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining

It was a little after 5:30 p.m. and there were already a number of people there. After 6:00 p.m. the place was packed. The bars, upstairs and down, were full of familiar faces and the sound of people having fun.

The energy was awesome and you could tell people were happy that the weather’s finally getting nicer out.

Familiar faces behind the bar At Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown

The new menu looked fantastic. There were a good amount of apps, dinners, and even a couple pizzas remained. So those who loved the wood oven pizza can rest easily. The menu now features, Starters, Straight-Fired From the Oven, and Entrees.

Wild Mushroom Cobbler Rockfish Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

Let’s talk apps. My husband loves appetizers. He had to try the Wild Mushroom Cobbler with garlic buns, melted gruyere, and a whiskey demi-glaze from the Straight-Fired menu. Hello earthy delicious mushrooms, gooey cheese and buns to die for. So good!

Next time however, I want to order the Poutine, hand cut fried, smoked cheddar, and stout gravy. This app brings me back to late college nights that required a stop at the diner — except these are gourmet.


For dinner, my hubby got the Pulled Pork Stromboli with mole sauce. This too was from the Straight-Fired menu. It was really good. The pork was so flavorful and it was a great size. So filling, yum!

Rockfish Smashed burger Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

There’s now a burger, the Rockfish Smashed Burger, on the menu under Entrees, so I felt I had to try it. It’s done on the griddle, topped with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, and get this, cheddar fondue.

Heck yes to fondue on my burger, who knew such a thing was a combination.  The burger was enormous, served with thin, perfect fries in abundance. There was a bit of heaven on that table for a moment.

Clearly I had a night of cheese and mushrooms, but next time I think I am going for the house made Bucatini with fennel sausage, red pepper flakes, shallots, garlic, arugula, lemon, and parmesan. My friend Erik had it opening night and said it was really special and a must to try.

Edgartown Restaurant Rockfish on a Friday night

There are a number of options on the menu and the portions are sizable. You will leave Rockfish with a full belly and the glow of a night well spent.

Thank you Rockfish for your new delicious menu. People are going to really enjoy it, and the only thing I am a little sad about is having to wait to get in soon.

We love Rockfish

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