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Dragon Roll at New Stop & Shop Sushi Martha's Vineyard

Ok so we don’t have drive-thru convenience for food on Martha’s Vineyard but there are a couple of options where you just grab and go. One of the places that might surprise you is the new Sushi at Stop & Shop in Edgartown.

I know what you’re thinking, day old sushi does not sound appealing, but these days you’ll only find fresh, really delicious, restaurant quality sushi at Stop & Shop.

Sushi Stop & Shop Rainbow Roll Edgartown

Why should you believe this? Well, there are new owners of the sushi shop which can be found in the back of the store by the deli. Andy Jin and Michael Sun.

Many of you might know Andy from Boucle. He’s a master of all things nails. However, he is also an amazing home cook.

Michael has been making sushi for years, most recently he was the sushi maker at Edgartown Meat & Fish. Andy does more of the business management and Michael is the sushi specialist.

Andy Jin Sushi Stop & Shop

I had no idea that there was this little business within a business at Stop & Shop, learn something new everyday on MV. The previous people had run the business for eight years. They have now retired and thus the next chapter begins.

Sushi Specialist Michael Sun Making Sushi At New Sushi Stop & Shop Edgartown

Michael and Andy are at Stop & Shop first thing every morning. Ingredients are prepped for the day and the sushi is made. An initial batch is made and brought to the Stop and Shop in Vineyard Haven. Then, the sushi making continues throughout the day.

Tuna Avocado Sushi Roll Stop & Shop Sushi Martha's Vineyard

If you notice, there’s not a lot in the case. A – the stuff sells quickly. B – not a lot is made in advance. I learned from Andy that sushi cannot sit for long.

It’s best eaten before it gets cold. Once it gets cold, the rice dries out quickly. So, the sushi has to be made all day.

Fresh Sushi at Stop & Shop Edgartown

In addition to the sushi being made fresh, the quality of ingredients has changed. Andy and Michael are using fresher, better ingredients. Just look at the color you find in the rolls. It’s bright and vibrant, picture worthy.

New sushi labels Time Stamp Freshness Sushi Stop & Shop

Another thing you’ll notice are the new labels. When you pick out your rolls, etc., you can see what time it was made that day. Not a sell by date, a time made date. Was it 11:00 a.m. or five minutes before you got there? That’s showing that you believe in your product and are proud of it.

The Menu

Lunch is when the sushi bar is busiest, and since Andy and Michael have taken over, sales have tripled. Clearly the new product and attention to quality is making a difference.

Michael and Andy offer a good assortment of rolls to choose from including salmon roll, spicy tuna roll, Philly roll, rainbow roll, dragon roll, eel roll, tuna roll (the most popular), shrimp roll, crab roll, veggie roll, and California roll. Quite a lot right? Michael also likes to do a dinner special roll most days.

Spring rolls At Sushi Stop & Shop Martha's Vineyard Sushi

I also need to mention the spring rolls, which people really like — and I have to agree, they are really tasty and fresh. The dipping sauce is to dye for, flavorful with a little heat, yummy. Probably my favorite spring rolls on the Island.

Spring rolls at Stop & Shop Sushi

The dragon roll (shrimp tempura is delish), the California roll, and the spicy tuna roll are outstanding as well. When I tried them, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were.

Even my husband said we should get sushi from Stop & Shop more often. It’s perfect for a quick summer dinner, grab for a picnic on the beach, and more.

Spicy Tuna New Sushi Stop & Shop Take Out Sushi Bar Edgartown

So you’re getting really good sushi for really good prices. The rolls range between $5.99 (California roll) to $12.99 (rainbow roll).

Next time you’re in Stop & Shop, even if you’re not in the mood for sushi, check out Andy and Michael’s sushi. I think you’ll be impressed.

If you know what you want, you can call in your order. Just call Stop & Shop in Edgartown and ask to speak with the sushi specialist. They can also do sushi platters for parties. All of which is good to know especially since we all have our sushi favs.

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