Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire, Well in the Case Delicious Lunch ON Martha’s Vineyard! Sea Smoke Begins Lunch This Fall In Oak Bluffs

Sea Smoke now serves lunch! This is a big deal for all of us who like to go out for lunch, and with cooler days upon us, Sea Smoke is serving up the perfect options.

Martha's Vineyard Lunch: Sea Smoke Restaurant Oak Bluffs

Lunch was always the plan, owner Dan Sauer, told me when I stopped by, but things got a little crazy this Summer. So, it was postponed a bit. To me, I think it’s the perfect time to introduce something so wonderful. There are still lots of people on Island and the contractors and their employees are back at their jobs in full swing. These folks are hungry and looking for something good for lunch.

New BBQ Lunch At Sea Smoke Restaurant Oak Bluffs

Also, driving by or walking by during the day was torture because there are always meats being smoked. Now you can actually address those cravings well before dinner, no waiting necessary. Dan was actually rotating some of the meat while I was there catching up on this new addition. Everything looked so good

Sea Smoke Chef Owner Dan Sauer Roasting BBQ Oak Bluffs Takeout Lunch Martha's Vineyard

Sea Smoke is serving lunch from its takeout window which is great for takeaway, and don’t forget about the outdoor seating they have there too.

The menu isn’t huge but it’s full of things you want for lunch. There will be a rotating sandwich, bowl and plate, along with some classics. Included in the classics, is the LIZ LEMON sandwich from 7a! I know it’s not like the other menu items, but this sandwich has a cult following. Not having to go all the way to West Tisbury for a fix is simply awesome! Grateful for this bonus menu addition.

Martha's Vineyard 7A Restaurant Favorite Sandwich Liz Lemon Served At New Lunch Sea Smoke Restaurant Oak BluffsLet’s not forget about the wings that are on the menu. New this Summer, Sea Smoke started serving up some seriously tasty wings. Not your regular ole wings either. They are larger and juicy then most. I had to try the honey lime, and they were no joke. I highly recommend.

Oak Bluffs Lunch: Sea Smoke BBQ Lunch Honey Lime Wings Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

Though my stomach wanted a Liz Lemon, I was there for BBQ, and I made it happen. In addition to the wings, I got the bowl of the day which was brisket, BBQ sauce, mac & cheese and pickles. My eyes sparkled with delight as it was handed to me. So much of what I love in one meal. I joked that he should call this one the “heart attack” as I consumed it with gusto. This not your boring ole BBQ – this is BBQ done with love.

Brisket BBQ Sea Smoke Lunch Oak Bluffs

There are an array of soft drinks and beverages to choose from to accompany your lunch, and don’t forget that you can call in your order too if you’re tight on time. Next week on-line ordering will be an option as well just like they’ve been doing for dinner. Just visit Seasmokemv.com or click here. They make it pretty easy for you have some seriously good BBQ.


Such a great addition to the Island’s lunch scene! Sea Smoke is serving lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday – Sunday now through at least Columbus Day. However, if the demand is there, I bet they would keep on going!

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