Siren Restaurant Oak Bluffs – Luring Islanders And Visitors With Sushi, Seafood & More On Martha’s Vineyard

For years, the space below the Lampost Bar and Night Club on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs was known for it’s late night shenanigans. However, that is no longer the case.

But don’t worry Dive Bar Fans, the infamous Jiggy Sunday is still upstairs at the Lampost. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come.


Now, there is a brand new restaurant in the space, Siren. It will have a nautical chic feel and a menu with a focus on sushi, including a not so sushi menu which includes a number of New England favorites. There will even be a kids menu with things like Mac’s Mac and Cheese, and the Lilly Dog – named after the owners’ kiddos.

There will be lobster rolls, chowder, fish tacos, pasta specials and more – something for everyone.

Why the name Siren? It’s a clever way to tie the restaurant in with the Lampost which has a mermaids on its logo and has for decades. It’s siren, the call of the mermaid that lures sailors, and the goal is to have this Siren lure diners to Oak Bluffs.

Inside Siren

When you see the space you’re not going to believe it. I was there before the sheetrock went on the walls and I was still in awe at the change. The space seems so big and open now.

It’s quite remarkable how different it works. Owner Janet Cummings told me that they removed so many walls — walls behind walls — that they had never knew existed. The place was gutted.

Siren Restaurant Oak Bluffs The Lamppost Bar Martha's Vineyard

I can’t wait to go back once it’s done and be really blown away by the new space.

Where the kitchen will be At New Oak Bluffs Restaurant Siren

There is a brand new kitchen in the back of the restaurant that will serve both Siren and a smaller pub menu for the Lampost.

Sushi Bar At Siren Restaurant Oak Bluffs

In front of the kitchen, there will be a sushi bar where you can watch your sushi being made and marvel at how easy they make it look, and think about how great it is to be able to get sushi on Circuit Avenue.

The bar at Siren Restaurant Oak Bluffs The Lamppost Martha's Vineyard

The bar has been enlarged, placed in the middle of the space, and includes fun nautical rope details. There will be plenty of seating around it, where you can relax and enjoy speciality cocktails, watch the game or chat with friends, old and new.

rope detail on the Siren barThe wooden bar that was there has been incorporated into the new large bar. So for you sentimental folks — it’s still there. The wooden mermaid will be back too.

Outdoor dining will be available At Siren Restaurant Oak Bluffs Dining

You will even have the option to dine outdoors. Enjoy a bite to eat and do a little people watching. It’s hard to imagine it now, with all the construction happening, but Siren will be happening very soon.

The plan is to get Siren open on June 19th, just in time for when Summer is really getting started on the Vineyard. I know the pictures show that there’s a lot to do but these folks can do a lot in two weeks!

Lampost owners Janet Cummings and Jamie Hayes Oak Bluffs New Restaurant Siren

Siren will be open from 4:00 p.m. to close. If the Siren can lure enough folks, owners Janet and Adam Cummings and Jamie Hayes, will keep it open until December 31st, when their seasonal liquor license expires for the year. I bet it would be a cozy spot during the off-season.

The new Bar at Siren Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining

I love that these owners are taking steps to evolve their Oak Bluffs business. First the renovations of the Lampost, and now Siren. What’s next I wonder?

Bar details At Siren Oak Bluffs New Restaurant

Stay tuned for a follow-up On Point blog post about Siren. I seriously cannot wait to see the finished space. Though I have some fond memories at the Dive Bar, I think this is a much better addition to Oak Bluffs.

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