The Shack Joins The Oak Bluffs Harbor Oyster Scene On Martha’s Vineyard

The Shack Oyster Bar Oak Bluffs Sand Bar & Grille Martha's Vineyard

It seems as though we may have to refer the OB harbor now as “oyster row.” On this small stretch of prime real estate, you’ll find some of the most fun places to hit the raw bar scene.

Joining in the fun this season is the Sand Bar and Grille’s The Shack. Remember the small building that used to house a sunglass store, and I think a jewelry store at one time, well, now it’s The Shack. This is definitely a clever way to use this space which is still has a little more work to go.

Champion Oyster Shucker Austin Higgins at the Shack Oyster Bar Oak Bluffs Harbor Martha's Vineyard Seafood

The Shack is run by Austin Higgins, who just happens to currently hold the title of from last year’s oyster shucking contest in Oak Bluffs.

Austin is no stranger to the harbor scene. He promises that that Shack is going to be the spot this year for all your oysters needs.

Sophie Elaine At The Shack Oak Bluffs

Open now on the weekends, and then seven days a week come mid-June, the Shack will be offering at least three types of local oysters, local clams, and jumbo shrimp. You can get the whole Sand Bar menu at the Shack, but part of the joy of sitting at the Shack will be watching the shucking action.

The Shack

To ensure the fun will happen daily, the Shack will have it’s own happy hour, aka shucking hour, where you can enjoy the oysters for a buck a shuck and more, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Oyster Row

For a number of years, there has been a heated competition for who’s the fastest oyster shucker. With the Shack 25 feet away from Lobsterville, owned by previous oyster shucking champ, Teddy Karalekas, there are some serious staring contests happening between him and Austin. And, Teddy wants the title back.

Home of the Shack Sand Bar & Grille Oak Bluffs Harbor Martha's Vineyard

Also, you have the Shuck Shack at the Coop and don’t forget the raw bar at Nancy’s, where George Allee shucks a mean oyster.

With all these great places to get oysters, what’s an oyster fan to do? I guess eat more oysters.

Shuck For the Pups

On Thursday, June 4th, the Shack and Sand Bar & Grille, will be open and shucking at least 100 oysters to help raise money for Angels Helping Animals Worldwide on Martha’s Vineyard.

11247794_884273474980691_4021112737683211228_nFor the 30 days in June, the shelter is trying to get a pup adopted each day. Leslie Hurd, owner of Hurd Publishing, and an Island resident, helps these dogs find homes during this month. Some of the dogs will find homes on Martha’s Vineyard and some off-Island as well.

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