Spring Means A Lot Of Changes For Oak Bluffs – New Restaurants, Places to Get Coffee and More

I’m sorry but here’s another blog about changes in Oak Bluffs. So the word on the street is that there are a lot of things happening, and while I walking though town with my son, I realized that I wanted to start talking about what’s going on now.

We’re saying good-bye to some places and hello to new possibilities.


The saddest news for me for summer 2014 is that Hooked is not reopening. I loved going to Hooked. The food was good, but what really got me was the fact that you could play lawn games.

Oyster happy hour and cocktails with croquet was one of my favorite ways to spend a couple hours on warm summer afternoons. Also, it was great to have a place that you could go with large groups and not even have to worry about parking.

Christian and Greer did a great job with the space, and I am so sad to see the doors closed. Thank you for two summers that were sprinkled with good time there. I guess I need to visit the garden at Atria more often now.

What’s going to happen with the restaurant now? Well, I’ve heard that Lola’s might be coming back to this space, and opening as early as May. We’ll have to wait and see.

Shiver Me Timbers

Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack has closed its doors as well. Owner, Ed Charter, said that he needs more space and parking to make Pirate Jack really work. He said the pirate theme was a hit but alas, that space seems to be a challenge for any who dare to open there.

We might see a “micro” Pirate Jack’s at Lola’s if it re-opens according to Ed.

Now let’s talk about more exciting things. Some of what I am about to share are things that I have heard “on the street.” I am not 100% sure of every tidbit, but I am definitely confident in what I’m telling you.

New Life on the Oak Bluffs Harbor

OK – when I heard this, I was excited. Apparently Michael Santoro has taken over what was known as Fishbones Grille. This could mean great things for the harbor.

The Lookout Tavern is quite successful, and perhaps the same will be true for this establishment. After all it’s got a great view, usually unobstructed by large boats, unlike other places on the harbor.

In my fantasy world, the decor would be nautical chic, the food would be light and tasty, and the drinks well made and affordable. Maybe even breakfast too? I was talking with a friend about this possibility. Could you imagine, pancakes and mimosas on the harbor? I certainly could.

This is a change that I promise to follow-up on, including trying the food and spending a good amount of time there.

Black Dog On The Harbor

Many of you might have noticed this last summer, that the Black Dog is opening a cafe across from Fishbones. This is a great location for a cafe and a great addition to the harbor.

You can get coffee and pastries and baked goods for your boat or if you’re catching the ferry. I love walking around the harbor, and am excited to have another option for a treat or even lunch.

Now if someone can wave their magic wand and get the restrooms by the Sweet Spot renovated, then it would really be awesome.

Deck-ed Out

Speaking of the Lookout, for the summer season, there are plans to have the outdoor space redone. Instead of dirt and pebbles, there will be a deck there.

This too is great news and will benefit all of us with kids. Not sure about yours, but mine were infatuated with those rocks, and always ended up with filthy hands.

The Lookout is actually three seasons now, and one of my favorite places to go. Ah, sushi and great draft beer, and that view — counting down the days until April 4th.

Sidecar Is No More But….

OK, I have had a chance to grieve the fact that Sidecar has closed its doors. I adore the owners, Scutt Mullin and Samantha and Todd Cleland, and loved this little hideaway on Kennebec Avenue. However, the time has come after for a change for this space.

I’ve heard that Doug Abdelnour, from Nancy’s, is now leasing the space, and that it might be a place to get a great beer. Not quite sure yet what it’s going to be but that’s what I’ve heard. We’ll have to see.

A Coffee House

Beetlebung is opening on Circuit Avenue this May. The old A & P building has been renovated and will soon be home to the biggest place in Oak Bluffs to get coffee, tea, etc.

I have always liked this space. Years ago I actually worked at Pomodoro’s as a waitress. The tin ceiling is still there, but has a fresh coat of paint. The space has been completely redone. I snuck a peek when the builders were going inside.

If there is WiFi, I will truly be a happy camper, since there is a shortage of places to use the internet in Oak Bluffs. Also, this will hopefully draw people to the end of Circuit Avenue.

A New Home

The Edgartown National Bank will be moving into its new home on Circuit Avenue next month. On April 7th, the doors open at the new space. There’s ample room for the bank, and this too should add a little more life to that end of the street.

Also, it will be interesting to see what retail might go in the space next to the bank. Anything but a T-shirt shop please.

Creative Spaces

Apparently there might be a building going up between Ben and Bill’s and Soft As a Grape. I’ve always known the space as a walkway, and last year it was home to a couple of vendor carts, but this year it might actually become a more permanent structure. This should be interesting, and I guess I won’t be able to cut through to Kennebec that way anymore.


Phillips Hardware on Circuit Avenue, which has been open since 1928, is looking to renovate the building and make it more like it was years ago. It would be great for the character of the town. The current brick rectangle of a building is less than “cottage” like.

Also, don’t forget that the Lampost is undergoing a major renovation. To find out more, check out The Lampost Is Getting A Serious Renovation & Circuit Avenue In Oak Bluffs Will Never Be The Same

And of course Basics Clothing Store is expanding to, and you can find out more here, A Not So Basic Addition – Basics Clothing Store In Oak Bluffs Is Expanding.

Wow is Oak Bluffs going be different this summer. I’ll be sure to follow-up on all these happenings and more. Let me know if I missed anything.

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