Paint Corner Art Bar Comes to Edgartown – Martha’s Vineyard

Paint Corner Art Bar Lands In Edgartown Martha's VineyardFor the first time, Paint Corner Art Bar comes to Martha’s Vineyard. This Cambridge based “painting party” set up shop at The Wharf in Edgartown.

Owner Leslie Belkner could not have been more excited to bring what she loves to the Island. Leslie has strong ties to the Vineyard.

She spends a lot of time here off-season where she can enjoy the quiet beauty of the Island. She has a house in Oak Bluffs she adores, and even met her husband at The Wharf, where she was hosting Paint Corner.

From Cambridge to Edgartown

Paint Corner Art Bar offers people the combination of a painting class and a cocktail party. So, you feel like you’re doing something somewhat cultural and having cocktails – a perfect combo. Not to mention the fact that you’re with friends and a whole group of great people who are bonded from the shared experience.

Though Paint Corner Art Bar is actual bar in Cambridge, it translated just as well at The Wharf. Paint Corner took up the back part of The Wharf on a Sunday night in March.

The room was packed. Forty six people signed up for this event. There was quite the range of ages and even a couple guys joined in the fun.

Signing up was super easy. You went to the Paint Corner website, picked your class, and were able to buy your seat. An added bonus was that you were able to vote for which painting you thought the class should paint. You could chose “Seashore” or “Vineyard Harbor.” I wanted “Vineyard Harbor” but “Seashore” had gotten the most votes.

The room was completely set-up when we got there. Each seat had an easel and the brushes needed. All you had to do was get your paint (super easy) and an apron and a cocktail if you so choose. Which most of us did. I find a little Sauvignon Blanc helps with the creativity for me personally.

I have to say that Leslie was quite delightful. She was funny and sweet and very supportive. Though she could be tough – one of the rules was no self-deprecation. If you were caught being negative, you had to come up on stage and dance to a whole Beyonce song. Luckily none of us were caught.

Everyone Can Be An Artist

Leslie walked us through the “Seashore” painting step by step using her painting as a guideline, while painting an additional one with us every step of the way. From color mixing to shading, it was all explained and demonstrated. For the art-impaired like myself, this was very helpful.

It was also helpful that there was a great music mix playing in between instruction. We were having our own little dance party while having a bevy and painting – so fun.

The event was longer than I expected. It was about three hours, but those hours kinda flew by. We were all so busy painting and having fun that it felt like we weren’t even there for an hour.

One of the things I really enjoyed was seeing how everyone had such a different painting. Even though we were all using the same guidelines, each one came out so differently.

Also, Leslie was very encouraging to us all, and kept reminding us that it was our painting and to follow our instincts for our painting. Each one would be beautiful in its own way.

We were all doing our own thing, but yet I felt connected with everyone in the room. We all seemed to be having so much fun, a little sisterhood bonding (sorry for the three guys that were there).

At the end, it was so nice to talk to everyone and see all the different paintings. Each one was beautiful and unique. Granted some were absolutely amazing, like my friend Jasmine’s or whimsical like my friend Rose’s, and even some that were more austere like mine (I really should throw in the towel when it comes to painting).

For the three hours of instruction and the canvas and the paint, it was only $35. You did have to buy your own drinks, and if you wanted to you could get food too. The Wharf staff did a great job of taking care of this large group of boisterous artists.

I did a painting group event two years ago as part of Art Island with Traeger DiPietro at the Harbor View Hotel. That class was a lot more free style, totally different. Leslie’s Paint Corner is more structured and really is a paint class. It was fun to have the personal instruction step by step, especially since I needed it.

If you missed this class, don’t worry. Leslie plans to have many more Paint Corner events on Martha’s Vineyard this spring and summer at various location on the Island. So, keep your eyes open for the next one, and sign up quickly because the classes do sell out.

Having a painting class like this available as an activity is great, especially during the off-season. It was really a great time, and offered a couple hours of inspiration and creativity without breaking the bank. I would definitely do another class and soon.

Perhaps someday we’ll have something like Paint Corner available on Martha’s Vineyard year-round? That would be fun. Add in the bowling alley that’s coming soon and we’ll have some new fun options my friends.

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