Stella Salumeria – Delicious Italian Food Is Coming To Martha’s Vineyard

There are so many things that are great about Martha’s Vineyard, and one of those is its creative entrepreneurial spirit. Even in a time like this, we move forward and continue to work for our dreams.

We wanted to introduce you to Stella Salumeria – delicious Italian Food is coming to Martha’s Vineyard — opening soon in Oak Bluffs. This is a particularly exciting foodie addition on the island, since there is not really anything like it on MV. And it will be providing some new food alternatives in these Covid-19 times.

Stella Salumeria - Delicious Italian Food Is Coming To Martha's Vineyard Also providing some take out food during the Covid-19 restaurant closings

Do you remember where the Oak Bluffs Fish Market was, next to Jim’s Package Store and the Sand Bar? Well soon, Henry Wallace will be opening his new shop, Stella Salumeria there.

It is an Italian-style sandwich and delicacy store (salumeria). Henry spent a significant amount of time in Italy researching what all it takes to make a salumeria possible. After all, with a name like Stella Salumeria, it has to be the real thing.

Stella Salumeria – Delicious Italian Food Is Coming To Martha’s Vineyard Also Offering Food To Go

Martha's Vineyard Dining Alternatives For Take Out Food During Covid-19 Restaurant Closures

Not only is Henry familiar with what it takes to bring a real Italian shop to the Island, but he has also partnered with J. Pace & Son, who have 50 years of culinary experience (specifically Italian food) in Boston’s North End.

With the change in the food industry with COVID-19, Henry wants to be able to bring delicious Italian comfort food to the Island. As of Wednesday, March, 25th, you will find a limited selection of meals for takeout to help alleviate the stress of cooking every day and have another new option on Martha’s Vineyard.

Stella Salumeria – Delicious Italian Food Is Coming To Martha’s Vineyard + Home Delivery

A bonus with this option is delivery! It is clear to Henry and his team that more and more people cannot essentially leave their homes much, in the current environment. However, you can also get the meals inside Jim’s as well. Stella Salumeria is bringing the Italian cuisine of J Pace & Son to Oak Bluffs. Henry is ordering roughly 300 meals for the Island with plans of more to come.

J. Pace & Son has extensive capabilities when it comes to providing food and groceries or entire meals. You can reach out to Henry directly for more information, 508.246.9535. He will be happy to help.

Through Henry and Stella Salumeria, you can also get products found on  – fresh cold cuts, pastries, canned or jarred goods for delivery on the Island. You can also place larger orders, and even get things beyond the five prepared pasta dishes ($9.99 per meal) they are offering which include: Shrimp scampi over pasta, pasta and meatballs, pasta primavera, mac and cheese, and chicken broccoli ziti.

Stella Salumeria is opening this May, 6 Circuit Avenue Ext., Oak Bluffs. Currently, it will be operating out of Jim’s Package Store. For up to date meals, Italian offerings and more, visit their Instagram page. We are hoping to visit this great new Italian shop as soon as it opens.

Pro Tip: In addition to ordering your meal, note that Jim’s Package Store is delivering free of charge to all island towns at 12, 2, & 4 PM daily.

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