Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home With Five Vineyard Bucket List Adventures

Keeping in touch with the people and places we love the most is so important these days. And while things may be a little different right now, we’ve got a great way for you to experience Martha’s Vineyard from home with five Vineyard Bucket List Adventures.

Not familiar with our Vineyard Bucket List? It’s our hands-on, video series that offers people the chance to explore some of the quintessential experiences that Martha’s Vineyard is known for. Until we can all get back out and enjoy these in-person, our virtual tour experience is the next best thing to the magic of Martha’s Vineyard. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home: The Flying Horses

Did you know that our beloved Flying Horses original home was Coney Island? “In the 1870s, when the Flying Horses Carousel was designed, summer recreation in America was expanding.  At its peak, Coney Island, the most famous of the country’s amusement parks, had 25 carousels in operation – including the Flying Horses Carousel”. – The Vineyard Trust.

Since 1884, the Flying Horses carousel has been delighting Islanders and visitors alike. Typically its opens doors open in early April, but this year, it will be later in the season. Soon as a new date is chosen, we will let you know. Until then, we invite you to experience the Flying Horses carousel, with us.

Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home: Off-Season Beach Walks

There is something so special about the Vineyard in the off-season. There is a quiet beauty that captures your soul. It’s a time when we can all celebrate the shoreline, and explore beaches that are off-limits to many of us during the Summer

Take a stroll down Lucy Vincent, explore Quansoo, venture to the CocaCola river at Lambert’s Cove. You will be so glad you did. Now that it’s Spring, you’ll see osprey in the sky, maybe catch a seal sunbathing on the beach, this is a moment all for you. Another great thing, it’s an easy way to exercise and practice social distancing (please note that Felix Neck and the Trustees properties are closed).

Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home: Biplane Rides Over The Vineyard

We have done many things for the Vineyard Bucket List and our On Point MV blogs, but this is an experience unlike any other. Seeing the Island from the open cockpit of the biplane with Classic Aviators is simply unforgettable.

Celebrate a special occasion or make your visit even more memorable with a tour of Martha’s Vineyard by plane. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Right Fork Diner after your ride!

Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home: Light Tours

How lucky are we to have five lighthouses to explore all around the Island. Whether you bike, walk or drive, visiting the lighthouses of the Vineyard is a must!

From the sweeping ocean views of the Gay Head lighthouse to the views of the Cape from the East Chop Lighthouse to the expansive views of Edgartown Harbor and more, Martha’s Vineyard is a lighthouse enthusiast haven!

Experience Martha’s Vineyard From Home: Menemsha Sunset And Picnic

Each year, thousands of people flock to Menemsha to capture the magic of an Island sunset. It’s not just the sunset that draws people, it’s the experience.

Grab a bite to eat from Larsen’s, the Menemsha Fish Market, The Galley, or the Homeport (the Bite is now closed), and claim your piece of the beach. Hunker down and soak up the last rays of the day, dive in the waters, or fish of the jetty and get ready for an epic Vineyard sunset.

We hope you enjoyed these five Vineyard Bucket List videos. We look forward to helping you create your own adventures this Summer. For more Vineyard Bucket List experiences, CLICK HERE.

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