Food Delivery on Martha’s Vineyard

In recent years, Martha’s Vineyard has undergone a transformation in the way it caters to its visitors and locals. Once a place where getting a bite to eat required a car or bike or bus, the island now offers delivery services for a wide range of goods, from food and groceries to liquor and even home-cooked meals. This new offering has revolutionized the way people on the island shop, dine, and entertain, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the delivery services available on Martha’s Vineyard to residents and visitors alike.

Delivery Companies on Martha’s Vineyard: Krave MV

Krave MV is a much needed and long awaited delivery service company on the island, who has partnered with island restaurants to make home delivery an easy option for businesses and consumers. Krave currently has 6 restaurants available on their site; Mikado, Edgartown Pizza, China House, Bangkok Thai, Tigerhawk Sandwich Co, and Island Fresh Pizza and Subs. You can order from any of these stores directly on the Krave website and pay online. They have sections on their website for grocery and pharmacy, so we will be keeping an eye out for those options in the future. Their delivery fee when we ordered was $6.00, and there was a tip added on for the driver as well. This is an exciting addition to our island and a great option for those looking for a convenient meal from the comfort of your home.

Italian sandwich closeup with deli meats, cheese, and lettuce on deli paper for wrapping.
Photo Courtesy of TigerHawk

Delivery Companies on Martha’s Vineyard: MV Eats

MV Eats was brought to the island in 2020, after a tremendous amount of success in 2019 on Nantucket. Priding themselves on “dramatically changing the way visitors and locals think about their meal choices” in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and on being a locally owned business, we’re happy to support this company and take advantage of the delivery service they provide on island. MV Eats is now powered by, whom they partnered with to get better customer support and a better platform.

Table setting for four people, eating burgers and sandwiches with fries, tile floor on the background, people holding burgers and fork and knife.
Photo Courtesy of MV Eats

Through MV Eats, quite a few of our island restaurants have joined in on the delivery action with There are 12 island businesses offering delivery on this site, including many of the restaurants on Krave as well as The Town MV, Sweet Bites, La Choza’s Burrito, Wolf’s Den, Juice By The Sea, Chef Deon’s Kitchen, and Winston’s Kitchen. The restaurants have a range of delivery fees from $5.00 to $10.99. With this easy to use online platform you can schedule your delivery order in the morning before the restaurant opens for any time later in the day!

Delivery Companies on Martha’s Vineyard: Uber Eats

This just in! Uber Eats is now an option for food delivery on Martha’s Vineyard as well. They’re just getting started and we heard that Murdick’s Fudge was the first business to get on board. We love the idea that we can satisfy our sweet tooth even easier now! We can’t wait to see what other delicious options appear on Uber Eats in Martha’s Vineyard. Visitors have been asking for Uber Eats and we’re thrilled that they are joining the fold to offer our visitors and residents a seamless delivery service through the app we’ve all come to appreciate on the mainland.

Photo courtesy Murdick’s Fudge

Delivery Companies on Martha’s Vineyard: Feast & Fettle

Last but certainly not least is Feast and Fettle, a New England based home-cooked meal delivery service. With an in-house delivery team, your meals will be delivered to your door by hand after the meal is prepared in a kitchen near you. They offer customizable plans with their online plan tool, where you can build the perfect plan for you based on the number of people and number of nights a week. They will even show you the exact price for your plan while you are building your package so you can pick one that fits your budget. With flexible delivery, you can select the days you want your meals delivered, and skip any weeks you want. Their menu is curated with their customers in mind, and features a changing selection of entrees and sides, soups and salads, a kids menu, and on-the-go choices. These freshly prepared meals will be delivered straight to your door on the island; all you have to do is heat it up!

Feast and Fettle delivery black bag on welcome mat on front door, door is red.
Photo Courtesy of Feast & Fettle

Restaurant Delivery on Martha’s Vineyard

Home delivered pizza is a staple for an easy and quick meal in many parts of the country, and now this option is available on Martha’s Vineyard! Porto’s Pizza is offering delivery for a flat rate of $5. Visit their website to view their menu and give them a call at 508-693-6200 to place your order. Let them know you’d like delivery and your pizza will show up nice and hot at your door! 

Bobby B’s is also offering home delivery on the island. From 6:30am to 8pm you can place an order online and they will deliver it to your home or place of business. They have a large selection of sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads to choose from, as well as New England style entrees and appetizers. Their menu doesn’t stop there; they have quesadillas, soups and don’t get us started on their dessert menu. With over 50 dessert choices from tiramisu to salted caramel brownies to freshly baked bread and croissants, now you don’t even have to leave your home for your after dinner treat. No matter how many different diets and tastes you are ordering for, there will be something for everyone on this menu.

Grocery Delivery on Martha’s Vineyard

Vineyard Grocer is offering home delivery for your groceries! Vineyard Grocer is a locally owned store that is known for having a solid selection of unique food items, including organic, gluten free, and vegan options. They have an online store where you can shop for your favorite grocery items by category and add them to your cart. Then you can purchase your groceries online and schedule your curbside pick up or home delivery! If you’d like to take advantage of this service, you need to order your groceries at least one day before you want them delivered. Curbside pickup is free, but home delivery has a small fee that varies by location. Our grocery delivery to Vineyard Haven this month was $5, which we thought was very reasonable for the service! This service is perfect during the busy summer months when many locals are so busy working they can’t find time to visit the grocery store!

Grocery truck delivery with Vineyard Grocer logo and marketing all on it.
Photo Courtesy of Vineyard Grocer

Liquor Delivery on Martha’s Vineyard

Our Market and Your Market deliver non-refrigerated items directly to your location anywhere on the island! They ask that you call before 2pm for same day delivery and charge a fee of $5 for delivery to Vineyard Haven and West Tisbury, and $7 for Chilmark and Aquinnah with a $30 minimum order. MV Vintage will also deliver their beer, wine, and spirits to your boat or home! 

We will be using this service this summer when we run out of beverages at the beach!

Whether you decide to call it in or order it online, we hope this blog gives you a better idea of the delivery landscape on Martha’s Vineyard. More and more companies are evolving into offering this mainland staple, and we look forward to a season where we can get everything from our favorite champagne to our favorite snacks delivered to our homes!

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