Summercamp Comes to Oak Bluffs – This Hotel is Unlike Any Other on Martha’s Vineyard

I want to begin this blog as someone who lives right around the corner of Summercamp, formerly know as the Wesley Hotel.

Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Hotel Martha's Vineyard

When I first heard that the hotel was purchased, I was ecstatic. This grand hotel was in need of a breath of life, and as such a fixture of Oak Bluffs, it had so much potential.

Soon, the name was introduced, Summercamp. What? Why, oh why choose such a name for this stately building. I scoffed at the name over the Winter months, thinking what a strange fit it was.

When the opening dates were announced, I thought it would be good to get a sneak peek of Summercamp before it was complete, and open for occupancy. See if I could understand what direction this iconic hotel was moving in with Lark Hotels as the new owner.

Amy Coffey & Alan Northcott Of Summercamp Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Boy was I in for a surprise, and am seriously eating crow. I met with the Assistant General Manager and friend, Amy Coffey (and Island contractor Alan Northcott too) last week for a tour. Note that the entire main building was still under renovation in these pictures, but you can defiantly get a sense of Summercamp.

New Lobby At Summercap Oak Bluffs Hotel Martha's VineyardWalking through the front door, my jaw dropped. Remember when that building was dark and dated? Well, now it is bright, and fun, and colorful, full of whimsy. I couldn’t be prepared for the transformation, even with the space scattered with unpacked furniture and decor. It’s the most amazing balance of new and old.

Summercamp Hotel Lobby New Front Desk Oak Bluffs

The lobby is so welcoming, with something to delight the eye everywhere you look. Even the check in desk was stunning, complete with beautiful front desk made from English Elm from the Vineyard, a unique find.

Twister at Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Martha's VineyardHead to the right and you enter the game room which doubles as a conference room. This space is sure to bring a lot of laughter. First off, the floor is covered with what looks like artificial grass, secondly, there’s Twister painted on the floor. Thirdly, the ping pong table will be able to convert to a conference table.

How cool? How fun! A little reminiscent of the game rooms of the Summer camps I grew up with, but a hell of a lot cooler.

Canteen Store At SUmmercamp Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Head to the left, and there’s Canteen. Canteen is more than a hotel store. It’s a place to bring you back to your youth. Penny candy, provisions, a place stocked with all sorts of fun things you might want or need when on Summer vacation.

Canteen Store Under Construction At Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs New Hotel Martha's Vineyard

The furniture that is being used is so chic and modern, but fun and enticing. This is going to be one heck of a place to hang out with your family and friends when staying there. And don’t forget that huge, amazing porch which is going to have super chic furniture too.

New Porch Furniture At Summercamp Hotel Martha's Vineyard

The spaces are filled with color and great design. Just look up and take in what Island contractor, Alan Northcott calls the “taco lights.” Really, they’re fabulous lights that are so interesting, and add to the light feel of the main floor. There’s just so much to take in.

Lobby At Oak Bluffs Hotel Summercamp Martha's Vineyard

The rooms are all bright and decorated with a nod to all things Summer – Summer colors, Summer games, capturing the joy of the best season of the year. Even the room number signs make you feel happy!

Room Numbers At Summercamp Hotel Oak BluffsThere’s even a nice pop of color on the outside of Summercamp — the cornices of the buildings, both the main and the side building, now sport a fun pop of orange.

Summercamp Victorian Trim Oak Bluffs Hotels

The Essence Of Summer

I get the name Summercamp now. The hotel’s concept was developed by Lark Hotel’s Chief Inspiration Officer, Dawn Hagin, and with this goal to capture the essence of Summer, every nook and cranny of the hotel has been thoughtfully decorated by Rachel Reider of Rachel Reider Designs. I love this title. If you have been to a Lark Hotel, they are full of inspiration, and each is uniquely decorated to fit with the location.

Guest Room At Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

This “new” Lark Hotel is meant to capture the essence of Summer. Not Summer 2016, though esthetically it does, but Summer in the 1960’s, when people really Summered, before iPhones and video games. When a good board game with your family was how you spent many a-night. When you spent time being leisurely, slowing down, enjoying Summer.


Think back to your summer camp as a kid — some of the best memories, when this time was truly special, why Summer was so special. Welcome Summercamp to Oak Bluffs, a celebration of all things Summer.

Lobby @ SummercampI will admit it, I am a convert. I think I am going to fall in love with Summercamp. I might be a little already, but once it’s done, I might be hooked. I am looking forward to visiting Canteen and enjoying the porch a bit this Summer.

Summercamp Hotel

Summercamp has 95 rooms, and the “arm’ building is opening May 19th, with the main building following, opening Memorial Day weekend, through October 31. Pricing really varies because the rooms really vary. There’s a suite that sleeps 6, have the whole group with you, or get one with a stellar view of the Oak Bluffs Harbor, rate range in shoulder season $189 – $369, and in season, $259 – $549.


he hotel will be loaded with amenities and the service is going to be unparalleled. Guests are in for a treat, a true vacation at Summercamp.

Canteen at SummercampBelow is a picture from Summercamp of a room that was used for a photo shoot. Note the attention to detail….all of the rooms will be decorated in full on-Summer chic design. It’s going to be incredible.

Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Newest Boutique Hotel Martha's Vineyard

“Each Lark Hotel invites guests to experience modern luxury in the heart of an iconic destination, to feel the pull of a nostalgic getaway, while surrounded by today’s amenities, and to find attentive service when they want it and privacy when they don’t.”

This is one blog I can’t wait to do the follow-up on! Summer camp — I want to come for the whole Summer!

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  1. What a change from when I worked in the place beginning 1959 through 1963 while attending college. It seems that anther floor was added to the main building since 1963 and the annex has been redone. No more crumbling plaster or peeling wallpaper. A welcome new look to an old lady!

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