Summering at Summercamp Hotel On Martha’s Vineyard In Oak Bluffs

In May, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Summercamp Hotel while under construction, and I immediately fell in love with it. Last year, Lark Hotels purchased the properties, and lucky for us, Lark is known for it’s fun, chic, fabulous hotels all around New England.

Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Even though there was much work left to be done, you could understand the essence of the hotel — chic, fun, modern, with a hint nostalgia, and the underlying feeling of fun.

Summercamp Oak Bluffs Hotel New Lodging On Martha's Vineyard

In June, I checked in as a guest for a stay-cation. Though only a couple blocks from my house, I immediately felt a world away. Walking up the front steps with a pause to take in the expansive porch, filled with clever seating, through the bright yellow doors, to the front desk where you’re greeted so cheerfully, you feel lighter, relaxed.

Martha's Vineyard Hotels Summercamp Oak Bluffs Is Open For The Season

My room was number 9. A corner room with a view and little side porch to call my own. The room was bright and simple, yet cheerful and well appointed. My little ones couldn’t wait to stay. However, this was my little getaway, so after dinner, their dad was coming to get them. A little quiet time is good for the soul.

Front Desk At Oak Bluffs Hotel Summercamp Martha's Vineyard

Falling Back In Love With Oak Bluffs

We left Summercamp, walked around town. It was fun, feeling so much like a tourist. Knowing that my only responsibility was to have dinner and then enjoy the town. Over the years, it’s easy to forget the charm of where you live, but that spark was relit a little that night.

Summercamp Hotel Oak BluffsBeing a part of Summer on the Vineyard is special. There is so much to take in and so much to enjoy. Though I was trying to convince my kiddos that Nancy’s or the Lookout was the way to go, they were committed to going to Offshore. Fine, I thought, I’ll humor them.

Oak Bluffs Hotel Summercamp Martha's Vineyard Places To Stay

Then it was back to Summercamp, where we got Italian ices from Canteen, the fun little place to get provisions at the hotel. We took our Summer treats out to the porch, sitting on a huge round sofa together, taking in the world as it passed us by. That porch even calms my 4 and 5-year-olds. That’s saying something.

Summercamp Hotel Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Alas, it was time for Matt to get the kiddos. After saying goodbye, I went upstairs to my room, recharged for a couple of minutes, and then made my way back to the porch to meet with some girlfriends.


I have always wanted a porch of my own to socialize on, and the porch at Summercamp is the closest I can get for now. But what fun, waiting for friends on that grand porch with other Summer visitors, like I too, did not have to finish writing a blog first thing in the morning at Behind the Bookstore. I just savored the moment and lived in that fantasy.

Martha's Vineyard Hote Summercamp Water View Over Oak Bluffs Harbor

Friends came with apps and beverages, and the magic continued. Watching everyone go by, the boats, the families with ice cream, it was all so idyllic. We were tempted to leave and go to Donovan’s for the season’s first Dirty Banana, but the power of the porch won. We stayed put, laughing, and staying up way too late.


Waking up in the fresh, calming room was such a gift. The quiet, the beauty, a wonderful way to start the day. Off to get coffee at Canteen and then to the porch. Watch the beauty of the day unfold.

Balcony View Off Oak Bluffs Harbor From Summercamp Hotel Martha's Vineyard

My little ones brought back to visit and get breakfast, another part of my stay-cation. Walking over to the Black Dog Cafe by the harbor, grabbing breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts, then actually sitting and enjoying them on the harbor — priceless.

I rarely have time for such a luxury or rather a reason to slow down and just be in the moment. It was so enjoyable. Funny how it can take staying in a hotel in your own town to remind you of something so important.

Summercamp Hotel Lobby Oak Bluffs

Back to the hotel. Taking in the whimsical decor, enjoying the view, and realizing that Oak Bluffs is really one great town to visit. Also, thinking how lucky we are to have Summercamp as a part of the town. It’s a little getaway, like when you used to go to Summer camp when you were a kid and just each moment of the day mattered.


Summercamp Hotel (formerly the Wesley) is open until Columbus Day (at least). I loved it so much. Everything is right there — food, fun, memorable Summer moments. I can’t wait to go back, and I hope to do another stay-cation on Martha’s Vineyard very soon.

SummercampI should mention that Lark also has The Sydney and The Christopher (a room from pictured below) boutique hotels, both located on North Water Street in Edgartown.

The Christopher You can learn more about Summercamp Hotel on Facebook. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

Also, if you want to learn more about Summercamp before it opened, you can check out Summercamp Comes to Oak Bluffs – This Hotel is Unlike Any Other on Martha’s Vineyard.

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