Hidden Foodie Gem: Breakfast & Lunch To Go At The Back Porch Larder On Martha’s Vineyard

At 14 A street in the MV airport Business Park, you’ll find Jan Buhrman’s Kitchen Porch Catering, but it’s actually so much more. This year, Jan and her culinary team have opened the Back Porch Larder (larder is a room or large cupboard for storing food).

Jan has taken the term larder and applied it to her takeaway because “you really can get some solid staples to build a meal around.”

Back Larder Breakfast & Lunch To Go From Chef Caterer Jan Buhrman Martha's VineyardKitchen Porch has been at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market since 1986, where Jan began her business. Along the way, she has created some highly sought after signature dishes and staples, and these are in demand at and outside the market.

Not everyone can go to West Tisbury! Some of these items include Kitchen Porch preserved lemons, dips, soups and spreads.

Kitchen Porch Chef Owner Caterer Jan Buhrman Opens Breakfast & Lunch To Go

Also, they wanted to expand the bakery for their baker, Joe. He makes EVERYTHING from scratch: popovers, croissants and breads, using organic, grains, and dairy.

Provisions At The Back Porch Larder Martha's Vineyard Foodie FindBut it’s so much more than baked goods. There are a number of menu items created daily by their chef, Spring, like dairy free chowder, sandwiches, even cold soups. Specials are added daily. When I was there, the hand pies had just come out of the oven.

Back Porch Larder Hand Pies To Go Lunch Or Breakfast Martha's Vineyard

How can one resist a warm, flaky hand pie, especially one with chicken and caramelized onions. Even though I had come for breakfast, thinking I wanted a scone or muffin, I left with a hand pie. I feel a little decadent when I have something so savory for breakfast.

Chicken & Caramelized Onion Hand pie From Martha's Vineyard Back Porch Larder

The hand pie was so good. For $8, I got the most amazing savory pastry creation. The crust was so light and flavorful as was the filling. An added bonus, I grabbed an iced coffee too. You’ll find the Island’s own Chilmark Coffee available (hot too).

Back DoorLarder Breakfast & Lunch To Go Some Seating

The Back Porch Larder is a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch, and even some things for dinner. With some of her signature items in the cooler, it’s easy to grab something to bring as a hostess gift or for yourself.

Chilmark Coffee At Back Porch Larder Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Also, the location is great. The airport business park is located in the center of the Island. There’s always parking, and it’s an easy in and out, if you’re on the way to the beach or taking a break from work.

Jan hopes to be open this coming winter. She has a lot of people that work and go to the business park and are driving by, that want something fresh, good, and affordable.

breadIf it comes from Kitchen Porch, it has to be good. I am a big fan of Jan’s cooking. She is focused on fresh, local, and healthy ingredients, combining them in simple, yet fantastic ways. The Back Porch Larder at the Kitchen Porch is open Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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