Sunday By the Sea – Oak Bluffs Open Market, Martha’s Vineyard

Oak Bluffs Open Market Martha's Vineyard ShoppingOn Sunday mornings, you just might be surprised at what you can find at the Oak Bluffs Open Market at Washington Park (across from Our Market).  From 9 a.m. -1 p.m. there is an interesting assortment of vendors.

Part flea market, part farmer’s market with an Oak Bluffs twist, the Oak Bluffs Open Market is a fun place to check out.  From vintage to veggies, from tarot card readings to preppy clothes, here are some of the things you can find.


What is this?  Community Solar Greenhouse Garden, and it is just that.  COMSOG is a community garden.  Located on New York Avenue in Oak Bluffs, you might have seen their plant sale signs.

I know that every late Spring, I get my heirloom tomatoes there, and of course, whatever other veggies are available.

For the Open Market, COMSOG volunteers meet on Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. at the Greenhouse to pick tomatoes, flowers, cucumber, okra and eggplant.  They then bring their bounty to the market.

Their tomatoes are amazing.  My tomatoes are not doing so well this year.  So, it’s nice to get some that were just picked from down the road, and some of the ones they sell are plants I have.  Try the Sweet Million, yummy and juicy!

MV Sea Salt

Martha's Vineyard Sea SaltPerhaps you want a little salt to sprinkle on those fresh heirloom tomatoes?  Well luckily, Heidi Feldman is there with her MV Sea Salt.  Yes, this is sea salt made from the waters surrounding Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s local, it’s fresh, it’s delicious and it’s a must for salt lovers.  It’s a perfect finishing salt – it’s so robust and flavorful and just plain awesome.  To find out more about MV Sea Salt, here’s more from the On Point Blog — Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt, Sea to Farm to Fantastic

Aunt Ollie, a Homemade Soap Company

Soap that makes you do a double take.  Seriously, look at these doughnut soaps from Aunt Ollie’s. In her spare time, Donna Michalski, makes these wonderful smelling soaps that look good enough to eat.  These types of soap are always a fun treat for one’s self or as a gift.  

The cupcakes and slices of cake are so detailed!  I love the sea glass soap as well which has sea kelp seeds on the bottom and sea salt on the top.  

The novelty is just so fun, and it’s hard to believe that she just started making soaps.  I can barely do anything creative with Playdough and can’t believe what she can do with soap.  

Good news is that she can do custom orders.  So if you need an idea for a baby shower or bridal shower gifts, these are great.

Live Summer – Vineyard Prep

Vineyard Prep's Circuit Ave Sweatshirt Martha's Vineyard Clothing LineThe Vineyard Prep sweatshirt (the Circuit Ave Zip Up Hoodie) caught my eye hanging there, simple, great navy color, and totally comfy looking — I had to see more.  The company is the collaboration of the three Hanna brothers.

Todd, the idea guy, wanted to have a piece of the Vineyard with him all the time, when he’s not at his home here.  With that in mind, he decided a clothing line would keep him closer knit to the Island life (I had to make the clothing reference).

The t-shirts are so light and airy and comfy.  The motto is “Live Summer,” which is pretty good advice. The Vineyard Prep logo is playful and eye catching with just a slight nod to preppy style.

The t’s are casual enough to wear to the beach, but you can also throw them on with shorts and head out to your favorite spot for a drink.  The colors are light and beachy, and it just screams relaxed and fun — two things people definitely associate with Martha’s Vineyard.

Khen’s Egg Rolls

Yes, the highly desired egg rolls from the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market are now available down-Island.  Can you believe it?  Sunday afternoons just got a lot more tasty!  Don’t forget about the cucumber salad or the sesame noodles!  A nice change for beach food, Khen’s is best way to get your craving for Asian food on the Island!  

Tarot Card Reading

Doing a little soul searching?  A tarot card reading from local celb, Holly Nadler, might be just what you need.  Find out what’s instore for your life and have a little fun.

Did I do it?  Not this time, the last time I had them done it freaked me out a little bit.  It was eerily accurate, but no reason for you not to try.

Vintage Jewelry Finds

Kathleen Cowley, the owner of Enchanted Chocolates and the organizer of the Oak Bluffs Open Market, has the most amazing selection of vintage jewelry.  Costume jewelry from the 50’s, vintage turquoise and silver bracelets, and more.

This is always one of my favorite types of spots to explore.  I love finding a statement piece of jewlery that is unique.  In a world of mass-production, finding a little jem or two makes this girl pretty happy.

Not only is there a lot to look at there at the Market, but if you head up to Kathleen’s store, which is right across the street, she has even more vintage finds.

While there, you can also get some amazing chocolate.  I love their Pirate Food (sea salt caramels)!  If you want to know a little more about the chocolate, check out this story from On Point Blog Enchanted Chocolates.

Fun Finds

I love that you can always find something fun and different at these types of markets. Andrea Olsen (Little Nibblers Snack Bags & More) found limited edition blue Ball Mason jars. So what’s a crafty woman to do?  Turn them into travel cups.

Mason jars are a huge trend for using for drinks, especially on Martha’s Vineyard and how cool are these blue ones?  The straws make them really fun.  Sadly, she only has a couple left, so if you want one, I’d head to her booth this weekend.

Live Music

I can’t forget to mention that there is live music!  From noon – 2 p.m., you can catch Mike Martin and his awesome Rock Reggae music (Mike Martin y Los Rootsticks).  It’s fun to listen to, and it really gets the kiddos dancing.

These are just a couple of the things you’ll discover at the Oak Bluffs Market, there’s so much more there.  Another great thing about the Oak Bluffs Market is that you can still enjoy it in the Fall.

Also, the vendors are always changing.  So, there’s bound to be something new every weekend.  Good luck on finding your something fabulous and of course delicious.

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  1. Guinevere, My apologies for such a late reply. All the cable, phone, web lines to my house were inadvertently cut – totally off line for two days- such a marvelous surprise to find your wonderful blogpost when I finally returned! A huge Thank You from me and all the great OB Market Vendors. I always enjoy your posts, they always inspire me with so many fun things to do on the Vineyard- love this one especially! Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      Thank you so much for those kind words! So glad you liked the blog! I love the OB Market! Thank you for making it possible:-)

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