When The Obamas Vacation On Martha’s Vineyard This Year, They Should . . .

Ok, so President Obama and his family are coming to Martha’s Vineyard this week.  They are staying in up-Island in Chilmark, and I imagine their “people” are hard at work researching what the First Family should do while they are here.  Hoping for a little more variety this year from the first family, here are a couple of my On Point suggestions.

The btBama In Edgartown

Behind the Bookstore Coffee Bar (Behind Edgartown Books)For their coffee or tea fix, the Obamas should really head to Edgartown and visit Behind the Bookstore coffee bar. There, they may be delighted to find the btBama on the menu.

This coffee beverage offers a lot of flavor and a serious kick.  It has four shots of espresso, and to make it fun and fresh, there is grapefruit zest.  Perhaps President Obama, this will help fuel you for a day mixed with MV fun and running the country.

Of course Behind the Bookstore is one of the great new additions to Martha’s Vineyard this year which is also why they should check it out.


Grab a net or two, some buckets, a couple of chicken drumsticks tied to a string, and you are in for some guaranteed family fun, even for girls Malia and Natasha’s age.  This is one of the easiest and most fun things to do with kids.  I am sure there are more technically correct ways to go about catching them but this way is easy and you usually have these things on hand.

Whether it’s off the docks in Vineyard Haven Harbor or by  “Crabby Creek” in Quansoo, trying to snag blue-claw crabs is a hoot.  Of course you’ll catch other things like spider crabs, but that’s fun too.  The crabs are not only beautiful, they are are tricky too.

They move quickly and just might surprise you.  If you’re planning on keeping them and cooking them up for a delicious treat, there are some things to remember. The minimum size is a five inch shell width (spine to spine) and there is a 25 crabs per day maximum.  If the crab has eggs, please let her go.

Can you just imagine the photo ops if they went crabbing?  I bet the Obama’s personal chef can do wonders with fresh, Atlantic blue-claw crabs!  Any extra can come my way.

Up-Island Hike

I know I shouldn’t write about this spot, but I love it. Located off of North Road,  Great Rock Bight Preserve is one of my favorite MV Landbank properties.  Not only is the 1300 feet of quiet, pristine beach on Vineyard Sound breath-taking, but the hike itself is pretty amazing.

Take note of all the different types of trees you’ll see along the trail, thanks to the previous owner.  Take a moment to check out the ponds on the property as well which are home to the rare clam shrimp.

When you finally make your way down the cliff to the beach, you find yourself a little slice of heaven.  Just don’t forget your bug spray and pack a bite to eat. Once you’re there, you may never want to leave.  Of course everyone has their favorite place to hike on MV, and they might just choose a different one.

A Pint of the Local Beer

A couple of years ago, Offshore Ale brewed the Presidential Ale in honor of President Obama.  Knowing that he likes beer, perhaps he would stop in and try it.  He did not make an appearance, but the beer was so tasty and so well liked, Offshore decided to keep making it.

The Presidential Ale is now the Menemsha Ale. It’s now part of Offshore’s “Pints With Purpose” Fundraising Program, so a portion of every point is donated to the Coast Guard Foundation.

Maybe this is the year the President decides to stop by for a locally brewed beer.  Mr. President, may I suggest the Hop Goddess, and I’d love for you to stop by on either a Monday or Thursday when I work.

LED Paddle Boarding in Oak Bluffs Harbor

The Obamas are a pretty fit family and like to keep active.  So, paddleboarding at night in the Oak Bluffs harbor with Island Spirit Kayak would be right up their alley.

It’s relaxing and gives you a whole new perspective on the harbor, not to mention that afterward, they could head to Nancy’s (which we know they love) or even grab a drink at Donovan’s.

The nice thing about this water activity is that they don’t even have to get wet if they didn’t want to and it’s super kid friendly (12 & up).

A Sunset Sail

Secure the Black Dog’s Alabama (which can carry up to 49 passengers) and take the family and your closest Island friends out the sunset sail.  Talk about a beautiful way to spend a Summer night.  Have a catered dinner, a local band on board for music, and you’re in for a perfect evening.

Just sailing on one of the Tall Ships is an unforgettable experience, and they even did it on the show “The Vineyard.” Seriously, this is an opportunity found in only a few places, and seeing the Island from the water under sail on such  a great ship is pretty spectacular.

The Ag Fair Of Course

The Obamas should definitely hit the Ag Fair this year since it is one the things they like to do.  Nothing says August fun like a trip to the fair.  They can check out all the entries in the Ag Hall that won ribbons.  They can indulge in the oh-so-unhealthy but oh-so-delicious fair food.  They can watch the Robinson’s Pigs Race, and Michelle could even do the skillet toss if she wanted to, since she is in serious shape.

Perhaps they’ll even get an Ag Fair poster to frame and hang in the White House.

Shopping Shopping Shopping

If President Obama leaves a bit sooner than the ladies, there has to be a day of shopping.  I imagine they will visit the new Vineyard Vines store in Edgartown, but they should also check out Sole and Kadydid, and as many other places as they can.

In Oak Bluffs, they need to check out Slip Seventy Seven and get a “7-Mile Club” tank top (it’s awesome).  In Vineyard Haven, it’s time to get somethings for their home that will remind them of MV, and I recommend a stop at Bespoke Abode.

Perhaps a custom piece from Stina Sayre for Mrs. Obama with the addition of a piece of jewelry made by an Island artist from CB Stark?  This list could go on and on since there are a number of great places to get unqiue things for mementos of the Island.

I know there are so many wonderful things to do on Martha’s Vineyard, especially in August.  I hope that the Obama family enjoys their stay and really get to soak up some of the magic here.  And to the rest of us who are enjoying the Island, I wish us the same (with limited traffic and lines).

Thanks for reading On Point.  Let me know what you think the Obama family should do why they are visiting Martha’s Vineyard!  A number of these places are on Facebook where you can find out more info.  Also, don’t forget to “Like” Point B onFacebook, follow us on TwitterLinkedInPinterest  andYouTube.

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