Sundays In Spring Are Made For Brunch At The Harbor View Hotel (It’s A Frugal Foodie’s Dream) On Martha’s Vineyard

Last Sunday was the type of day you dream about in New England, when Winter is coming to an end. It was warm, sunny, the birds were chirping, and Martha’s Vineyard was bursting with the songs of the new season to come. Also,  it’s the unofficial day for brunch.

Sunday Brunch On Martha's Vineyard At The Harbor View Hotel EdgartownOne of the best brunches on Martha’s Vineyard can be found at the Harbor View Hotel. For us, this is usually something we do for a special occasion. However, for the months of March and April, every Sunday is a special occasion, because this iconic brunch is two-for-one.

Yes, it’s $40 for two, for an amazing brunch, with a million dollar view no less. This seemed too good to be true, so of course I had to check it out.

Frugal Foodie Brunch Special On Martha's Vineyard At The Harbor View Hotel

Brunch is one of those meals that’s best done with friends. The idea of having a leisurely morning, knowing that mimosas and Bloddy Mary’s are in your future if you’re patient, is so enticing for some reason.

Edgartown Lighthouse View From Harbor View Hotel Sunday Brunch Frugal Foodie Top Pick

We made reservations, because with this Frugal Foodie deal, the Harbor View is busy. Brunch is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Since we’re up before 6:00 a.m. no matter what the day, we went early, at 10:30 a.m.

Meeting our friends on the porch, we even brought the kids, the tone for the meal was immediately set. Everyone was happy, feeling the joy and hope that only Spring can bring, along with the addition of champagne in the near future.

Frugal Foodies Enjoy Sunday Brunch 2 For 1 Special On Martha's Vineyard At Harbor View Hotel

Sunday Funday

We had a big round table for the seven of us, and our waiter Chris, greeted us with a smile. Upon taking our drink order, he informed us that there was a “Build Your Own” Bloody Mary Bar. We were are impressed and excited. We were each given a form and went crazy customizing our Sunday morning approved cocktail.

Build Your Own Bloody Mary At Harbor View Hotel Sunday Brunch Special Frugal Foodie

For me, I choose Kettle One Vodka, bacon, Sriracha, Great Hill Blue-Stuffed Olive, and dill pickle. Perfect in my eyes. My hubby Matt, and friends Skylar and Garry, each created their own masterpieces. It was a fun way to begin our experience, and David, at the bar, truly does make amazing drinks.

Harbor View Hotel Bartender David Making Bloody Mary's to order Frugal Foodie Martha's Vineyard Brunch Top Pick

So the adults were happy. Then it was time to make the kiddos happy. Imagine the joy of the idea of unlimited waffles, bacon, sausage, and fresh fruit, along with the fact that you know there’s the possibility for dessert at the end of your meal. Needless to say, we had three very well behaved, motivated children at our table

Waffles At Children's Brunch Harbor View Hotel Dining Special Edgartown

Then it was on to the adult food choices. Skyler is a brunch maven, and has her own system, including starting with an appetizer plate. Me, I get so overjoyed, I create the most random plate possible.

Tri Tip Beef At Harbor View Hotel Brunch Frugal Foodie Top Brunch Pick Edgartown Restaurants

For round one, I had the Triple Tip Beef with gorgonzola crust, bacon, sausage, Gouda cheese, fruit, some of the amazing Cobb saladand of course an eggs benny!

Eggs Benedict Served At Harbor View Hotel Spring Brunch 2 For 1 Special Martha's VineyardThere was so much to choose from, made-to-order omlettes, bagel and lox — the world is your oyster at this brunch.

Frugal Foodie Brunch Special Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Speaking of oysters, a new thing is that oysters are $1.00 a piece (such a deal) separate from the brunch price ,which was more than fine by me. The oysters featured that day were Spearpoint, which I am a big fan of. Of course I had to get a couple. When brunching, there is little reason to deprive yourself from anything.

Spearpoint Oysters Brunch Special Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

We all enjoyed a lot of good food. Everything we had was delicious, saving room for mimosas of course, and dessert. The little ones could not contain their excitement at the thought of dessert. We were saying yes to everything — macaroons, truffles, banana pudding — the sky was the limit.

Dessert Macaroons at Harbor View Hotel 2 For 1 Brunch Special Martha's Vineyard

I too partook in dessert. The macaroons caught my eye early on, and that, with a mimosa was a great way to end my meal. Luckily, I wore comfy clothes.

Frugal Foodie Friends Who Brunch With Us On Martha's Vineyard At The Harbor View Hotel Restaurant

When we could eat no more, we decided to take our mimosas to the porch. There, sitting in the rockers, the sun warming our legs, with the view of the Edgartown Lighthouse in the background, conversation flowing, there was a feeling of contentment among us all.

The Harbor View Hotel offers its brunch year round, but this very special offer is only happening this month and April, with the exclusion of Easter Sunday. This is one deal not to miss, and chances are the Cramer family will be back at least one more time.

Author’s note: A good way to celebrate the first day of Spring (this Sunday) would definitely be this brunch! Also, you’re guaranteed to run into some friends and fellow brunch enthusiasts.

Friends Enjoying Spring Brunch Special At Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

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