The Changing Face Of Edgartown – A Sneak Peek Of New Restaurants, Stores & More For The 2014 Season

Changes In Edgartown New Restaurants New Stores New Things To Do

If you drive through downtown Edgartown, you’ll find construction vehicles everywhere. That’s because everyone is busy getting ready for Summer, and Edagrtown is certainly full of new happenings.

Let’s talk about Winter Street. Just one street off of Main Street, there are some exciting changes happening.

CB Stark New Store In Edgartown

C.B. Stark has moved and will be in the space that had housed Optional Art. The space may seem small, but it is actually the same size as the space they used to have, just laid out differently. C.B. Stark is making a number of changes to the space and really making it their own. It will be open Memorial Day weekend.

New Edgartown Boutique Clothing Store Barbara Lesser

Kissmet has closed and in it’s place you’ll find Barbara Lesser. Barbara Lesser’s clothing can be found in small boutiques across the country. The store in Edagrtown is run by Deb Fanton who used to have Lola Tortola in the same space. It’s open now and has some cute things.

Sea Spa Salon has expanded. In Nevin Square, you’ll now find their all new nail salon. The entire space has been redone and is going to be one of the hottest spots for a prettying your toes and fingers for Summer fun. It’s open now, so no need to wait for a little pampering.

Also, Nikki Sedaca (Optional Art) is opening a jewelry gallery in Nevin Square. She’s taking half the space of Outrageous, and it will most likely be called Nikki Sedeca Jewelry Gallery.

Enjoying Edgartown

The Newes from America Pub is introducing outdoor dining this season. I think this is great news — ha ha — but no seriously, why not? It’s a great spot for people watching, and Edagrtown can always use more outdoor dining. Just keep in mind that the Newes is closed mid-week for renos right now.

Speaking of outdoor dining, the Grill on Main is also in the process of adding outdoor dining. Soon there will be patio space where you’ll be able to grab a bite to eat just off Main Street.

New Spaces For Familiar Faces

Island Outfitters has moved to Main Street, next to In the Pink. Also, Nell is moving to where 2o Main is. My True Blue, artist Heidi White’s store, has also moved to main Street, two spaces down from Nell.

Vineyard Vines is undergoing another major renovation and will be open by Memorial Day. The Edgartown store has taken over the space of the two stores next to it, and is going to be even more amazing. I can’t wait to see the interiors.

Island jewelry designer Stefanie Wolf has moved her studio and store to Edgartown which will open May 9th. She can now be found creating amazing jewelry in the building that houses Boucle. This new space is bigger and better, and is going to be a popular shopping spot in Edgartown. Though I am a little sad to see the studio leave Oak Bluffs, the location is pretty awesome.

Feeling Spirited

Wharf Wine & Spirits will be opening in the space that used to be Town Provision on Mayhew Lane. Yes, there is an affiliation with The Wharf — owner Wil Coogan and another partner, Finn Briggs, are operating the seasonal package store. I can’t wait to see what fun bevys they stock the shelves with.

Brewing Up Something Fun

One of the things that people are really excited for is the tasting room that will feature Bad Martha beers. It’s going to be one of the hottest spots to check out this Summer on the Vineyard. You’ll be able to get small bites and Bad Martha beer that’s been brewed there. The post and beam building sits right at the front entrance to Donaroma’s.

A Taste of Italy

Lattanzi’s pizzeria has closed its doors after years of being the place for pizza downtown. Not to worry, an Italian restaurant, Isola will be opening in the space. Isola is the newest endeavor of the owners of Rocco’s Pizzeria  in Vineyard Haven. This is a place that I promise to follow-up on.

More Changes

So, as you may know, Eleven North has closed its doors, but there’s tons of work being done on the building. Word on the street is that the owners of the building are renovating it yet again, in hopes of finding a way to open it for the season. It’s looking better, and I hope something works for this space for the 2014 season.

Edgartown Books is busy this season. They have replaced the porch, and are working on the back building that will house it’s new cafe. Behind the Bookstore (btb) will be opening in May and I can’t wait!  FYI – a liquor license has been approved. Also, don’t forget that Edagrtown Books is open right now Thursday through Saturday.

Enjoy all your favorites and the new additions to Edagrtown. Let me know if I missed anything.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting all this information…a great service to the business community!

    1. Thanks Barbara for reading On Point. We love sharing Island happenings:)

  2. Hi Guinevere- Thank you so much for all of the great On Point blogs! I love being connected to the island on the off-season months and your blog is a great way to do that 🙂 I share your updates with a number of family members and friends as well!

    All the best, Kathryn

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you so much! I am glad you’re enjoying the blog, and thanks for sharing them. I have a great time writing them, and love all the fun things happening on Martha’s Vineyard – year round:-)))


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