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One of my favorite places to spend a summer — and even spring — afternoon is at the Coop de Ville overlooking the Oak Bluffs Harbor. With a great beer selection, a fun staff, a low-key atmosphere, and the sun on your face, it’s a little slice of heaven.

Coop de Ville Off Season Oak Bluffs Bar Martha's VineyardI could not have been more excited when I heard that the Coop was expanding. Owner Petey Berndt had been looking for ways to grow for a long time. He’s owned Coop for 28 years, and he is beyond excited about this new addition.

Where and how can the Coop expand? Well, the Coop is taking over the space where Dinghy Dogs used to be, which is right next to the restaurant on the left hand side. Sadly I don’t think I ever even tried a Dinghy Dog. I was always too focused on the Coop.

The Shuck Shack

This quaint new space well definitely be a part of the Coop, but it will have its own identity. It’s going to be called the Shuck Shack at Coop de Ville and the name says it all.

Right now, the Shuck Shack is undergoing some serious renovations, but things are moving along quickly. The Coop de Ville is definitely opening to the public Friday, April 18th, but the Shuck Shack might have it’s unveiling a bit later. Fingers crossed though.

The Shuck Shack is Coop’s raw bar. There will be local oysters available like Honeysuckle Farm and Sweet Neck Farm, and at least one guest oyster to try each day.

That oyster may be from Maine, from Louisiana, they’ll keep  you guessing. Also, littlenecks will be a $1.00 per clam all summer long.

The Shuck Shack will have a surf shack theme, similar colors to the Coop, but a little more surf style. There will be eight seats added with the new space, and each of those seats will have a great view of the Oak Bluffs Harbor. Also, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about Tuff Ship blocking the view there.

In addition to the oysters and clams, there will be a full menu of food to order from. This menu is different from the Coop’s menu, but not to worry, you can also get your favorites from Coop too.

On the menu you’ll also find the Jumbo Dinghy Dog, an homage to Dinghy Dogs, which is kind of cute. I can’t wait to see what’s on that dog. I think I’ll let my husband order that one.

I’ll stick to the oysters, and Petey’s World Famous Baltimore Steamed Shrimp (I love Old Bay seasoning).

You’ll also find Dockside Sampler on the menu which is a feast for the seafood lover. You get 12 clams, 12 oysters, and 12 shrimp for $60. You can add a steamed lobster with corn for $15 more.

Because there will now be a new raw bar space, there’s a good chance that the raw bar in Coop will be removed and replaced with more seating. So, with the eight bar stools at the Shuck Shack and maybe seating for six more inside the Coop, that’s 14 more seats, which is a lot for such a cozy sized restaurant.

Added Fun

With the Shuck Shack and Coop, you’re looking at the best craft beer selection on the Vineyard, including a custom brew from Offshore Ale Company, the Shuck Shack Extra Pale Ale, which is brewed right up the street on Kennebec Avenue.

Also, with all those beers there will be a number of fun events happening during the summer sponsored by different breweries — including an oyster shucking contest, which Coop employee Austin Higgins will be spearheading.

Walking around the harbor this time of year, it seems impossible to think that this “ghost town” will be bustling with people and full of laughter and fun. But it’s true. Soon the awnings will be going up and there will be boats docked all along the harbor and summer will be in full swing.

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  1. Such great news!!!!! It’s nice to see new, fun and exciting stuff happening on the harbor! It’s also nice to know the owner is experienced and has been doing this for so long…..bound to be a great success 🙂

  2. Please support the Shuck Shack. Petey is really excited about it and so is his family. It will be a welcome addition to OB.

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