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Update: Sarah’s blog is now titled Sarah Waldman, My Summer St. Kitchen

Living on the Vineyard, it’s no surprise to discover that the woman next to me, who is juggling two children as well, is also the author of an amazing food blog that’s got thousands of followers.

Two Blue Lemons Foodie Blog Martha's VineyardSarah Moriarty Waldman, author of Two Blue Lemons, moved to the Vineyard with her son and husband two years ago. They also have a little Island baby too, so now it’s the four of them.

I met Sarah at one of the play groups at the Family Center. She’s smart, beautiful, funny, and an amazing foodie and quite talented in the kitchen.

Her blog, Two Blue Lemons can easily inspire you to eat more healthy, deliciously, and simply. Also, she shows you so much more than how to make great food, she gives you a look into life on Martha’s Vineyard.

Becoming a Food Blogger

Sarah and her husband Nick, an architect on the Island, have always been into their food, trying to eat seasonally and locally, and with unprocessed ingredients.

When Nick went to school for his Master’s degree, Sarah needed something to keep her busy and lessen missing her husband.

By day, Sarah was in PR/Marketing, by night she and her sister were swapping recipes on their blog Two Blue Lemons.

Why that name? Of course it’s catchy and cute, but there’s a good reason for the title.

Sarah’s Mother is Swedish and loved to put bright yellow lemons in a blue bowl as a centerpiece for their table when they were growing up. Since it was the two of them, they decided on Two Blue Lemons.

The blog originally began as a way to swap recipes between the sisters. Both sisters were creating healthy ways to make simple, fresh, unprocessed food. Sarah thought it was just them, their Aunt, and their Mom reading it, but such was not the case.

Also, since Sarah is passionate about food, she realized that it was the perfect time to make a career change. In 2009, while pregnant with Dylan, she attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Sarah became a certified health counselor, and began to help people learn how to make changes in their diet to help them feel better. It’s amazing how a change in one’s diet, eliminating chemically modified foods, can improve their life.

During this time, Sarah was still blogging, but her sister no longer was writing with her. So Sarah’s blog became a sort of documentation of her cooking.

She was thinking frantically each week about what she was going to write (like I sometimes do). She was simply letting people into her kitchen and life, with her stories.

Martha’s Vineyard, Life  & Two Blue Lemons

Moving to Martha’s Vineyard was probably one of the most amazing changes for Two Blue Lemons. Living here is a dream for so many people, and Sarah captures so much of the possibilities with food here and shares it with the world.

I should mention that Sarah grew up spending summers on the Island. It has always felt like home to here.

Each of her recipes contains a story loaded with beautiful pictures. Yogurt for a recipe is from Mermaid Farm. Not only do you get the recipe but you get a glimpse into Mermaid Farm.

Sarah learns how to roast the perfect squash from Island author, Susie Middleton a cooking demonstration/book signing at Bunch of Grapes in Vineyard Haven.

Each entry Sarah writes is a look at life on Martha’s Vineyard.

Sarah and her family get the croup during this endless winter. So, she creates a recipe for a Healing Pink & Green Juice,  full of all the things you need for a speedy recovery.

Or if Sarah is having a rough week, she craves chocolate just like the rest of us, but she makes Fudgy Chocolate Plantain Flax Muffins which happen to be so yummy.

She had some in the oven when I went to her house to talk about Two Blue Lemons. I even got to take a couple home. Some of the best swag ever!

Her recipes happen so naturally, they’re a part of her daily life. She doesn’t always capture the meals she creates, even though it might be totally blog worthy, but Sarah has a lot on her plate.

Two small children, a house, and husband, and a career. It’s a lot. Lucky for us, cooking makes Sarah happy, and she also loves to cook with her older son, Dylan. So, we’re able to continue to enjoy her work


How does Sarah get the inspiration for her recipes, I have always wondered? Well, it turns out that Sarah is a bit of a food nerd. It’s really quite sweet.

She and her husband subscribe to lots of food magazines and Sarah is always getting different cookbooks from the library. These things are her bedtime reading material.

She loves to read about food and recipes, it excites her, gets the ole creative juices going. And that my friends is how she creates her own wonderful food that she shares with us.

I am sad to say it but I am little behind on the sort of whole food living that Sarah and so many other people I know practice. I know that I need to be more diligent in making smarter food choices for myself and my family.

However, I feel a little overwhelmed. Sarah was encouraging though. We talked about the “Dirty Dozen,” and how to make small changes like buying eggs from a local farm, and being selective about the meats you buy.

Simple steps like making your popcorn instead of microwaveable popcorn and more.

I left her house feeling like I can make some necessary changes in my food habits for a better life, and I was also excited for what’s to come from Two Blue Lemons.

Sarah is publishing a cookbook with a long time friend next year that is all about heathy seasonal snacks for kids.

This is going be one amazing book. Amazing recipes paired with photos from iconic Island places. I can’t wait to write about this in 2015.

Sarah and Two Blue Lemons are about simple ingredients and a healthy lifestyle. Two Blue Lemons is published one to three time a week, depending on what adventures life has for Sarah.

I bet you’ll go back again and again for a little inspiration in the kitchen. I know I do.

Also, I owe a big thanks to Sarah for all the amazing pictures of her food creations. If you’d like to recipe, simply click on the image and it will bring you to it on Two Blue Lemons.

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