The Crowler Comes to Bad Martha’s Farmer’s Brewery On Martha’s Vineyard

OK Bad Martha Beer fans, I have some really good news for you. As you may know, Bad Martha has about 10 beers on tap all season at its Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery in Edgartown. Many of the beers offered, minus the staples, the 508 IPA, Martha’s Vineyard Ale, and the Summer Ale, the beer might only make a one time appearance on tap.

Bad Martha Beer Offers Crowler 32 Ounce Beer Cans To GoNot to worry, you can always get a growler, 640z of your favorite brew, but sometimes that can be a challenge to drink before it looses its freshness.

CrowlerNow there is a new alternative – the Crowler. What is a Crowler? Well it’s basically a canning machine. You can choose from the super fresh beers on tap and have it placed in a can, right there on the spot. It’s 32oz of beer that you can take on the go, not available in bottles elsewhere, and it will stay fresh for a long time.

CrowlerHow brilliant is that for a small, local brewery like Bad Martha! It’s ingenious, 32oz is a lot easier to enjoy than 64oz and it’s only $12.

Springtime Beers

I have to admit that I really like going to Bad Martha’s Farmer’s Brewery. I like getting a flight at the bar with a friend, since there are so many beers on tap. There’s something very relaxing about that barn and its casual feel. Also, I love that their brewer, Jacobi Reid, has a little fun with ingredients, especially local ones, like Chilmark Coffee, Martha’s Vineyard Honey, and more.

beer boardEach visit, there is a beer that I find intriguing. This time it was the Garden Gruit. A beer style that monks made in the 1600’s that was made without hops. It was crafted with things found in their garden. Clever little monks!

Bad marthaFor the Bad Martha Garden Gruit, things from right outside the side barn doors were used. You’ll find notes of lemongrass, rose hips, and star anise. Though I am a big hoppy beer fan, I have to say, I really enjoined the Garden Gruit. It was light for the warmer weather, but had an interesting peppery finish from the star anise.

Bad MarthaI also really enjoyed the Vanilla Porter. I am such a porter fan, and the sweetness from the vanilla was a nice way to balance out the well hopped brown malt.

Don’t forget to try the Beach Plum Dubbel and the Menemsha Maibock. It’s fun to break away from the world of ales and lagers!

Bad MarthaAnother thing I enjoy about Bad Martha is the outdoor space. Though a little chilly when we went, you can envision being there on a warm afternoon, lounging in the beer garden or playing corn hole with your friends (I bring the kiddos too).

Bad MarthaIn addition to the beers, you can also get some tasty bites. Bad Martha’s has options. There’s a great veggie plate, charcuterie plate, and of course a cheese plate. So, there’s something for everyone to nibble on from your group. Don’t forget the pretzel bites too!

Bad MarthaBad Martha will be open seven days a week as of Memorial Day Weekend. Also, don’f forget to check out their live music schedule on Facebook. Listening to live music in the beer garden is pretty awesome. In July and August Bad Martha will be bringing back trivia to the beer garden too (super fun)!

Bad MarthaAlso wanted to remind patrons, Bad Martha donates a portion of its profits to the Island Food Pantry, a critical resource for Islanders in need. “Be Bad Do Good”!

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  1. We absolutely love this brewery! Incredible atmosphere and the beer selection never disappoints!!!

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